Keep up with the newest pickup truck models and features unveiled at auto shows from coast to coast. We travel from the State Fair of Texas, with its wide-open displays and Lone Star-flavored styles, to the heart of the domestic market in Detroit; we check in on the cold winds of change that blow in Chicago and make stops in Vegas for the SEMA show, in Los Angeles for a taste of the alternative-fuel world, and even occasionally in New York, where surprises have been known to happen.

There are so many trucks out there, and so many different uses, that sometimes truck shoppers need a hand choosing the best one. We’re here to help.

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There have been a lot of trucks that have come and gone over the ages, many of them beloved and some, well, not so much. Our look at the great history of pickup trucks.

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As truck technology changes at a frenetic pace, it’s tough to keep up with every advance that’s coming. It’s even harder to remember what has been promised and how those promises were kept. We’re keeping track for you.

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Many times, the people behind the truck scenes go without notice, and we’re stepping up to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ve been interviewing truck movers and shakers for years; check back often for new chats.

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