Duel in the Desert Shootout

There are off-road-capable trucks, and then there are these two: the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and Mopar's Ram Runner. These two take off-roading to another world entirely. We put them through their paces over a five-mile course in the Southern California desert, conducting timed runs over some of the most inhospitable terrain around. Who came out on top? Read on.

With temperatures reaching nearly 100 degrees, we put the Raptor and Ram Runner through their paces in the ultimate pickup comparison. Any time you get two major players with so much engineering passion and fan support behind them, it’s bound to be a big event.

The Introduction



An in-depth look at the dusty, hilly, rutted, moon-like terrain, and a conversation and profile of the off-roader Chad Ragland. Then a blow-by-blow look of what each of these trucks is bringing to the fight, down to the last nut and bolt.

The Competitors | The Course | The Driver


Temperatures are hovering around 90 degrees. Clouds from a tropical storm are building over the mountains. Despite the threat of rain, we get our video guys up in the helicopter. After the dust clears, does the factory truck or the aftermarket truck win?

The Results



What it takes to put on and drive through the Duel, and what it takes to capture it on video. This time, we threw everything we could at it, including getting a helicopter to capture images of these monsters as they raged through the desert.

Behind the Scenes