2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge: Results

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Before we dive into the results, we'd like to thank the manufacturers for going to great lengths to get us the vehicles for this comparison test, as well as the folks at RaceLogic for our test equipment, and to our judges, video and photography crews who put in long hours as well as the people at Imperial Trailers who helped get us our Logan horse trailers.

We also recommend revisiting our 2013 Light-Duty Challenge to see how much progress has been made with new pickup trucks from Toyota and Ford, as well as significant powertrain upgrades from Chevrolet and GMC.

Here are all the numbers and final finishing orders for our five competitors.


No. 1: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 LTZ 6.2-liter, 1,554 points

Chevy 5 ii

Not a single one of our test drivers expressed the idea that the Chevy Silverado 1500 might be the favorite going into the 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge. However, halfway through the week there was a groundswell of support. Although the Silverado did not collect the most points in our 11 empirical tests (the GMC won by just three points), the $54,310 Chevy won five tests outright and placed second in four others. As dominating as that might sound, it was the judges' scoring that separated the Silverado 1500 from its competitors. It scored in first or second place with four of the five judges.

The single area where the Chevy lost quantitative points was the payload category, because this vehicle was not equipped with GM's NHT max-tow package as the Sierra 1500 was. In our judges' scoring, the Chevy missed beating the Ford by a hair, largely due to the elevated quality and available options of the XLT interior. The Silverado 1500 felt like a solid all-around player that looks good working hard, but doesn't seem to stand out much or scream for attention; it did everything we asked of it and never seemed to be working too hard to get the job done. All of our judges mentioned the quietness of the interior and strength of the powertrain.

But this contest was not just about what our five judges thought or even how quickly the transmission slammed through the gears during wide-open throttle; this contest went to the pickup truck that performed the best in as many challenges as possible, and that's why the 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge winner is the Chevy Silverado 1500 6.2-liter eight-speed, beating the GMC by just 11 points and the all-new Ford F-150 by 45 points.


No. 2: GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 6.2-liter, 1,543 points


There wasn't a lot mechanically different in the GMC Sierra 1500 we received for this test when comparing it to its Silverado 1500 sibling, but its unique qualities made all the difference in this closely contested comparison test. The standout features were clearly the big 6.2-liter V-8 and new eight-speed transmission. Of the 11 empirical tests we performed for this comparison, either the Chevy or the GMC won nine. The GMC Sierra 1500 included the NHT max-tow package, which gave the truck a stronger (and bigger ring-and-pinion) rear axle, stiffer suspension, a numerically higher gear set (3.42:1) and different tires. You wouldn't think that would make a big difference, but it was just enough to give it a little more launching power in some situations and a little less compliance in others.

Still, at the end of our 11 quantitative tests, the GMC finished in first place, just three points ahead of Chevy. In our qualitative judging, with the exception of one of our judges, the GMC Sierra 1500 did not garner enough points from our experts to finish better than fourth. Recognizable strengths included having the highest gross vehicle weight rating and resulting payload rating, but it did have some trouble with loaded braking. Our midlevel SLT trim package cost $54,655.


No. 3: Ford F-150 XLT 5.0-liter, 1,509 points

Ford 8

You would think the smallest engine in this test would be at a distinct disadvantage, but nothing was further from the truth. The new Ford F-150 is an impressive combination of engineering and smart integration, all wrapped in an aluminum shell. The result is probably the most confident feeling and strongest road cruiser of our test. The way the power gets to the wheels and the steering wheel connects to the suspension is simply impressive.

The truck Ford provided for this competition was the result of a lot of people breaking rules: All the F-150s available for testing were technically "pre-production," meaning Ford could only give us what was available, which is why we got a V-8 XLT with EcoBoost badging on the side of the truck. Still, this test truck won two of our 11 tests outright and finished second in two more; not bad for a little V-8 player.

Additionally, our judges, as a group, scored the F-150 in first place in our six qualitative categories. Who knows what could have happened if we had a Lariat or new King Ranch. At $47,845 our F-150 was the second least expensive pickup truck of our test (the least expensive was the Toyota Tundra), but it still offered a solid value. In the end, the top three finishers were separated by just 45 points.


No. 4: Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn 5.7-liter, 1,422 points

Ram 10

If there was a surprise in this test, it was how clearly targeted the Ram 1500 was by the all-new or significantly upgraded Ford and GM entries. As you may recall from our 2013 Light-Duty Challenge, the Ram 1500 lost the overall comparison test by a hair's breadth to the Ford. This time around, it looks like the level of the competition was raised considerably to meet Ram's challenge.

According to our judges, there is no denying the tremendous amount of value you get for the money with the Laramie Longhorn interior, but where the Ram lost most of its points was in its limited payload, braking numbers and the ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded. Although the Ram did not win a single test category, it scored well almost everywhere with the exception of braking and fuel economy, where it lost the largest percentage of points to the F-150. At $54,820, the Ram did the best job of packing in available options to stay under our $55,000 ceiling, but it wasn't enough.


No. 5: Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 5.7-liter, 1,295 points

Tundra 4

The Tundra TRD Pro was an interesting choice for Toyota to send for this competition; it is its newest trim package for 2015, and at $45,045 it was the least expensive player in our competition. The big tires and wheels, softer suspension and durability-first interior definitely impressed some judges, but this combination was outmatched in all of our payload and towing exercises, showing various amounts of rear-end sag throughout. Additionally, although we loved the TRD exhaust note when watching it make wide-open-throttle runs down the track, when spending any amount of time behind the wheel, the droning of the exhaust note from inside the truck became almost unbearable.

There's no question there is plenty of value in this new off-road performance package, but as an all-around truck performer the TRD Pro came up short in every category of this test (with the exception of exterior design) — which is probably more about the new powertrain levels of the competition than it is specifically related to Tundra's new interior and exterior styling. If this test proved anything, it should be that Toyota needs to seriously consider revamping its powertrain lineup.

Notes About Scoring

Scoring for our 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge was similar to past comparison tests. We awarded 100 points to the winning vehicle for each test category, with the remaining competitors receiving their calculated percentage. Our 11 empirical categories included acceleration, braking and vehicle capability comparisons, while the rest of our point totals (about 35 percent) consisted of expert judges scoring in six different areas. Our judges included freelance automotive journalist David Boldt, Cars.com Road Test Editor Joe Bruzek, HardWorkingTruck.com Editor Bruce Smith, MrTruck.com's Kent Sundling and PickupTrucks.com Editor Mark Williams.

The winner and subsequent rankings were determined by adding up the point totals from both quantitative and qualitative scoring. We use this format so you can see and adjust the scored categories any way you'd like, adjusting them to fit your own personal priorities. In effect, you can score your own test to call your own winner. As impressed as we were with the level of discussion and comments generated by our expert testers, we know that you're likely to have your own way of seeing things or judging the same categories.

To download an image with all the results of each event, their corresponding scores and our judges' totals, click here.

As noted in the overview, we did not have the Nissan Titan in this test and the F-150 Ford we had might not have been the best representative of a production truck that we could get, but this group of pickups did give us a chance to offer you the most up-to-date 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge contenders we could assemble. Ford will be the first to note that the top-performing engine in this segment is not the V-8 but rather the carryover 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost engine. That, however, will have to be a test for another day — this one was just about V-8s.

What's Next? Our Annual Physical

We should note that we will post our Annual Physical soon. That report will include many of the same tests and types of data for several V-6 half-ton pickups with their own specific criteria to meet (less than $34,000, V-6 engines and 4x2 setups). That means we'll have comparative numbers for the Ford F-150 2.7-liter and 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost engines as well as the 4.3-liter V-6 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Ram 1500 3.6-liter Pentastar and Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. As you may recall, the whole reason we started our Annual Physical — like all of our comparison tests — is to collect and pass along to you as much data as possible. We'll continue to do that as long as you let us know that's what you want.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears

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Congratulations to RAM . Best V8 Light Duty truck in the world IMO.

Congratulations ro RAM. Best V8 Light Duty truck in the world IMO.

The only part that really surprised me was the mpg by the gm twins. Well done.

@ Beast
Get over it your Ram didn't win!
The most powerful most fuel efficient best looking truck there did!

@Badmax, I said IMO. You get over it.

Well GM's domination in challenges continues!! Best built trucks on the planet. Period.

Surprises me that the ford did so well. Will be interesting to see what a 10 speed transmission will do for the ford but thats probably a couple years away. Would have been very interesting to see how the ecoboost would have compared to the 5.0. A lot of people don't care, but anybody considering buying an ecoboost would want to see that. d First time I have seen someone complain about ride quality in a ram which surprised me as well. I think on paper it was easy to see the gm twins would be the quickest. Can't believe the judges weren't expecting that. Disappointed that there was no gm 5.3 engine In the test to compare to the 6.2. Why have two nearly identical gm trucks instead of one with each powertrain? Glad they finally mention the dismal payload of ram. Ram really needs to do something about that.

I cry foul on Toyota's part. What the hell were you thinking? Seriously!!!

Whomever made the decision to send a TRD Pro should be fired as it is a clear demonstration of incompetence.

My 11 year old son could have configured a truck better suited for this highly visisble test, really, he could.

Gotta agree, wth was toyota thinking sending a offroad truck to a pavement oriented test.

I also gotta disagree about toyota needing a serious revamp of their drive train. A near 6k truck hitting 60 a touch above 7sec is hardly in need of a revamp. Maybe re-tweek for better mpg's is a better term.

Looks like ford sent a ringer for the test. Very suspicious. Should've done a dyno test.

I still think the hill climb test is stupid when one could simply shift into gear and maintain a steady speed up the grade. All trucks would've achieved this no problem.

I figured the 6.2 is a beast.... It should really be compared with the ecoboost. I figured the 15 5.0 with a 6 speed and 3.55 gears and its increased power output and its huge weight advantage would compete right up there with a 3.92 geared 8 speed 5.7 hemi. I was surprised how the 5.0 got such better mpg's and had way better brakes then the ram. Honestly the 2.7 ecoboost would have prolly beat the ram.

Why did you test a TRD Pro? Of course it didn't do well in this test. It's set up for desert running, not towing...esp not fuel economy.

@Matt: It was Toyota's decision to test that truck, not PUTC.

Kudos to GM, well done!

As with the HD trucks, the half ton trucks have all passed the engine performance point where "it doesn't matter to me". Each is sufficiently powerful that other factors are substantially more important to me in making a purchasing decision.

From this test I probably found the loaded Ford fuel economy to be the most impressive. If that is a reproducible result then that is very nice, particularly for an engine that Ford has not paid enough attention to.

Very impressed with the Ford, losing to a bigger engine with more gears is no surprise. Would like to see how the ecoboost compares to the GM twins.

also interesting that the ford was a full 500 pounds lighter than the next lightest truck. surprised i didn't see any mention of that except in the data page. it was 700 pounds lighter than the toyota.

I am surprised that the 5.0 F150 finished ahead of the Ram since the Ecoboost 3.5 barely beat it in the last shoot out.

On the topic of surprises:
" ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded."
So much for air ride.

I am NOT surprised that the GM 6.2 powered siblings were 1st and 2nd.

It was always the GM twins' to lose based on the specs. Really interesting about the tires. I wonder if anyone thought to swap the tires between them and see if it was the tires or the overall suspension package (including tires.) Congratulations on making a solid, if unremarkable, product.
Kudos on winning both half ton and heavy duty comparos.

The Tundra is properly described as having been neglected. Toyota does make decent products but has become almost arrogant by failing to further develop their products. Newsflash Toyota: nobody makes a sh!tty vehicle in almost any category anymore. You're really going to have to try. Relying on your previous reputation is not enough.

Surprised by the comments on the Ram's ride. The air suspension is supposed to be the best composed, but I guess it shows just how far along the competition has come. I wonder if how they implement cylinder deactivation is the difference between GM and Ram in fuel efficiency. I don't think the Ford or Tundra have it.

Ford. All new. Revolutionary use of aluminum. Probably would have won with an 8 speed or higher transmission and more uplevel trim.

A half ton shoot out later in the year with the Cummins Nissan, Ram EcoDiesel, Ford 3.5 EcoBoost, and the GM twins should be interesting. Assuming Nissan releases its newly revamped truck for this model year. Throw in the GM midsizers as wildcards.

Congrats to GM, I am not sure why some people are so surprised, it has a very powerful and efficient 6.2 and 8 speed. Ford was never going to win with a 5.0L, and FCA really needs a new V8. What really surprised me was how crappy the Tundra was. Looking forward to the open-class annual physical, don't forget to also include the Titan diesel!

The big news here was how heavy of a smack-down the GM twins laid on the Ram. Those were top-dog to top-dog comparisons and the Hemi could barely tie the Fords mid-range little 5.0

Congrats to the GM twins. It is nice to hear they have the 8 speed working well with the 6.2L. Seems based on previous comparisons that they need to either hurry up and get rid of the 6 spd, or fix the shift points and calibration to minimize the hunting issues/”laziness”. Thanks for the information and the thorough comparison. Also looking forward to the V6 comparison coming up.

Really disappointed in the the test. Really wish that one of the GM's would have had the 5.3L, and that the 3.5 EcoBoost would have been tested. I've never even seen a 6.2L on any of the local lots, and most of the Fords are EcoBoosts, so as a shopper, this test really didn't do me any good to help me make a decision as they aren't trucks I'll really be buying. Last test was more realistic, this one was just disappointing.

I hope all you GM haters out there like the taste of crow, all I can say is to be able to put up numbers like those, and get the best mileage! look at the difference between the Chevy and the Toyota! the only time the mpg gets close is towing! but when empty it was huge! something like 35%!! and they are faster and more powerful either loaded, or empty . I also have to say the new F-150 %.0 is nice! I can not try one in a reg cab sb 4x4, if I can find one! The Ram? well until Ram does something with the weight of the truck, and get D.I. in the Hemi, I feel it is a great truck with a nice ride for low weight loads, and use of the diesel to get the mileage champ, if that is what you want to go for!

I must say congratulations to GM. Both trucks performed well. The 6.2 and 8 speed are a potent combination.

Like "the scrutineer", I am surprised by the air ride performance in the test.

I'd go with the Silverado over the Sierra. I like the looks better.

@Beast - "Best V8 Light Duty truck in the world IMO."

"LIGHT DUTY"................ being the operative word.

Gm will soon have and aluminum truck.... Weight will be down in the ford range. Ram resistant to aluminum is going to bite them in the long term.

Very happy that GM came out on top as I work for GM. One note - I do haul horse trailers, usually with a 2003, 3/4 ton Diesel (Chevy) but sometimes with my 2013, 1/2 ton Silverado. As a female, I may have different opinions on what makes me comfortable hauling both from a power and handling perspective and an interior quality view. I would love to see a female judge that does haul trailers or actually uses a truck for pulling or carrying loads.

The test went in a lot of the ways I said. I was not any of the people who thought the surprise was the Tundra wins. I said "Now I don't know how many events that TRD Pro Tundra will win with both the 5.7L Hemi and GM 6.2L making more power, geared lower and getting better FE but I know this if their is an exhaust note competition it will beat the rest. It is one thing to be loud but another to sound good while doing it" http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2015/01/2015-light-duty-challenge-coming-next-week/comments/page/2/#comments.
Now as for the TRD Pro squatting I will say PUTC another poster had it right the fact that you went with a special edition off-road trim package and complained about it sagging more than others is not good. We must remember that the normal Tundra rides rougher than any other 1/2 ton and will normally squat the least due to the more rigid suspension.
I will say I was wrong on the Ford 5.0L V8 beating the high tech as well 5.7L 8-speed Hemi Ram but did acknowledge due to weight reduction and tech it was possible."If they all come in equal cabs this time I wouldn't think the 5.0 would beat the GM 6.2L with an 8-speed or Ram 5.7L Hemi with an 8-speed in performance but then maybe the weight loss makes up for it. Then their is stuff like interior, exterior and tech it is possible it could win. I didn't bet it to win but it is possible and fair to me." http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2015/01/2015-light-duty-challenge-coming-next-week/comments/page/1/#comments

I had the GM 6.2L finishing first but then I had the 5.7L Hemi next and I was wrong but after I thought for sure we would have a GM 5.3L and not 2 6.2L V8's for some reason.

All in all it was a good test and if I were a judge I may have come to the same scores. This does go to show how I have been railing on the fact that the 5.7L Tundra is not equal to the other brands big engines in HP, LB FT and FE but groups like the Tundra Headquarters guys refused to see it or let people post that truth. I told them the Tundra used to do this to the competition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uH_qnCCBY0 and now it finishes last like the Titan was doing. I never believed Mike Sweers when he would tell people the Tundra is just as capable as others and gets the same FE as a test would prove he was lying.

The Toyota is sitting on 33s and 10 ply LT BFGS, which needs to be factored in with MPGS. Put all of these trucks on 35" tires, the MPG will be very comparable.

I have friend with a Tundra (4.30 gears) with 37” tires. His truck has no problems turning those 37s with factory gearing. I’d love to see how well these other trucks would hold up with big oversized tires on factory gears, mostly the GM twins with the 8 speed. Because the previous GM trucks with big tires (even 35s) are dogs with factory programming and the old 6 speed.

@jay - it has been pointed out several times that Toyota sent the Tundra Pro to the test. It was not requested by PUTC.

The TRD Pro is aimed at the Raptor and Power Wagon market. That is where a test comparison should be done. Once Ford releases the next gen Raptor then a test between the 2 should be done.

Maybe you ought to include some of these points in your analysis.

The tundra is not geared lower than the competition. Do your math, take the transmission gearing and X with rear ratio. You will quickly find out how low the GM's and Ford are geared from 1st gear. The rear ratio is only half the equation.

The tundra tested here is an offroad biased truck. Tires are bigger, ultimately reducing the overall geared ratio. The offroad tires that came on the tundra is hardly a tire for street performance. The tundra also has softer suspension than the rest of the trucks in this package.

When Sweers says the tundra was equal or as good was 5yrs ago. Quoting 5yrs ago and implying it to now is flawed.

As far as mpg's, yes, the competition gets better mpg's. But what happened when towing a significant load. The tundra dropped 14mpg to 9mpg. GM dropped nearly half from 19mpg to 10mpg, ford dropped 7mpg to 11mpg. Looks like they are burning alot more fuel. The tundra and the ram suffered the least amount of mpg loss, an indication the engine is built well and consistent.

Well done GM. Those acceleration numbers are in a different league than the other players.

The Ford did well but I'm curious what "pre-production" really means. Was the engine and transmission software at full production spec?

The empirical data is all over the place. Hardly any consistency at all. The "overall value" numbers on some of the trucks is a head scratcher. One of the judges, despite giving fairly good numbers for the other criteria, gave the Ford a 12 out of 20? For the second cheapest cost vehicle in the test?

I would like to see premium fuel put in vehicles that do not require it. If the point of the test is to keep things as equal as possible that should be a no brainer.

"For those trucks that recommended premium fuel (Chevy, GMC and Ram), we obliged." - PUTC

GM didn't really win unloaded fuel economy because it was filled with premium fuel and no calculations were made for the added cost of fuel.The GM be the most "fuel efficient" unloaded in this test, but not the most cost efficient.

Calculate for cost per mile to find best "economy."

Good test. As other's said-I wish GM had entered one 5.3 and a 6.2.

Ford?? seems like maybe they did not leap forward. Sort of shuffled up.

Kudos to GM! Truck of the Year and now 1-2 in this.

Can't wait for the Annual Physical..trucks in my price range.

There was a huge leap in the qualitative scoring. In the 2013 Shootout, Ford came in last behind Chevy (4), GM (2) and Ram (1).

This time Ford came in 1st...

Seating comfort and ergonomics
Technology and entertainment
Ride and suspension

As Putc wrote, "Additionally, our judges, as a group, scored the F-150 in first place in our six qualitative categories."

And who knows what would have happened if it was an EB going against the 6.2 or GM brought the 5.3. Keep in mind this was a V8 challenge and Ford's V8 is only a mid range.

I never believed Mike Sweers when he would tell people the Tundra is just as capable as others and gets the same FE as a test would prove he was lying.
Posted by: AD | Jan 5, 2015 12:32:35 PM

I never believed Sweers or TH on that either. Even in the 13 LD Shootout, the Tundra came in 5th place in unloaded fuel economy. Everytime I would bring this up to TH they would quote Sweers or CR saying it was just as good. No it isn't.

I agree with the cost per mile argument. They really need to factor that in. Seems like a no-brainer to me. So the ford actually probably had the best Fuel economy when factoring that in. Doesn't the ram recommend mid-grade? Would be interesting in the future to see some kind of comparo of different grades of fuel to see what difference that makes in real world performance and fuel economy. If they really want to make people mad they will test the ecodiesel and not factor the cost of fuel in to the fuel economy results.

I also agree that the qualitative portion of the testing is kind of pointless since it is mostly arbitrary. I'd prefer if they didn't have it be part of the scoring. At least the judges scoring pretty closely mirrored the quantitative part of the test this time so as not to skew the results.

Considering how the engines were stacked against the F150, this is no loss for Ford. Had Ford still been producing the 6.2 and supplied that (or the EcoBoost-which is more than capable) plus a transmission with two more gears, I think the results would have been different. Congrats to GM, it only took the biggest guns you had to finally win one! I kid.....

It looks like a changing of the guard, 12 months ago I would have brought the ram in fact very similar to the one tested despite its short coming, now I can get a GM truck with better performance, fuel economy, towing, payload and fresher styling (subjective) for a similar price! and IMHO I think gm and Toyota are the leaders in overall longevity, especially the drivetrain which is another bonus over ram

Why is everyone so surprised with GM? Geez its not apples to apples, the 6.2 is the bigger engine and should have won, it doesn't mean GM is now the best truck, the best truck is the one that each individual thinks is best.

When will there be a true, equal, V8 Shootout? Putting up Chevy's 6 L trucks against everyone else's 5 liter trucks isn't head to head. I realize that Chevrolet offers it and the rest of the trucks had their biggest V8 offerings...blah blah blah. To be truly fair, you should have had one of the GM sisters equipped with the 5.3, included the Dodge diesel 1500, and the Ford 3.5L Ecoboost. That would have made one of the greatest comparisons of the modern era. Having 2 GM trucks equipped the same is like comparing the smell of white paint to off white paint. Lame.

I'm personally bummed that GM didn't send a 5.3L. If I were to buy, I'd be a 5.3L buyer due to cost, and I would have liked to have known what it could do against the competition. Still, Great testing Mark!

No sympathy for Toyota, if PUTC told them how the truck would be tested then last place is what they deserve. Sounds like they're more concerned about publicity for their new trim level than actual results.

Also, like a lot of others, very disappointed in the various configurations here and very surprised that premium fuel was used in the engines that recommended it. I don't know anyone who uses premium just because the Owner's Manual suggests to do so.

Considering how infrequently big comparisons like this are done I wish the manufacturers and PUTC would make more of an effort to compare apples to apples.

The aluminum F150 sure lost weight. 500 lbs lighter then the 2nd lightest chevy. Motor trend (car boys) must be scratching their heads. They placed the chevy in dead last on their comparison test not long ago. Mark and guys (truck people) actually testing the trucks like trucks find the real qualities. Good test. looking forward to the next.

I think it should also be noted that the Tundra TRD Pro in this test is a PRE PRODUCTION MODEL. So this wheel and tire combo DOESNT COME ON THIS TRUCK! matter of fact if they sent a production model with the Michelin LTX AT2's the truck would have faired much better in these tests but whatever........

Toyota just gives whoever is testing the truck they would send out everywhere, STUPID on their part for sending a PRO when they should have sent a Platinum or 1794 that's STILL 5 g's cheaper than the other trucks there.

BTW for facts sake those tires on the Tundra are 285/70/17 BFG TA KO's in a LOAD E 10 ply tire........ suprising to me how well the Tundra did with that large of a handicap and that much less expensive as well with MUCH better resale value.

Looks like GM isn't so confident with their 5.3 lol

This is more of a market ad than comparison

@Hemi lol - any performance testing should be done with the same tires across the board.

One can cry foul over the 10 ply tires on the Tundra but that is what Toyota sent.

I run 10 ply General Grabber AT2's on my F150. A 4 ply tire wouldn't of made much of a difference for the Tundra.

The Tundra came in 5th in 2013 and it came in 5th in 2015.

The "Pro" should be compared to a Raptor or Power Wagon. Toyota sent a fork to a knife fight.

Toyota only has butter knives Lou BC

@ lou BC

there is a VERY significant difference in the tires on that truck and the production model and will change gearing and all.... the tires on that truck are 32.8 and the production Michelins are 32.1 changing the gearing a good deal......

ALSO, the tires on that truck weigh in at 58.6 lbs. meanwhile the Michelins weigh 40.9 I assure you this is a HUGE difference, this is not me crying foul, Toyota should have sent a different truck but the facts are the facts the TRD PRO truck they sent would have faired much better with the Michelins on it, period.

BTW I have 275/60/20 BFG TA KO2's on my truck so I know how much difference they make having that heavy 33 instead of a p metric 32 inch tire...... its a big difference really.

We were each given the price point and asked to provide the best V-8 truck at the price. For Chevy and GMC, that is the 6.2. And it is worth noting that the Chevy and GMC did well in a variety of categories, not just acceleration. As several people have noted, the 5.3 is an excellent engine, and may be a better choice for someone who is more price-sensitive.

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