2015 Annual Physical

Group Five AP II

For our second Annual Physical we collected as many half-ton pickup trucks as possible — and even one midsize truck for comparison's sake — in just about every version we could track down. Just like last year, we put them through a battery of tests, and present the specs and test data for you here.


This year we invited the V-6 pickups that we didn't get to test last year, which gave us a chance to conduct head-to-head testing so you can compare them with last year's participants. Here are their vitals.


The Tests

We put each of our six test trucks through acceleration, braking and fuel-economy tests when empty and fully loaded. The combination of powertrains, gearing and configurations is the most diversified collection we've ever tested.

Acceleration | Braking | Fuel Economy | Davis Dam



We collected more data and information than ever before. The winner is you, our readers, because you have two years of testing at your fingertips. Let us know what configurations and truck segments you want to see tested for our 2016 Annual Physical.