2013 Light-Duty Challenge

Light-Duty Challenge

It had to be done. The half-ton pickup truck segment is going through too much growth to make you wait, even for a second. With so many pickups overhauled, we knew we had to bring all the half-ton players back together again to find out exactly where everyone stands.


We brought together the six current light-duty trucks and put them through a rigorous testing program. Here’s how we set our price, who the judges are and the rules of the road.

Overview | Judges

Performance Tests

Since the sales of these trucks continue to grow, we knew we had to subject them to a bevy of competitions.

0-60 Acceleration | 60-0 Braking | Mileage Drive | Hill Climb | Autocross | Payload and Towing



In the end, there was no knockout; each truck had its own strengths and its own weaknesses. Some focused on performance while others took the lead in interior quality and comfort. See where the chips fell.