Ultimate 4x4 Shootout

Our goal was simple: find out who makes the best four-wheel drive truck in the U.S. We asked each of the truck makers to send us its best off-road package available on a pickup truck — one pickup per manufacturer. What we heard back might surprise some. In fact, GM (meaning Chevy and GMC), decided not to send either a midsize or full-size competitor, mainly because it has brand-new trucks on the way. That means we had four pickup trucks ready to shift into low range and compete in our decathlon of dirt — 10 different events, almost half of which are biased to off-road prowess. 

We tested the Ford SVT Raptor, Nissan Frontier PRO-4X, Ram Power Wagon ST and Toyota Tacoma TRD Baja in 10 challenges over a wide variety of terrain. We pushed them all to their limits, yet also graded them on their tough "truckness" as well. 




We tested the trucks' acceleration and braking, looked at their hauling capabilities. (Even a rugged off-roader needs to be able to haul a good load.) We also believe a value-conscious truck maker should be rewarded, as should good real-world gas mileage. 

Acceleration, Braking, Fuel Economy


Even the most modified or customized pickup truck still must be able to do more than just one or two things, so we included challenges that reinforce priorities such as value and hauling ability. In addition, we included a score for on-road feel. 

Price, Payload, Road Performance


With the emphesis of this test biased to four-wheel-drive capability, We tortured these trucks in deep sand, up steep hill climbs and through a brutal rock garden. We looked at all the trucks' specialty 4x4 parts, pieces and technology and awarded each a score as well.  

Off-Road Testing | 4WD Parts & Pieces


Four rough gladiators entered the field of battle, and only one rose above the others to win the Ultimate 4x4 Shootout. You'll be surprised how evenly split the final scores were, with the winner doing well in some categories and not so well in others.



Raptor wins?

No surprise there. Too bad Government Motors didn't participate so that Ford could have blown them out of the water too.

Raptor wins?

No surprise there. Too bad Government Motors didn't participate so Ford could have blown them out of the water too.


The real winner is the Power Wagon.

what are you guys smoking to test two compact trucks (Tacoma and Frontier) against two full size trucks?
what's your next test? Acceleration comparison between Ferrari and Prius?

the for raptor is going to win

That guy is right you know. What gives how about you run Toyota tundra Trd agains the raptor:)

Why don't you put the dodge ram runner against the Ford raptor

Why is the Ford the only truck not using the larger crewcab configuration?

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How bout the toyota tundra Trd pro against the reaper, ramrunner and raptor

As typical today, a "test" which is no test...too many differing variables, as if you wanted an specific outcome.

This post is just too good! I will definitely share it with my friends! Thanks for all your efforts !

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