2011 Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker Comparison Test


We created the ultimate comparison test as a complement to last year’s comprehensive Heavy-Duty Shootout and Rumble in the Rockies tests to find out - once and for all - which heavy-duty pickup is best overall. It’s so tough that we call it the Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker.

We gathered three diesel-powered one-ton dually pickups from Ford, GMC and Ram. These rigs can tow and haul more than any other pickup on the road.

Truck and Trailer Specs

We tested the trucks over a 2,200-mile, four-state slog towing loaded Titan trailers that weigh almost 10 tons each and push each truck’s gross combined weight to more than 90 percent of their gross combined weight rating - levels so high that it forced us to get commercial driver licenses.

Quarter-Mile Loaded | Quarter-Mile Unloaded | Brake Test | Davis Dam Grade Climb | Davis Dam Exhaust Brake Test | Eisenhower Pass Climb | Eisenhower Pass Exhaust Brake Test | Fuel Economy


To determine the best overall truck in the Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker comparison, we considered the data we gathered along with our opinions from living with the trucks for a week and driving them hard day-after-day.

Best Overall Hurt Locker Heavy-Duty Pickup