2010 State Fair of Texas Truck Zone Video Tour

2010 State Fair of Texas Truck Zone Video Tour

Can't make it to this year's State Fair of Texas? That's ok. We've got a video tour of some of the notable new trucks that showed up in the 135,000 square foot Truck Zone.

We've also got full coverage of all the new trucks that debuted in Dallas. So if you can't find the rig you're looking for in the video, be sure to check out our comprehensive State Fair of Texas Auto Show page and don't forget to Vote for your Favorite Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck.


Did you guys see those custom floor mats, LMAO. Where's the trucks from RAM.

Cool video.

Wheels, badging, flares, bedliner and floor mats for an extra $4,600.? I thought there would be some performance upgrade for that price. Those badges and floor mats must be expensive. Wow!!!!!!

There's a separate video for the Ram trucks, here: http://special-reports.pickuptrucks.com/2010/09/video-tour-2011-ram-1500-outdoorsman-and-laramie-longhorn-new-models.html

Hey Mike, Looks like you need a couple sandwhichs?

LOL times a 1000

Texas edition (GM and Toy), Longhorn (Dodge), Kingranch (Ford)... who comes up with this bs, or stupid badging. I would be embarrassed to be driving that load. And those graphics on the Rapter, is that for city people that cant find mud? Wheres the Billy Bob He Hah Titan with fake hay painted within the bedliner. Geez Texas you sher do get the creem of the crop...

ford #1

Ford is and always has been #1 in my book.

I find it ironic that all of the limited edition Texas trucks came with custom floormats except the Chev.
Chev is way behind the 8 ball when it comes to interiors.
Texans must like floormats (and big emblems)

In the special edition Chevy inside you get power seats and windows. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have read this news at the IMVU and find it true.

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