What's Your Favorite Heavy-Duty Truck?

By now, you’ve likely checked out our latest truck Shootout pitching the latest heavy-duty offerings from Ford, GM and Ram. You’ve seen what trucks we picked as winners. But on the eve of the State Fair of Texas, we want to know what you, the paying public, think. Take a few nanoseconds to vote in the polls below to make your voice heard and tell us why you picked what you picked in the comment section.


My overall vote goes to any GM Diesel product, however, I am glad PUT.COM didn't ask about interiors............

But then again, I can't tow with an interior.......

Quote - "a fine GM product"

Alex - What is an oxymoron?

Lou, read the part about the risks of buying and selling securities at your online trading site. I wonder who's paying for all the homes and loans people walked away from...boo hoo. Get over it. By the way, how much did Ford borrow from uncles sam last year and this year...look it up. It will suprise you most likely. Let's keep about the trucks here and keep the politics at some other forum...the broken records get old.

Again, what a great set of trucks to choose from.

@ Jasper - I'm not the one who brought up the bailout. You did, therefore it's fair game.

Also to quote the news "and tell us why you picked what you picked in the comment section."

there are many people not buying GM products because of the bailout.
You can look that up.

As A Ford owner and a Dodge owner,I voted for the Dodge !!
Superior reliability,performance(HEMI),and you cant beat the looks of the RAM .

All of the manufactures have took "loan" money from Uncle Sam last year and this year if that's what you guys are referring to. It was for such things as lowering emissions and extending battery life... no biggie there. As far as "Bailouts" go GM takes that honor. They also take the honor of lying to the American public that it was paid off in a TV commercial which was quickly yanked by Uncle Sam because it was a flat out lie. Don't worry GM will soon have new masters in China like Dodge has new masters in Italy. Ford will soon be the only American car company left...

@Gooey Bum - I really like the looks of the RAM but reliability is not something the Ram is not known for, unless that has gotten better the past few years. With the new 6.4L Hemi cranking out 475 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque in the new Challenger it will only be a short while for this to find its way under the hood of the RAM, which will be sweet also.



I never had a problem with a Dodge.Ford had bad transmissions in its trucks in the late 90's,current spark plug in head problems,6 bangers self destruct (cars) ! GM had a period of trans problems ,as Dodge did in the 90's as well,not all but some.

You are right Mopar's ruled in the 60's-70's..remember GM's 10 bolt..Yikes ! one good launch and it blows up! Remember the movie Bullitt,they sold the Charger back to the dealer(they used for road scenes jumping ect,not the final scene purpose built crasher) the Mustang fell apart,interior fell apart,door handles,suspension broke plus it was a slug !The Charger was solid,and hauled major A$$ !

Ford gets government money as well,so far hundreds of millions in tax payer money..just not called bailout money..Which truck has the most American content ?..Dodge does !

Remember Mach,you say Ford started it all,but they used engines built by DODGE !!! That is the only reason Fords were good,back then,they had a DODGE engine !!



A loan to produce vehicles with less emission is not a bailout.

Please understand the difference. GM/Chryco got bailed out.

Let's put this to pasture already.

Ford/GM/Chryco always get money from the Government.

Good grief with you people.

Face it, your beloved RAM brand is owned by ITALIANS and GM will soon be owned by the CHINESE. DEAL WITH IT.

"Remember Mach,you say Ford started it all,but they used engines built by DODGE !!! That is the only reason Fords were good,back then,they had a DODGE engine !!" - Dodge

I think your stoned.

@ Dodge - you spelled DODGE wrong.

I wonder how you spell GM in Chineze?

crap. I spelled Chinese wrong. That second hand smoke is getting to me.

Dodge is only around today is because they invested heavy in Henry Ford and the model T! The Dodge Brothers sold thier stock back to Henry Ford and built their own cars and so called trucks later. Louis Chevrolet blew his way into the auotmotive scene because of William Durant (founder of Government Motors), and the "Bowtie emblem" was on the wallpaper Durant saw in a French bath house. The Dodge Brothers died and the old ladies sold everything, Louis Chevrolet got over taken and pimped out to race buicks. If it wasn't for Henry Ford's vision and innovation the dodge prick's or the bath house homo would not be be here today and if they would have followed Ford as an exaple of how to do things, they would not be wards of the states. The Ford family is still involved in the company that Herny Ford started!!! The Doobie Brothers and the bowtie homo families took their money and ran. So thanks to Henry Ford.

If money were no object, I love the new Ford and new GM brothers...But money is an issue and every time I build a truck on line, I consistently end up several thousand dollars cheaper with the Dodge...and I know my Dodge has handled every task I have given it to big fifth wheel campers, to horse trailers to landscape trailers. The Fore and GMs now go faster to 60mph but for thousands less, I'll keep my Dodge's. But I do give kudos to the new Ford and GMs.

I own a 2001 2003 and 2005 Ram Diesel and two older Dakota's. The two Dakota's had tranny issues @ 150 to 160K and now the 1995 V6 has 285K and the 1996 V8 has 235K. The diesels have been great. Other than the driver's seat in the 2005 and a rear axle seal leaking when I first got it, they have been flawless. I plow snow with all of them and haul trailers with them all. I will put my trucks up against Ford's and GMs anyday. So I myself don't buy the tranny issue that people keep saying Dodge has. My Dakotas were run really hard and asked to do the same work as some smaller full size trucks do so I can't complain about the tranny issues @ 150 to 160K

Dodge is underpowered now and GM is just the only diesel that has been proven for the last 10 year's. Before that it was all Ford with the 7.3 and now long live the 6.6 D MAX.

@ Bad bowtie quote " GM is just the only diesel that has been proven for the last 10 year's "
That sounds like a great selling feature to the Chinese.
Government Motors China.
Has a nice ring to it.

I can see this picture replacing the bowtie on the grill.

To my first post mike sorry I guess my sarcasm wasnt caught. I did not mean to start a fanboy flame war although I am obviously I die hard Dodge guy I hate the mindless arguments w/o facts my post was meat to mock the arguing that I assumed would ensue

They started it.

did not

did too.

did too.............................mooooooommmmm. he's bugging me again.

Ford - 53%
GM - 43%
Ram - 4%

Are these numbers similar to brand market share?

That would make an interesting story.


JD Power 2009 stats

Ford HD - 46%

GM/Chev HD
(combined) - 29%

Ram HD - 25%

Ford sells almost as many HD's as GM, Chev, and Ram combined.

Lou I have been saying this all along but no one would listen... Ford owns the truck market, even in the dark days of the early 6.0 and later 6.4... Just imagine what sales will be like once the new motors come out for the half tons.

"You want a cheap truck ?" Dodge.
"You want a pretty truch ?" Chevy.
You want a Real Truck " Ford.

I have 2 Ford Superduty's

This poll only proves that there are more Ford loving trolls on this site that gm fans. We all know the Durmax kicked the powerjoke back to second place where it belongs.

The Duramax is king of the diesels.

So let it be written, so let it be done!!!

You must be joking! Comparing Heavy Duty Pickups? Bring on the Duallys!!! F450 Crew Diesel...Oh yeah, that would've been a "HEAVY DUTY PICKUP TRUCK SHOOTOUT"

lol - it's funny how this debate gets so heated. american vehicles have gone a long way in recent years. Realistically all of these trucks are great trucks. I would prefer the dodge because of the appearance, the chevy for the power and the ford for the interior.

pickup trucks have come a long way in general. all gas and diesel are better in quality. all you need to worry about now days are people who abuse their vehicles (because they are ford or gm fanatics that try to prove ridiculous claims) or older dodge gas trucks (2001 and older) that have cracked heads and bad transmissions then trade them in for poor people like me who have to drive used right now. i have had a 1994 dodge ram 1500 with a 318ci V8 that started knocking, a 1998 chevrolet silverado 1500 "Z71" with a 350ci V8 that had to be replaced (and i got cheated by car dealer because he put stupid 305ci V8 back in and it ran poor and had bad fuel mileage fuel overload from 350ci V8 electronics lol), a 2001 dodge ram 1500 359ci V8 (the 360ci V8 became a 359 magnum motor because dodge did something to cut costs) and its left head was cracked, and i got a 2003 dodge ram 1500 345ci V8 "hemi" now 2nd owner, 195,000 miles, i ad 60 miles daily, dog it out, and it runs better than all the old school trucks i had (i did the same thing with my dads 2000 chevrolet silverado 1500 325ci gen. III V8 (vortec 5300) and all that happened is the oil change light in the message center came on a 1000 miles faster). i wouldn't doubt ford got better too because my dad had a 1989 ford ranger that burned up in our yard after he started it and we never found out why it burned up, but the newer f150s (1997 and up) are all over the road. see it has nothing to do with brands anymore, all newer trucks last longer. they all got cracked rods to keep them from coming apart, as well as heads that don't crack anymore, and they hit higher rpms while not falling apart. all of this is because THE COMPANIES FINALLY PUT THEM THROUGH RIGOROUS TESTS THAT USED TO NOT EXIST. do u think the new ecoboost is the only motor put through harsh tests? look at the gm powertrain website in the powertrain archive for the 1999 model year and read about the gen. III V8s, same stuff as the ecoboost because chevy had to convince the public about a new v8 back then. now you see them all over the road.

@ Bob quote "We all know the Durmax kicked the powerjoke back to second place where it belongs. "

So that means the Powerstroke was in first for a real long time.
Thanks for pointing that out.
Sales and profits are what matter in the final analysis.
Ford gas HD #1 in polls
Ford 3/4 Diesel #1 in polls
Ford 1 ton Diesel #1 in polls
Ford HD #1 sales
Ram HD #2 sales
Chev HD #3 sales
GM HD #4 sales

So let it be written, and guess what? it's already done.

Go polish your plastic Denali hubcap collection.

Ford owns the truck market because they build the best, most durable, good looking trucks.

I love me a Chevrolet. And for all of you Ford fans out there, the Chevrolet and GMC are the same truck. But let me go a step further. Even though the Chevy has the best numbers and is an awesome truck, I'll have to take the Dodge for one simple fact. The Chevy and Ford have to have urea in them to run. The Dodge doesn't need any. To me that will make my decision. Let Chevy come out and not make me put in urea we will reevauluate.

Has anyone compared power/torque on the diesels at altitude? (ie: I-70 west of Denver). Heard the Ford doesn't have quite the muscle up there....

I love a good Pick Up line....and Chevy's is the best!!

Something wrong or "rigged"? with the voting for the 3/4 ton gas Ford. System would not let me vote for it. However, no problem voting for the other two. Go Ford - indestructable!!

The finer things in life?? Since when does a government owned product qualify as "the finer things" ~ That’s like saying government cheese is the finest cheese money can buy.

FORD ~ The Best in Texas!!!!

Go Ford.

@ Debbie quote "I love a good Pick Up line".

What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? ;)

@ Ginger - the voting only allows one vote per category per person. You must of accidentally entered a vote.

I voted for Ford in all three catagories.

I have owned all three and Ford is by far the more stable towing platform when towing heavy.

i have had them all, but now i am in a ford..best truck on the road, hands down..

As far as looks go,dodge has the best looking trucks on the road! fords new grill is the uglyest grill out there,why would they change it from the 2010 grill anyway?chevy's look like crap,with the exeption of the denali.The new dodge laramie longhorn is a work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ford trucks have always been my first choice;second is the Dodge Ram 2500 with cummins power train.

wow this is a ford,page,always no..they have ford lover...imagine they never drive a real truck,,sorry ford lover,maybe one day you have the chance to drive a real pickup,,,continue to dream ..

@ Miath quote - "maybe one day you have the chance to drive a real pickup,,,continue to dream"

I bought a Ford F150 - I get to drive a real truck every day. The only time I dreamed of driving a real truck was when I owned a GM.

The new powerstroke has yet to be proven. It could be another 6.0 piece of crap!

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