What's Your Favorite Heavy-Duty Truck?

By now, you’ve likely checked out our latest truck Shootout pitching the latest heavy-duty offerings from Ford, GM and Ram. You’ve seen what trucks we picked as winners. But on the eve of the State Fair of Texas, we want to know what you, the paying public, think. Take a few nanoseconds to vote in the polls below to make your voice heard and tell us why you picked what you picked in the comment section.


lets the agruments begin now.....GO DODGE


Please be civil in your comments. Personal insults and use of foul language will result in deleted posts. We all like trucks. That's why we're here.

@mike Levine Ive heard commercials about the new durumax being the most powerful truck in the market and my dad saw something saying it had 403 hp. is this just advertising or did gm reflash theres after ford

@bobsled80, maybe your dad heard the HP for the 6.2L, isn't it 403hp in the 1500's? If Chevy did a reflash thats cool. the horsepower war keeps getting better!



boblsed, GM can make the half ton claim currently because Fords 6.2L is not officialy released for sale yet in the F-150. I believe in a another month or so Ford will have the crown with 411hp and 434lb-ft of torque....at least until someone else leap frogs!

P.S. That's standard half tons I'm talking about as 6.2L is already offered in the SVT Raptor....

oops, missed the Duramax part, I saw the 403hp and assumed we were talking gas half tons LOL....Although that's probably what the commercial was for as I have seen the same one refering to most powerful gas half ton. Oh and I agree with Mike we are all here cause we love trucks not to personally attack people. Can't we all just get along LOL!

Ford F250 thru F450 nothing on the road can match them. In pulling power or hauling.


Dodge Ram! I own 4 of them now 2 -1988 3/4 & 1 ton. 1 1998 2500 with Cummins and over 275,000 miles and an 04 2500 with the HEMI. The others are nice too but just not for me

Truck companies are feeding off one another, creating better product to meet the needs of us heavy haulers and truck enthusiasts. Imagine the kind of power, reliability, and fuel economy we'll have in 10 years!!! go all truck companies on this one.

Go Ford, GM, Dodge.... There I was nice today!

I got a question. I read this site a lot (more than any other), but it seems there are a lot of discrepancies in the reports being done on the new Super Duty. On one site it don't win a competition then on two others it comes out (clearly) on top. From most of the sites I read most of the competitions are pretty much the same so what gives?

Regardless of who make the better pickup or who can climb a mountain faster I already know what I'm going to buy and what I feel most comfortable with so it don't really matter but it just seems odd that so many sites are doing comprehensive test and all of them keep coming up with way different results for the new Super Duty.

PUT.com should think about loading the trailers for these comparisions closer to the practice in the real work environment. It sounds like the tongue weight is too low in your tests if there are axle hop issues while towing. In the real world of towing with 1-ton long wheelbase trucks (156 inch plus wheelbases), trailers are loaded to put more weight on the tongue than the manufacturer's recommendation. The mfg can be as light as 600 pound tongue weight for non-weight distributing, meaning you should only tow 6,000# (10% tongue weight). Anyone with experience knows that you load the tongue with 10-15+% of your load to prevent trailer sway and worst case fish tailing out of control. Towing 13,000# of bobcat, trailer, and attachments in not unusual and is usually done without a weight distributing hitch. It would be quite hard to break the tires loose with 2,000# tongue weight and the weight transfer from the front axle. On the most extreme hill climb grades 4x4 should probably be engaged. (my point: your complaints about the Super Duty axle hop are based on unrealistic loading)

Designed by experts - not Washington Tsars!

Easiest choice ever.

3 options
Dodge - awesome vehicles in the 60's and 70's. Been crap ever since, can't produce a transmission, a/c system, or quality interior in the last 30 years.

GM - started life as liars and cheats and well now owned by the government, almost like it was meant to happen.

Ford - Started it all and is still the best choice an honest Amercian can make for a quality car. Nuff said.

It will be interesting to see the final vote results.
I'm willing to bet that they follow current sales patterns.
I doubt that the results of the shootout will sway too many votes.
The most important aspect of these shootouts is not so much who wins but the information contained in the test.
Take the information and compare it to your wants and needs.
The same applies for any other shootout.
Pick your own winner. (The truck you are going to buy) After all is said and done, that's the truck your going to be driving for a long time.
You can't go wrong with any new truck.

^ I like that. Can't say its true, but i like that.




Best trucks on the road today!

The votes for Ford sure don't come from experience.

RAM. The shoot out didn't change my pick for a diesel truck. I love my 05 Ram 5.9 L Cummins. The Ford 6.2 would be my pick for a gas pot untill GM comes out with a direct injected 7 Liter gas. Don't you just love competition.

GM !! Great Models !!!

We all know my preference, therefore, after seeing the Long Horn Edition RAM I will choose the RAM as the second best.

Way to go RAM!!!

@Frank - Although I'm a Ford man myself I will give props where it is due, the new Ram is sweet.

Ford makes trucks,
John Deere makes tractors
and Budwieser makes beer
what else do you need to know?

I agree with the individual making the statement that the Fords (ha) votes aren't necessarily coming from expeirence. My old car could beat a 1997 F150 in the snow, and no it wasn't AWD. I remember the cotractor who can to my house complaining about it's handling.

Ok Ford, let their employess know about the shoot out, let's see wherre the field levels. Nice trucks RAM boys! Several Great Vehicles to choose from.

For the guy whining about the Federal loan / equity and GM, chances are your house is mortaged thru Fredddie or Fannie...not much different is it.

John Deere makes tractors
Budweiser is now a foreign owned brewery
Sam Adams is an American owned brewery
Ford makes trucks
Dodge makes em look tougher
GM makes em better
Facts man
Just the facts

Silverado...longest lasting, best built on the road today.

Had a '95 F-250, loved it! Turned it in and got a Ram in '98. Dam thing started falling apart after a year! Went back to a Ford in '01. Will never try a Ram again.

Ford F series, best selling trucks 33 years running, that's all you need to know


RAM has come a long way. Give 'em another shot.

The 2007 and 2010 shootout winner and Rocky mountain hillclimb..

The Duramax baby!!!!!!


'Nuf Said!

Ford still builds the best truck for quality and durability at the moment. They're all pretty close in power and each will do the job just fine. I prefer the SFA of the Super Duty and Ram over GM's low slung frame/torsion bar design though.

What competition? It's only the FORD.

GM-Gasser's / RAM-Diesel's #1 rest are total failures . . .

Had a Ford, Had a Dodge. When I buy, I look at them all.
The last 2 have been a Chevy. I have to say, that after owning all three. I'll stick with the Chevy.

Ford... It's not even a contest (although RAM is getting very good!). The Chevy truck has a cheapo interior and the frame hangs way too low for poor ground clearance. At least the RAM and Ford have their frame up high. Not to mention those new Chevy trucks dent with little effort.

@JASPER - What about the 200 + billion that GM screwed out of their creditors?
I guess that doesn't count since Gm was conveniently devided into "old GM" and "new GM'.

I'll only consider a GM if they show signs paying back their debts.

I will stay away from the Ford diesels for a year or two.
My policy is to never buy a new product the first year it comes out.
If I needed a HD diesel right now I'd go with the Cummins Ram. I don't drag race and I don't care which one went up the hill first. I love the LongHorn interior.
I don't need a HD so its a moot point.

I just bought a 2010 F150 SuperCrew.

If I needed a gasser HD I'd get the 6.2 Ford. I live in more mountainous terrain and that seemed to be where the 6.2 did best.
I love the PowerWagon especially in Grey and black.

The GM trucks are not designed by Washington Tsars, but by talented engineers & designers here in Michigan. Don't let GM's partial government ownership keep you away. After the IPO, the government's stake will be less. Look at features, durability and value and make your choice.

Chevrolet Silverado = Like a Rock!

@ Dale - I did that (Look at features, durability and value and make your choice.).
GM/Chev has limited features.
GM/Chev has questionable durability.
GM and Chev trucks had very different quality ratings and these trucks are made on the same assembly line.
Value - if it doesn't have the features I want or need - it is of little value to me!

Even if I removed my opinion of GM corporatiom from the equation - I still would not buy a 1/2 ton from them.


Not if the Chinese buys 'em all. The GM IPO must reach at least $135 to repay all the debt they owe us.


"GM and Chev trucks had very different quality ratings and these trucks are made on the same assembly line." - Lou

I always wondered that. BIZARRE!!!

@ Frank - if China buys GM, imagine what the cheep plastic interiors will be like?
Melamine and lead for everyone!

@ Frank - maybe the stoners and drunks are all on one shift?


Does than toyota minivan not cut it for ya?

@Chevy man - It's a very good family vehicle. Excellent substitute for a Chevy truck.

not everyone can enjoy the finer things in life if your not sporting a fine GM product.

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