Ram Belt Buckle: Only in Texas

Ram Belt Buckle: Only in Texas

Ram CEO Fred Diaz sports the belt-buckle version of the new Laramie Longhorn badge at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on Thursday. Diaz had just left the stage after introducing the luxurious new Ram truck.

No word on whether Sergio will be wearing one under his trademark sweater any time soon.



@Bobby - kinda sad for you.

A Ram belt buckle is more newsworthy than anything from GM.

Man that guy is a HUGE POSER!

@Mike: Fred is not a poser. He was born and raised in Texas. He's been around trucks most of his life. I think he's a good fit for the Ram brand.

Cool buckle! Ram is on roll.

No poser would ever where perfectly pressed Wranglers to a special event. Those are good enough for Sunday morning.

I want an Ram slt beltbuckle to match my truck lmao

@ smtrthnu : Well said !!!

@Mike Levine : Again,well said !!!

ok i never ever post here but this got me to actually speak up...what normal truck guy would WANT this?! Poser or not is irrelevant; he works for the brand so you kind of expect that from him. But to actually want one of those? Douchey.

@ J How many guys driving Harley Edition Ford drive Harleys. None in my town.

@J - I agree with you. Wanting to own a Dodge is douchey.
I like the belt buckle though.

@ Jordan L - I agree.
I have yet to see a F150 Harley edition truck owned by a Harley rider.
One could argue that not many cowboys buy Laramies, or Longhorns, Lariats, or King Ranchs.

I've always wondered about the automakers fascination with "cowboy" names.

I want this buckle belt like the picture show
Some budy know where to buy

A cool belt-buckle is a good reason to tuck in your shirt, if you can't think of a better reason. Eh, guys?

I have just purchased a 2014 Laramie longhorn where can I buy the longhorn belt buckle worn by CEO Fred Diaz?

Love the buckle!!;) how can I get one ,I'd pay about anything for one!!!email me back if I can get one!!

I just bought a 2016 Ram Laramie Longhorn. Have looked all over for this belt buckle. Are they available anywhere?

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