Ford F-150 EcoBoost Baja 1000 Race Truck: Photo Gallery

Ford F-150 EcoBoost Baja 1000 Race Truck: Photo Gallery

Check out our hi-resolution photo gallery of Ford's EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6-powered F-150 desert racer that debuted at the State Fair of Texas. It will take on the demanding Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 long-distance desert endurance race later this year in Mexico.


would have been more interesting if they had just dropped the EB into a raptor and raced that sucker


Love that flickr.

NOTICE folks the rear end, no freaken lower shock mounts hanging below the axle line in a vulnerable spot, coil sprung front suspension so NO torsion bars mounted to the lower a-arm without protection and SKID PLATES!

SKID PLATES are the mark of a true off-road vehicle and not a poser!

SWEET ride, hope it does well but to finish in Baja is not determined by the motor only!

Here is my ride with skid plates up front:

Skid plates, skid plates...

@ oxi - you have a nice truck. That is one heavy duty front end.

The F150 race truck is incredible.
Love the detailing that goes into a race truck.
A work of art. Kudos to the builders.

would have loved to see some pictures of the engine... isn't it supposed to be the star of that show?

@oxi-Are those shackles on your truck rated at 19,000 lbs? Thats what I use for my station wagon!! Are those skid plate 3/8 or 3/16? Why is the front skid plate at a 90 degree angle? Those shackles will snag and brake off before an f150 rear shock mount will snag and brake off. The shock mounts on the test truck are more on the top for a race reason only, they are not planning on pulling a trailer during the race! The rear shock mounts on my 97 expedition (the wagon) 5 inch lift and my 06 f150 are so close to the brake rotor that it almost impossible for any thing to get snaged!!

I read somewhere that the baja 1000 was equivalent to 50,000 miles of normal driving. I can't find the link anymore.
Has anyone heard that sort of thing?
Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm sure someone will ha ha)


When I was racing down in Baja last decade 1990's the Ford Rough Rider teams and I recall an interview with Dave Ashley who commented on that a typical Baja 500 or Baja 1,000 would equate to 200-300,000 miles of street testing in 1 race!

They tested a stock E40D transmission in Steve Olliges F-150 Lightening back in the mid 90's before they launched it into production.

Baja is the ultimate testing and proving ground, not Nascar!


Those are 3/4 inch retreival points up front and the same in the rear...I have a 17,600 lbs. snatch strap always in the cab...

Skid plates are 3/16 from BudBuilt and cover underneath from front of radiator all the way to the rear yolk aft of the tranny. I also have the skid plate for the fuel tank, installing that one later...

The retreival point are removable in under a minute, so if I encounter tough spots, I can streamline...

At the front thinner steel skid plates are not at 90 degrees, they angle forward and down. I am protecting the lower front where the plastic and aluminum bumper used to be. I have additional tubing behind the skid plates up front for structural integrity of the bumper and if the plates take a direct hit...

It's not a desert truck I am building but I take lessons from my own racing down there. I do not want my nose sticking too far out there because my approach angles would take a hit...

And rear shock mounts on a Tacoma are very tight to the wheels in the back, that's one you do not see lower shocks mounts in the open on 4wd Toyota pickups. They also run the leafs above the axle...


Yes this F-150 is one sweet off-road racing rig. I love it when the manufacturer's go to Baja and test. It is the ultimate proving ground.

Next they should do it rally style with Dakar in South America!

I wonder if Greg Foutes will be the pilot. I raced against him in the stock classes back in the day. Nice guy and solid driver!

@ oxi- Nice truck, well set up without being... silly?

@ oxi - I've always been more impressed with the Dakar rally than the Baja 1000. Both are tough races.


The only issue with Dakar is the rally setup where Baja you have a single time limit to finish. You break you could be done where in rally you could still make repairs and race the next day.

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