2011 Toyota Tundra T-Force, Texas Edition Tundra: First Look

2011 Toyota Tundra T-Force, Texas Edition Tundra: First Look

Toyota brought two new special edition versions of its light-duty Tundra pickup to Dallas on Thursday.

Toyota is building 500 limited-edition Tundra T-Force CrewMax pickups that combine off-roading and street performance influences in a unique set of add-ons. The appearance package made its debut at the 2010 State Fair of Texas.

The T-Force gets of 20-inch matte black with diamond cut BBS wheels and aggressive Toyo (in production) LT285/55R20 tires, matte black Predator tube steps, body-color pocket-fender flares, a spray-in bedliner, machined honeycomb patterned door sill enhancements and customer floor mats and exterior badges with the T-Force logo.





The cost for the T-Force package is $4,599.

The Texas Edition Tundra gets unique 20-inch BBS wheels with Michelin Latitude 305/50R20 tires, a chrome grille, Texas badging, tubular side steps and custom floor mats.


The cost for the Tundra Texas Package is $3,995 ($1,000 cash back bonus available). More photos below.







The T-Force looks good. Those wheels look great with the black body color.
The Texas Edition truck looks too plain for $3,995. Yuck.

I think the Tforce is something that 50cent would like. Very gaudy and the wheels are just way too, ahem, well nevermind.

The Texas edition is ok, but not worth the extra money.

Toyota should focus on other things.

I like those Bushwacker type flairs.

The T-Force looks awesome I would buy that. However I do believe that Toyota needs to do some work on the Texas Edition Tundra.

hmmm...I see they added a decal to the floor mats...wonder what thats for?... :)

@ John -
My new F150 has the same floormat carpet hook as the Toyota.
Makes you wonder why Ford would do that...


It's to warn you of random excelleration,cracking tailgates,blowing out driveshafts,frame rust,body rust,engines that blow up,camshafts that blow up and they might lose steering on the highway like other Toyota/Lexus models,thats all it is,nothing major..Toyota fans are used to it !!Oh yes ,it also blames you and the former Bush administration for the problems !

$5000 for the T force? Geez. We install lots of extras like this on cutomers trucks and with the shop labour it doesn't even come close to 5000 grand.

@ Jordan L . Those floormats must be real expensive. Go to pay those legal bills somehow.

@ Gene Good point. What price tag do you put on floor mats that don't kill you. Got to be worth a few bucks.

At mike Levine I have seen a few TundraHD editions running around. Do you have any info on those or is that just a dealer addon

We want pics of the real Tundra in the back ground , the white RCLB .

@bobsled80: Are you talking about a DRW Tundra with a stake bed on the back? Those are one-offs.

@Taylor: Stay tuned for our V-6 Work Truck Shootout. :-)

What a rip off. T-Force that combines offroad with street.. are you serious? That thing has 6 inches of clearance. The only offroading it might see is being parked on the lawn or running over your neighbors flower garden. Pathetic.

Why did they have to copy the Nissan truck bolt on fender look? Just another place for water & dirt to get in and rust out.

@Mike Levine WORK TRUCK SHOOTOUT?!?!? lets just say i'm am more than excited. Are we talking half ton trucks only?

@ mike levine the tundrahds ive seen are srw super cab longbox tundras. they have tundrahd where it usually says trd and the front looks leveled and they have 10 ply tires.

Zach J: Half-ton V-6 work trucks. Two doors, Two-wheel drive, short box. Stay tuned for more info. :-)

About the Tundra HD's... last year there were talks that there wasn't one to be released any time in the near future, or at all. Although, I've seen the supposed pics of it. Nice shiny Bilsteins, lots of leather interior, a stick... computer in dash...

nice rims is about it.


Regional packages not nationwide none of the accesories on the T-Force are Toyota or TRD

i've always been a toyota owner for over 25 years, but this time toyota let me down. i've been looking for 4x4, reg. cab with trd off road options, but the dealerships told me that toyota don't make this truck. what's so hard about installing the options on the base truck that they are already built. i guess i'll switch to different manufacturer...

I own a 2010 thundra, this is my third toyota pickup and they just keep getting better and better grate toyota ps I only purchase trucks that hold their resale value.

@Mario. Whatever dealership told you that is wrong. Unless they told you they couldn't get it with a V6. The TRD Off-Road package is available for Regular Cab 4X4 Tundras with V8s.

2009 Tundra is the worst truck I have ever owned, and it is my third Tundra. Pathetic performance in the way of fit and finish - lots and lots of squeaks and rattles. Oh yeah, one other thing. That 15-20mpg rating? Whatever! 13-14 is more what I get and that reflects a feather touch on the accelerator.

Get over it, my new black T-Force Tundra trailers my 2008 Shelby gt 500 cobra. Oh, did we mention it's black too. As for the cost difference, well we'll look at it again at 200K. OK,
The match is in full play & Tundra parks the trailer then hits the dirt while the Shelby Cobra hits the track. Hi Joe.

I have a 2009 tx edition and it also is the worst truck i have ever owned, i will never own another one. Have owned it for 3 months, been in the shop 5 times, 3 blown driveshafts, 1 shattered tailhousing and traction control shut the whole damn thing down, oh i forgot to mention my truck only has 43k miles on it who in there right mind would even put traction control on a truck. i work n an oil rig and am constantly in mud,sand,dirt...

i just cant tear it up fast enough

I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

I agree there is not much going on with this TFORCE. However, I bought one yesterday. It was the demo. It has two-tone leather, remote powered bed cover, 20 inch off road tires, it has also been lifted too a little. About 2 feet of clearance. Also has TFORCE emblem stitched on the headrests along with floor mats. Finally the touch screen display that plays DVDs, navigation, mp3, and synchs wirelessly too my phone with Bluetooth. Basically all this was free to me cause I got a Hell of a deal on a demo with only 2000 miles!

The T-Force looks great, but I prefer a different color. Black's fine too, though. I've heard from some friends that it's similar to the Nissan Titan when you drive it, but I'll have to find that out for myself. Thanks for posting this!

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