2011 Ram Laramie Longhorn Edition: First Photos


The Laramie Longhorn Edition Ram pickup made a prestigious entry at the State Fair of Texas on Thursday, with Ram CEO Fred Diaz saying the highest-luxury trim for all Ram trucks (1500, 2500 and 3500) would look at home in a driveway next to "the finest of luxury sedans."

One could consider this Chrysler's answer to Ford's successful King Ranch Edition of the F-Series pickups and GMC's Denali pickup lineup.

"When you move up," Diaz said, "take your truck with you."

He called the Laramie Longhorn the most luxurious in Ram history, with plenty of attention to detail in the interior, including high-end  leather with custom inlaid Southwest-style patterns.

The wheels on the truck shown Thursday are likely to be replaced with as-yet unseen wheels with painted accents to separate them from the rest of the Ram lineup wheels. Ram 3500 dualie models will get a special Laramie Longhorn Edition center cap.

Other highlights:

  • Large chrome badges with painted accents
  • 2 unique exterior colors
  • Burled walnut surfaces inside
  • All-weather mats with Berber inserts that feature a removable belt buckle

Diaz said that the Laramie Longhorn will be available in the first quarter of next year, and you can order one starting next month at a Ram dealer near you.








It looks as luxurious as the Harley edition Ford. The close ups do not do the interior any justice.
I cannot believe how far behind the interiors on the GM's have become in comparison to the Ram and Ford. The Denali is on par with a base Laramie or Ford Lariat.

Good job Ram.

Anyone need a job? There are new openings at Chrysler!!


WOW!! Thats is some serious luxury man!! What'd they do raid the Mercedes-Benz part bin? haha. Im impressed.

DODGE and Ford's interiors are SOOO much better than GM's interior now. GM needs to step up in that department.

While the frame and powertrain are the most important part of a truck the place where the driver sits must be enjoyable. A comfortable driver is a safer driver that will be less fatigued on long trips.

I know, I just drove 12 STRAIGHT (see the symmetry?) HOURS in my 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 club cab 5.9L 12-valve Cummins diesel. It was very enjoyable despit what you might think.

Competition is GOOD!! Lets see what you got GM :)

Nice looking truck !

The burl wood is UGLY. But overall it is much better than any GM.

The wood grain in the new Denali is the fugliest wood grain... EVER!

Did they fix the head liner? It sag in middle. Why haven't they put in the 6 speed tranny yet??

The burl walnut looks like crap. Looks like my grandma's 1990 Buick. Ram dropped the ball.

As a Chevy owner, I'll be the first to admit that the interiors on GMs suck. And I really love the King Ranch and this Big Horn interiors - they look luxurious. But isn't this the same Dodge Ram that just got smoked on the HD Shootout by both GM and Ford?


What do you meen got smoked ?

Remember for excelleration the Ram diesel spun with and without a load,slowing times down(pretty much side by side the Ford though),the Hemi is quickest performer..

Sure GM/Ford Diesels tow more as per more torque/hp but very few people weight what they tow,pack it up and hope for the best !!


BMW,Mercedes ect...all have Burled Walnut...How can you tell from the pictures thatyou dont like it ? You know once you look at it in person,if you dont like it then dont buy that particular model with burled walnut...

Excellent Interior!

Bye the way, did the drunk/pot-head employee's at the Chryler plant built this. I'd say, good job pot-head/drunks.

Breaking news...

Chrysler workers exposed. Drinking and smoking pot. Under the influence and high on the job.


This explains a lot.


At least the interior on this truck looks cool. Just read the story in detail and they only build the Jeep G.C in the plant.

Still very disappointing.

Also, I remember one Ford employee was caught on tape drinking on his lunch break.

When I work on my cars/trucks, boy do I want to sip some Lager.

Best looking truck out there right now no dought about it. Someone tell me different. I ve had 07 silverado LTZ and it was cheap and small on the inside. Traded it in for a 08 ford super crew lariat way better than chevys overall then i traded that in for a fully loaded Ram and chevy or ford arent even on the same level of class as the Ram

The center stack is an eyesore. Too spaced out and clunky. The burl has to go. Nice upholstery. Dash looks cool, but not nice as cool as the new Fords. The theme is an attempted copy of a KR from the outside two-tone exterior to the ranch interior. The wheels will be better than the Denali as long as they don't use plastic hubcaps like GM uses.

@Dave- I posted that breaking news earlier.


No, just a little stoned. Why does it matter who posts it first?

Good grief!

I give you credit for posting it first. Good job there PAL!

@Frank- Its not about being first, I can't stand to see the same thing twice on the same site! If people would pay attention or not get stoned, they wouldn't waste other peoples time. Thanks PAL!

Stop hating! GM is building trucks with the best interior in the business with Onstar.

Denali on par with the Lariat and Lammie? You don't know anything.

Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar chrome grille with body-colored bumpers, chrome door handles, chrome accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum trim, power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: black, Stealth Gray and white.

If that doesn't explain why GM has the best nothing will to you cowards!


The same thing was posted twice? Your time was wasted. The horror! Get a grip, man.

@ Bobby,

I fixed it for you!

Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar PLASTIC chrome grille with body-colored PLASTIC bumpers, chrome PLASTIC door handles, chrome PLASTIC accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum PLASTIC trim, power-adjustable PLASTIC pedals, a Bose PLASTIC premium surround audio system and 12-way PLASTIC power seats. Along with an optional heated PLASTIC steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed PLASTIC seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: PLASTIC black, PLASTIC Stealth Gray and PLASTIC white

HAHAHA i could go and copy past the text right off of dodge or fords website and post it on here too. Adding more chrome or making chrome more shiny doesnt upgrade interior much, especially when the chrome door handles start to peel off and cut your hand (chevy has a recall for that) haha, but wow ha pathetic copy and pasting, just because it says in on the site doesnt mean crap. if you compare it to the dodge and fords, no contest, chevys/gmc are ancient and look like the interior of an suv/car.

you also say you only have to wait a couple of years for the updates in 2014? haha last time i checked thats still 4 years away, but till then, maybe they can just add some more chrome or make it a little more shiny to make up for their ancient interior, 90's exterior styling, and lowest power ratings of the big 3 haha


Oops. My bad.

@Dodge-Why worry about my comment to someone else, sounds like you need to get a grip!!!!! The interior on dodge trucks look and ride like crap!!!!!!


The ride on the RAM is actually really good. As Lou mentioned the RAM has a softer ride than his F150.

A truck with SFA feels like a real though.

A truck with SFA feels and rides like a real truck.

I think i'm stoned from reading the Chryco article.

@bobby - I am starting to think that your suffer from sadomasicism disorder.
Why else would a person continuously post nonsense just to get pounded into the ground?

I'm impressed that you FINALLY spelled Denali correctly.

Your grade 1 teacher needs a gold star.

Remind me again why OnStar is so great???

We all need some more laughs.


That's what GM said entering bankruptcy

"Ooops my bad"

@Frank-It was a 09 Laramie 4x4 quadcab with 700lbs in the bed. Was not impressed at all. I also keep hitting my head on the a pillar getting in. Looks good on the outside, the rest of it is not for me.


How tall are you? 10'9

It looks good.

One of the benefits from the merger with FIAT. Italy is known for good auto interiors.

@ Gene - Yup.
Italians and all of those spaghetti westerns - Who'da thunk it?"

What will we see when China buys GM ?


Yeah, some folks at FIAT saw the previous Laramie interior and said:

Fix It Again Tony

@Frank- 6'! Ford truck A pillars don't slop back like the dodge, and I could not keep from hitting it and the turdra was the same way.


I'm 6' as well and I get where your coming from. I feel like an Ompa Lompa getting in my Cobra.

I like the colors on this truck. Tuxedo black and pueblo gold.

OOPS. Sorry. Those are Ford colors.


What color is your truck?

@Frank - sterling silver and ingot silver.
Dirty paint and no paint for Bobby and his Chevy.

look better . compare to king ranch whit all the plastic ford have on the dash...and the seat change color and shape after months..but for the ugly fake wood grain ford is champion..


Good choice!

I have:

F250/V10 - Arizona Beige
F250/7.3 - White

I love the Beige because when she is dusty from the mountains you can barely notice. However, the white....horrid.

Two colors I regret having is White for the truck, black for the Cobra. Worse colors.

White doesn't show up little dings and dents as bad as other colors.
Black - my least favorite. I like the black and gold Hurst Shelby.

I've had a few red trucks that were bad for showing up dirt and scratchs.

Looks pretty nice. Keep up the good work Ram.

Well, no Ford Dodge or Chrysler for me after watching the news of drunks and dopes in the UAW. Nissan, is that Titan getting upgrades anytime soon? The Titan looks better everyday to me, no UAW label.

No GM as well, UAW made, not for me anymore no matter how great it is since sliced bread.

Buy a Dodge heavy doo doo. No UAW in Mexico.

I'll pass on UAW nameplates. No Ford, Chrylser, or GM for me. Don't want drunks and dopes to be putting my vehicle together with my taxpayer dollars. I really was liking the look of the Dodge, but what I saw on the news irked me. I guess I am not as "patriotic" as I thought I was, but somewhere in the south I will be supporting a job.

@ Red 4x4 So a couple of bad apples mean the whole brand is bad? Well here is another bad story to keep you from buying a Ram. In the city of Edmonton Alberta (Canada) there was a recent incident of a disgruntled service writer who brought a gun to his place of work (a Chrysler dealer) and killed another employee over a disput. Wouldn't want a bunch of murderers working on your car would you? Coments like that really piss me off. Half the problems in this world are caused by that same train of thought. Also are you aware of the fact that is was fellow employees that narked on the idiots? Come on man, get a grip.

The Chrysler workers that were in involved, were from the Jefferson North Ave. Plant, where the next generation of Dodge Durango and the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee are being built. The reason why Fox 2 Detroit did the story was from a tip from other UAW employees that work at the plant were complaining about the situation. If it wasn't work those employees who didn't stand up, Chrysler probably wouldn't have seen the problem and nothing would have gotten done. So you can thank UAW employees for their help indentifying the problem. All those employees have been suspended without pay until further notice.

Chrysler is on the rebound to have a great 2011 model year. This shouldn't stop their progress!

I just got a 2010 Ram Laramie in April. It has the Ram Box system too! I have 2 boys, 9 & 2, and they have tons of room in the back seat. At 5'4" I can almost stand up in the back. I had a 2003 quad cab Ram & they have come a long way! I LOVE my Ram! The Hemi delivers when it needs to and the 4X4 is great! As a mom I love the Ram Box system! Can fit all groceries in them & the sons baseball gear fits great too!

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