2011 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Edition: First Live Photos

2011 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Edition: First Live Photos

Though Ram CEO Fred Diaz showed off the all-new high-end Laramie Longhorn luxury trim for 2011 on a half-ton Ram 1500 pickup, the truck brand also unveiled a one-ton version not included in press photos.

The Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Laramie Longhorn shares many of the interior and exterior upgrades that its light-duty little brother showed.

On the outside, the Laramie Longhorn features chrome metal badges with painted accents on the tailgate plus belt-buckle-like emblems on the doors. All models come with a two-tone paint job that includes “White Gold” over the fenders and on the rocker panels and a choice of Bright White, Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, Rugged Brown Pearl or Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl. New forged aluminum wheels (not plastic caps!) have center caps with special Laramie Longhorn logos.

The truck pictured here is unique. Its Saddle Brown/While Gold paint combination won’t be available in production, Ram execs said.

Inside, the Laramie Longhorn has more leather than a Texas cattle ranch. Rich leather seats have laser-etched bolsters (bark brown only) influenced by the patterns found on classic cowboy boots.

Gauges in the instrument cluster have a jewelry-like appearance with six liquid-chrome gauge rings set against a painted taupe silver background and a tooled-metal Laramie Longhorn edition badge set inside the left-hand ring.

The center stack and door center pieces are trimmed in burled walnut wood graining stained in one of two complementary shades, matched to either the russet or bark brown interior theme.

All-weather mats have removable Berber inserts that feature a removable belt buckle.

Diaz said that the Laramie Longhorn will be available in the first quarter of next year, and you can order one starting next month. More photos below.






wow nice pickup...good job ram..

That truck is waaaayyyyy tooooo brown.

I love the interior.

GM why don't you guys sneek over to the Ford and Ram booths and take some pictures.
Make notes, lots of notes.

Sweet ride! I love those gauges.

Way to go RAM/FIAT - RIAT

Very nice job Ram! Talk about aimed directly at the King Ranch! I love the King Ranch but this is fine alternative! I have to give credit to the Dodge boys they have really stepped up their game on interiors!

That is a sweet interior!

What can Brown do for you?

WOW!! That interior has my mouth watering!! King Ranch has some serious competition! Thats a good thing guys.

BUT, thats way to much brown for me. Id like the exterior to be Deep Water Blue or Crystal Black (or whatever the black is called).

It looks like a cappuccion, LOL!!

Still great job DODGE!

GM get thoughs gears turning.



I want this in non dually

Love the Dodge Ram dually Long Horn...Lookin good !!

A 7000 rpm tach seems a little optimistic for a diesel. Very nice though.


Do you know if this trim will be available in the 2500 series also?

NO UAW for me. Keep your Ford, Dodge and GM. After My F150 wears out, I guess I will look to foriegn brands, preferrable Nissan Titan or Frontier

@richterscale: Yes - it will be available for all three Ram models: 1500, 2500 and 3500.

No UAW at Toyota either. I wonder if there is UAW in Mexico where Dodge makes their heavy doo doos.

@ Gene -
Mexico doesn't have unions,
They have drug cartels (that's the closest equivalent).

"They have drug cartels (that's the closest equivalent)." - Lou

Yup, and they will effen KILL YOU!!!

That truck is sick but that the rim design look like the 01
one ton design

YAHOO!!!!Love the truck so much..... Our 3500 dually should be delivered the end of March 2011!!! CAN HARDLY WAIT TO TAKE THIS BIG BOY DOWN THE ROAD.....

I bought a fully loaded Dually Longhorn (traded in my dually 2008 quad cab long box). I can tell you that the Longhorn is more than the sum of its parts! It is not like my 08 with 20 thousand in options...it is a different truck. It feels more refined, and even the switches have tighter tolerences. It leaves me lost for words, and truly is the most jaw dropping truck I've ever seen, let alone owned. also, the so called quad cab is larger than my other was, so I thought the truck was shorter somewhere else. But the entire truck is a fair amount longer :)

Whats the price for that truck want change for 08 ram 3500

Bought the 3500 Longhorne dually, eight foot box in Aug 11
just drove 300km from fort Mcmurray to Lac La bich at 100kph on cruise. 19.65imperial gallons (43ltr)
on the way up to fort mac, snowing/mild wind 14.45mpg doing around 110kph.
Not impressed, current use =13000km.

Just bought a white with the cream trim. Having the hood scoops painted to match. Love the interior. Just wish I could have gotten the gear shift on the cosole. Love the leather covered ones but I can't get it on the 3500. Love the fact that you added the Jake break, sprayed in bed liner and back up monitor. Now if you would have added the load leveling air bag, and the ball hitch I wouldn't have to. Lol.....great job Dodge. By the way, this is my first automatic, sure hope I like it.

Barf. Seriously, ew.

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