2010 NAIAS: Next Nissan Titan To Stick with Leaf Springs


When it comes to rear suspensions, Nissan is going to stick with leaf springs.

Had it been based on the current Ram 1500, the next-generation Nissan Titan would have used a coil-sprung rear axle, but with the Chrysler-Nissan manufacturing partnership canceled, the Titan will continue using conventional leaf springs for its future half-ton truck, according to Larry Dominique, vice president advanced and product planning and strategy at Nissan North America.

“Back in 2001, before the current Titan went into production, we had two proposals on the table. One was to use coil springs and the other was to use leafs,” Dominique said. “We chose leafs primarily because we were trying to build the credibility of the truck. We could use either for the next truck but I don’t see a reason to walk away from the current [leaf spring] architecture. I don’t think we’re going to gain much more for the amount of money and energy spent to redesign the platform. It would be too expensive.”


looks like a strange place for a storage box behind the rear wheel. Mud flap would have to articulate.

@snowman - remember the Ford pickups with the storage compartment down low? They didn't hold up well, leaked in dust and moisture, and rusted off in no time. I don't think it's a good idea. The Ram box makes more sense but it also has it's limitations - you can't mount a headache rack, boat rack,crossbox style dry box, or canopy. If you beat up your box it probably won't close right. I have yet to hear anyone comment about a Ram box.

This isn't a new feature - the current Titans have the same storage compartment and they appear to hold up very well on the trucks that I have seen. It looks like Nissan did a much better job with the compartments than Ford did.

The storage box has been on the Titan since it debuted and originally came as part of the utility bed package which included the spary in liner, utilitrac system, bed divider and cargo extended. The mudflap does indeed swing away. The compartment is sealed and is weather, but not water proof. It is not made of metal so rust is not an issue. I have never seen a puddle in mine, but do place items in ziplock bags to keep moisture away. I have a 2005 Titan and have no issues in 85k miles in New England with the storage box.

Leaf spring is the best way to go ,real truck have leaf spring for payload. Car have coil spring. Look at all new 2010 ram 1/2 ton truck big mistake using coil spring it has less pay load then most competition. Way back in 70,s GM used coil spring will they find out the hard way.

@ Wm Browne.
A LOT of vehicles made then rusted out in no time. If done today, I bet that box would survive on the Fords. It's a good idea except as someone pointed out any mud flap would have to move with the lid.

Leaf is still the way to go. My 2000 F350 had leaves (leafs?) on all 4 corners and it had great ride quality especially after they had worn in some.

I like the storage boxes on the Ram's except that they don't make them with the long bed, they could fix the headache rack issue by just not running them all the way to the front (especially on a long bed). And also put them on 2500's because the 1500 payload cap is really bad...

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