2010 NAIAS: Honda Ridgeline is That You?


Tucked all by its lonesome, sandwiched between two walls in the rear of the Honda booth, is the 2010 Ridgeline unibody pickup truck. Is this the red headed stepchild of Honda's lineup?


Nobody puts Ridgeline in the corner.

LMAO thats just funny

Might as well put the stuff that sells at the front.

Funny I was at the LA Auto Show and it was similar with the Odyssey way in the back where no one could find it.

Is that your kid?? Honda: well, umm, ya, but don't tell anyone! LOL all kidding aside Honda's are great cars, the wife has an Accord and it's the best car she's ever had....I don't think I could trade my F-150 for a Ridgline though, just doesn't cut it for me.

Honda needs some serious grill redesign.

Looks like it's the beginning of the end for the Ridgeline

Hondas are great, but the ridgeline is ugly and gets terrible gas mileage. Thanks to that, VW won't bring the Amarok and Ford won't bring the global Ranger to the U.S. because they don't think it will sell! It would if they had the balls to bring them.

I would put it in the corner too! Lol

Considering where the Fit is parked in the corner, doesn't look like Honda had much room for anything.

Shame on honda for not folowing through on their 3.5 diesel plans for the ridgeline. In 2005 I traded my 1 year old silverado for a ridgeline for fuel economy and reliability. I am constantly towing my boat and landscaping trailer and miss the low rpm torque of the v-8 chevy. Now i'm looking to buy a bigger boat and think it may be too much for the ridgeline @ highway speeds in new engand hills. @50 k miles the truck is like brand new still. BUT WHERES THE TORQUE?

I love all the Hondas I've owned including my current Civic but the Ridgeline was a failure for 3 reasons:
1. It's ugly
2. It's realy ugly
3. It's godawful ugly

I don't think its all that ugly, myself. Actually its kinda nice to look at. I'd totally buy one, I think...maybe.

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