The Largest Pickup Truck At SEMA: Dunkel Industries Luxury 4x4

Dunkel Industries Luxury 4x4

The SEMA Show is smaller this year than in years past, but the trucks keep on growing. Check out Dunkel Industries’ Luxury 4x4 – the largest pickup truck we’ve ever seen at SEMA. It’s 8.5 feet wide, 32 feet long and almost 12 feet tall!

The Dunkel 4x4 is an RV and pickup fused together. It’s built on a Ford F-650/F-750 chassis with a bed that’s big enough to fit a full-size car with room on the top for dirtbikes. There’s no need to tow a trailer!



i love the KTM on top.

Cool beast!

Lots more photos at:

and yet still gets 50MPG on the freeway. What a wonder of engineering!


halo halo halo...................................

It's gi'normous

Im pretty sure its considered an RV to some people

My PP is too big to drive that thing.

Where can I buy one? I want it now.

@Stegan: Dont forget your checkbook. I hear its about $250K.

It sure is one hell of a "RV" and you have to admit that it is very cool BUT I was on another site and it stated that the cost is $650.000.00, okay ,but it was advertised in the Dupont Registry (Feb 2010) for $300,000.00 ,big jump and also to me with all due respect for the amount of money they want for this rig the ramp set-up for loading up a jeep or whatever seems mickey mouse,you have to manhandle the seperate ramps into position.

one of the dumbest things I had seen a SEMA. the inside was a joke too. wasted space and a waste of tires and fuel. useless and poorly made.

I saw it too and it was a joke. lots of hideously wasted space and not very well built. they havent sold a one even now. it is for the two owners to try to meet chicks. at every show I see them they are always trying to get in the pants of one trollop or another with no success of that either. they take these little bimbos to lunch at one of the show restaurants and then sit there all starry eyed and try to mesmerize the chick and these guys are old skanks themselves. really pathetic guys with a desperate attempt to get noticed. well you have been noticed and we see you doing the above described at every show. now go build a truck worth a crap and you actually might get laid as even the stupid bimbos see what you are up to.

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