Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2-liter V-8 Power Ratings Announced

Raptor 6.2-liter V-8

If the 320-horsepower, 5.4-liter V-8 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor isn't enough to get your Baja mojo running, Ford has announced the official power ratings for the upcoming 6.2-liter V-8 version: 411 hp and 434 lbs.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful half-ton pickup.

The two-valve single-overhead cam (SOHC) large displacement 6.2-liter V-8 features two spark plugs per cylinder, a cast-iron engine block and aluminum cylinder heads. It also features a cast-iron crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods and cast-aluminum pistons.

The new 6.2-liter V-8, formerly known as the Boss engine -- and the Hurricane before that -- will find its way under the hood of the 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickups, and is likely to also find its way into other F-150 models beyond the Raptor's off-road niche.

6.2-liter equipped Raptors can be ordered starting December 1, with a starting MSRP of $41,995 - $3,000 more than the 5.4-liter Raptor's starting price - and the first trucks should be jumping whoops in the hands of consumers by February 2010.

Raptor 6.2-liter V-8 Power Figures Announced


Good Job Ford. 411/434 on reg gas is better than GMs 6.2L @ 403/417 on premium fuel. On reg octane they are @ 384 hp...

Hopefully it will be available in other F150s very soon... I am sick of waiting for the 5.4 to be gone! I would be very tempted to get this in an F150 Lariat. I wonder if the Super Duty will have the same power and torque.

That should be one awesome combo. Congrats to Ford. They'll sell 'em all. I just couldn't wait. Not too sad I didn't, but I'll still be a little jealous.

Well at least pound for pound it is compairable with the HEMI.

The 6.2 has 66.3 HP per liter and 70 ft.lbs per liter.

The 5.7 HEMI has 68.4HP per liter and 71 ft.lbs per liter.

It will probably out perform the HEMI, but for a newer engine, cubic in. for cubic in. still can't quite run with the big dog.

big dog? horespower isnt everything, look at the torque WILL outperform the ol pushrod "HEMI" heck the gutless 5.4 can outperform the HEMI if you get rid of the conservative factory tune...

Will the 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickups have the same numbers?

Is this on 87 octane?

What I would like to know is if the Raptor R truck has a 6.2L V8 at 500HP, what is the difference between that engine and this one with only 411HP...?

I traded my 06 FX-4 5.4L in July... it really is a weak stock motor, even with 3.73 gearing. I would honestly describe it as "adequate."
They all have "conservative" factory tunes...

...Gas mileage? Hate to be the conservative one but it'd be nice to see it comparable to the 5.4

gas mileage is "as good" as 5.4L. Not bad with 101hp bonus

eh the 6.1 HEMI has 425hp and 425lbs of torque...smaller engine and older engine but making basically the same just needs to put em in the rams

really you think the 6.1 will out perform this? this is tuned for truck useage..think if ford but DOCH heads on it for performance tuning? you would be over 450 alone and probably 500 lb ft. and with new tuning and intake and headers (Like the 6.1 comes with) your taking close to 500hp if not more

Oh yes the Hemi 6.1, so much smaller than the Ford 6.2! The Hemi 6.1 is just a compact, lightweight fuel efficient high tech engine LOL.
Hmmm but which one would I bet both my legs to get that similar power and torque, using less fuel? - which is what it's all about. Since the Hemi 5.7 in the Charger and 300C get 22mpg on the highway, I am not having much hope for the 6.1 in the Ram! Perhaps this is why Dodge doesn't offer this engine in a Ram.
Oh here we go... Jeep SRT-8. Doesn't tow, doesn't have 4x4. But it's the closest proof we have here. 11 City / 14 Hwy. Excellent! I can keep both my legs! :)

I hope they put this engine in the 2011 harley f150 i have a 08 harley f150 be looking to replace it next year. That 6.2 has nice numbers be able to keep up to my sisters foose f150

Anyone catch rpms of RWD 3.5L EcoBoost peak #s?

6.2L V8
Max HP - 411 @ 5500 rpm
Max Torque - 434 @ 4500 rpm

6.8L V10
Max HP - 362 @ 4750 rpm
Max Torque - 457 @ 3250 rpm

RWD 3.5L EB V6
Max HP - 400 @ ???? rpm
Max Torque - 400 @ ???? rpm


The Hemi 6.1L requires PREMIUM FUEL. In addition, the fuel economy is crap. Granted its very strong internally and can handle boost well, it is a very poor choice for truck duty due to the inherent pre-detonation threshold being slimmer. There is a reason that it only finds its way in to the Charger/300/Challenger. They are much lighter and don't tow. Most knock occurs at lower rpms under high load.

The Ford 6.2L doesn't require premium fuel and has boat loads more low end torque. You know... The thing that most pushrod engines lack compared to modern OHC designs.

Toyota, Nissan, and Ford all make more torque, and specifically more low end torque than anything Dodge or GM have at simular displacements. That said, don't give me any crap about the block being physically smaller. These engines are designed specifically for trucks with huge engine bays.

I'm not a Ford fanboy by any means, but I have to give credit where it is due in the face of obnoxious Dodge owners touting the merits of their Hemi with a narrow torque band. Does it feel good to know that the government owns the brand you drive? In fact, Chysler had so much trouble making a nice passenger car that they had left over parts and designed the new rear suspension for the Ram.

Ford just posted a 1 billion dollar profit WITHOUT government help and was the first American automaker to do so since the recession.

That said, Hurah for the new Ford 6.2L that has made 700 horse in a N/A 7.0L version. The future looks bright for this engine and the company that designed it.

The stock I bought at $3.00 a share feels pretty darn good right about now.

The hell with that 6.2 gimmie back the 7.0L 429 or the 7.5L 460. Man I miss my 460, this piece of S@#t 5.4 i have has no guts

The 460 had 245HP in its final year! Woohooo!! Power!!! and 10mpg! Yes, bring it back! please! (not)

The raptor does not fit my needs and the 5.4L imo needs to go it just doesnt have the pickup when I tow. When and if they put this engine in all F150 models I will add the F150 to my list when I test drive all the trucks when the time comes when I will be buying a new one.

You nailed it Alex. That cracks me up. 245 whoppin horsepower. The 5.4's a freakin' POWERHOUSE compared to the 460 AND the 454! People are spoiled these days indeed. People who say the 5.4's no good either aren't driving one or don't have a proper reference to go by. The 5.4's still the base engine for the Superduty and does just fine.

@Huck BB62

I have driven the 5.4 I don't make opinions just on what I read but what I have driven as well. The engine just doesnt work for me.

No one would believe that you've driven since you state that it's a POS with no guts. That statement's ludicrous and untrue. The 5.4 is still the base engine in the Superduty and will tow heavy loads reliably, does it all of the time. To say it's gutless not true by anyone's standard. Is the 5.4 a hotrod? Hardly. It is peppy, it does move the truck with authority. I've driven my Raptor hard offroad. It has a button. It's offroad mode. It makes the 5.4 perform absolutely perfectly for the truck. You also turn off the nanny traction control. Does anyone wonder why that is? To keep from spinning the tires. Strange how that works. The truck has six speeds. The tranny keeps the engine right in the power band. The 5.4's torque curve is a very GOOD truck power curve. In summary, the engine certainly is no POS. It certainly has guts. A 6.2 will not get you more towing capacity in a Raptor, it's limited by the soft suspension and large tires. I guarantee you that the 5.4 Raptor would do an offroad course at nearly the same speed as a 6.2. Testing will tell. If you hammer the 5.4 in offroad mode in the dirt, the tires spin. Where's more horsepower going to help?

On the road, where the 6.2 can hook up, that's where it will shine over the 5.4. There and only there.

While I agree with your 5.4L analysis completely I have one comment:

"If you hammer the 5.4 in offroad mode in the dirt, the tires spin. Where's more horsepower going to help?"

You'll spin much, much faster and get a little extra pull coming out of the corner. Or it might get to that spinning point sooner....

I have an 06 F-150 with the 5.4. I love this motor. It pulls hard and gets great mileage doing it. I had an 07 siverado with the 6.0 and what a piece of crap that was. I get better mileage pulling my 28 foot travel trailer with my 5.4 than I did empty with the chev. I will miss the 5.4. It is a torquey motor.

Well, I can agree with that Power Kid, so it comes down to useage. I simply don't have the open real estate to need that extra whoomp then. Perhaps that's why I don't get it. Despite how awesome the Raptor is, even with the 5.4, one is going faster than any other pickup truck offroad, and I'll say it, faster than even the Raptor is capable of handling, VERY quickly. I guess that's what's driving my comments here. The truck has it's limitations. Those limitations are exceeded quickly, because face it, it doesn't have four feet of travel like a race truck. The race truck can handle going twice as fast, the stock truck can not. Folks, don't get me wrong, I love my Raptor. Was it to burn up today, I'd place an order for another, but seriously, there's only a few times when you can really open it up, even with the 5.4 and not be either over your head offroad, or into serious felony speeding territory on the road. It's a huge point accumulator and insurance hit to spin the tires, it's called exhibition of speed. The 5.4 can do it, barely on dry sticky pavement, but off road, it can roast dirt.

The 6.2, on the Raptor, is a sales tool. It's "neat" and "fun" but not the boon it would be to say, a 3/4 ton that needs gobs of power for a heavy trailer. How useful is it on the Raptor? Kinda. Fun? Oh yeah! I envy the guys that'll have them. I wanted a Raptor and instead of humpin' my pillow for four months, I'm drivin' and playing in the best pickup truck available.

Again, the 5.4 is a great motor. My reason for all the posts is that I'm not very tolerant for the completely inaccurate posts that say that it's junk and weak. Far from the truth, it's actually an extremely good fit for a short truck that won't tow very much, EVER in it's lifetime especially with the awesome six speed transmission and off road programming.

Spinning your tires offroad is usually a liability not a benefit. Spinning means a loss of traction = loss of foreward velocity. Spining tires may also mean a deeper hole to get out from. There are times spinning the wheels in a controlled fashion can help. You can negotiate a tight corner faster by powersliding through it flat track style. A bit of wheel spin can also help keep the RPM a bit higher so once you exit the corner and hook up you'll accellerate faster. These techniques generally have no room for error and are best left for "closed course competition" ie. race track.
An extremely powerful motor can adversely affect handling and the suspension . The extra power can overwhelm tires, apply torsional loads to the frame,and 'load" the suspension.

Huck, have you driven your Raptor in deep sand like you'd at the sand dunes? Sand sucks horsepower. Even my buddy's Ram 1500 with the 5.7L Hemi (345hp) felt taxed in the deep, soft stuff. I can almost guarentee that if a 5.4L Raptor and 6.2L Raptor raced around a course that features a lot of deep sand, the 6.2L would have a significant advantage and lap times would reflect that advantage.

And yes, I've spent more than my fair share of time at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

lol at all the 5.4L humpers. The 5.4 is a dog in 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton configurations. Its a good engine, its just down on hp and tq compaired to the competiton. Look at the last 1/2 ton comparison 2 seconds slower to 60 than the competiton. Like i said its not a bad engine, its just being substantially out gunned. The 4 years too late 6.2 should solve this issue.

On a side note, i would have picked up a new f150 in 05 had i not driven the hemi ram first. the Ford felt even more like a slug after drivng the hemi.

It is great to read all the posts about people that are like me and have been waiting for several years for Ford to catch up to the competition in engine specs. I am excited to see the 6.2 and the specs that come from the motor release. I loved my 4.6 once I replaced everything from the air intake, fuel intake, headers, exauhst, and chipped it. My father has a 5.4 and I can smoke him with my 4.6 in my 02 ext. cab 4x4. I am waiting to trade to see if Ford offers the 6.2 in the standard F. 150's. It would be sweet to be able to get the 6.2 in an FX4 4 door F. 150.

On a second note has anyone heard much information on the 3.5 and the new 5.0 motors for the F. 150 both are estimated to give at least 400 HP 400 Torque. Not to mention Ford's release of the new 6.7 Diesel for the super duty, this motor is made and designed by Ford as well.

Before I make my decision I will be watching how these motors perform. We will be watching you Ford keep up the good work!

Dude i like it but ITS NOT SUPERCHARGED
they have the svt lightning, supercharged harley davidson, and the Saleen sc'ed harley, roush etc etc

all these are supercharged, THROW A SUPERCHARGER with the price of 40,000 and id do it.
The truck is going to loose 10k once you buy it

Did somebody say HEMI? is that company still around? for how much longer? the only question I have is this "will the dodge truck be made in china, or Korea. If in china will they paint it with lead based paint, or will it be radio active? hell folks the only way a Dodge truck out runs even a Chevy is with a gob of after market parts, Nother question knowing the way the after market manufacture's are, will they continue to build parts for the doomed truck as it market shrivels up and dries out hmmmm Im gonna buy 2 just so the poor fool that blew his truck up trying to keep up with me has something to drive home in lol wow what a nice guy I am and I'll even take pics so he has something to show his buds FOLLOW THE LEADER BOYS, HE'S DRIVING A FORD

looks like this is the motor that will put Ford on top of the horsepower wars. I LIKE IT !

I'm excited about the new 6.2. I think and hope it will be a great motor for what ever Ford truck its in. I don't really think there is much wrong with the 5.4 I know lots of people with them (both 150 & 250) that tell me they are a good motor they use it to pull day in and day out just like I do my '99 4.6. I have driven a few 5.4s (not loaded) and I thought they drove good and have been thinking about buyin one but like most of you have decided to wait and see what happens with the 6.2

All this yacking back and forth with the you really think Ford would go through all the trouble of designing, testing this engine if it was a boat anchor like the 460 was. I doubt it.............the Raptor with that 6.2 will be a rocket, if you want more power, go hang a blower on it!!!!
Ford is on a good thing here, what other company has the balls to put a truck in production like this????

The article says delivery by February 2010. but yet those of us that have ordered them have heard nothing about delivery dates. I wondering if has anymore information about the production of the 6.2L Raptors. Ford certainly doesn't

its not so much how much torque you make its more in where you make it, now i test drove all 5 , f15, tundra,titan.ram silverado and i agree the 5.4 does not have the high rpm hp but if you want to rip the azzhole out of an elephant at about 2000 rpm thats your motor


i like all the fools who do not realize the triton in the f-250 is not the same piss powered crapfactory in the f-150's

Forget putting these into Regular F-150's. Supercharge it and BRING BACK THE LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!

I have a 2004 F150 4x4 with the 4.6L 292hp and 230 ftlbs. And with the torque coming on strong at 2200rpm thats enough power for what I do.

I have a 2004 F150 4x4 with the 4.6L 292hp and 230 ftlbs. And with the torque coming on strong at 2200rpm thats enough power for what I do.

OOps got that backwards 232hp and 292 ftlbs torque

Where can I get a 6.2 L fender badge ?

I got mine 1st of june and it is an incredible truck. I can tow a 7000 pound trailer at 10-11 MPG and go play in the desert. Ford hit this one spot on!!! The 6.2L is far superior to any other v-8 out there. Oh and we are getting 16 MPG on the highway unloaded.

I test drove a 2011 F-250 Superduty Crew Cab short bed, 4x4 this last weekend! It had the 6.2L V-8 6-speed torqueshift auto.
It ROCCCCCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was doing 90mph by the time I got off the off ramp onto the interstate! In the Raptor it is rated at 411Hp and 434 ft/ld of torque, in the Superduty it is rated at 385 Hp and 405 ft/lb of torque, but with it's 3.90:1 first gear ratio and 4.30:1 Rear Locking Differential, it will pull a fart out of a Nat's Ass Sideways!!!

By the way, the 426 Hemi was rated at 425Hp then Ford came out with the 427 SOHC rated at 635 Hp, with that said the 6.2L Ford V-8 is conservative, but has much greater potential than the 6.1L Hemi

I love the F-150, and I'm sure the 5.4 is a great engine, but I also agree that it is simply outgunned. I've been looking for a tow vehicle for my heavily modified Jeep, and after driving a Tundra with that sweet 5.7, it's really tough to consider Ford's 5.4. I mean, more HP and a lot more torque at about the same gas mileage. I'm holding off, waiting for Ford's 6.2; it looks like it will compete well with Tundra's 5.7 - finally!

VERNON and all you other rice burner lovers... you say; "I am sure the 5.4 is a great engine" that tells me you didn't even try it! Then you have the gull to cut it down against a tundra... I would love to see your tundra hooked bumper to bumper with an F150 5.4L... The extreme humor about that is the fact that the ford will tow you all over the parking lot while you spin your wheels trying to slow it down. Rice burners are no match for American power. Go American, support your country!
Additionally, we all know Ford didn't take any stimulus funds. However, Toyota DID: from Japan a small 2 billion US dollars, which is a group for Japan considerring the exchange rate!
Stay on topic Vernon, this is an American truck/engine comparison leave the boys(rice burner trucks) in the garage they can't compete with the big dogs! Especially don't comment if you are so clueless about the capabilities of a 5.4, which far exceed anything Toyota puts out!
I own a F150 Lightning and I have yet to be beaten by anything in the rice burner category. I have been bested by vipers and Bently coupes, but NEVER by any rice burners! They do try but come short every time! And yes I would gladly hookup bumper to bumper with you! Guarantee my 5.4 will dessimate your whimpy 5.7!

Proud Ford Owner
Proud American Supporter!

Um...excuse me, but my Tundra was built in San Antonio Texas by American citizens with 85% American parts. I have compressors, generators, hand tools, 4 passengers, a 12' x 6' enclosed trailer with a Hustler zero turn mower and 5 gas powered weed eaters in it. I used my gps to clock my speed uphill at 109 mph. I used a 5.4 litre f-150 and couldnt get past 85 mph. Stop being racist. And speaking of races how is toyota doing in the NASCAR truck series?

Ford has made a break,but all and I mean all of
the engines have super chargers on them...
Pony for pony the ram puts out alote more.
P.S you can order the SRT8 package like me
it cost but its worth it.

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