First Look: Toyota Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater by Brooks & Dunn

Toyota Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater

Looking for the ultimate tailgater truck? Toyota says it’s created just that rig. The Midnight Rider Tundra Tailgater is the Tundra pickup we told you about several weeks ago, and it’s been created as a tribute to the country music duo of Brooks & Dunn.

The Tundra Tailgater started as a two-wheel drive 5.7-liter CrewMax Limited. To turn it into a pre-concert or game truck, Toyota worked with the B.A.D. Company to add a slide-out tailgate and cargo box that houses a Grill N Chill cooking space with countertops, infrared barbeque, beverage tap and ice chest.

It doesn’t stop with the portable kitchen. A 42-inch flat-screen TV and Kicker sound system also sits in the bed. The sound system features a dual subwoofer system and a separate amp, four two-way speakers with tweeters and separate crossovers, and dual two-channel amps with separate equalizers and speaker control units.

Toyota Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater

On the outside, the Midnight Rider Tundra features a black metallic paint job. The exterior is accented by custom western-engraved silver door handles that look like giant belt buckles, a front grille adorned with a chrome Brooks & Dunn logo steer skull, a chrome-accented steer skull tailgate handle, and a hand-tooled black saddle leather-trim tonneau cover surrounded with custom Brooks & Dunn silver conchos, all created by noted silversmith, artist and horseman, Clint Mortenson of Mortenson Silver & Saddles. Also added is a Brooks & Dunn license plate frame recognizing 20 years of making music. The exterior is topped off with 20-inch Mickey Thompson “Classic Lock” polished aluminum wheels with 35-inch Mickey Thompson “Claw” off-road tires, Bushwacker bolt-on fender flares, a three-inch suspension lift, and Toyota accessorized chrome tube steps.

Inside, the seats have been trimmed in black leather and silver accents. Also added is a hand-tooled silver cupholder faceplate and custom saddle horn shift knob highlighted with a silver cap. The interior features a Toyota navigation system and rear seat entertainment. The audio system was upgraded with Kicker speakers including one subwoofer, one two-way speaker with separate tweeter crossover in each door, four more separate tweeters mounted throughout the cab, and three amps with an equalizer.

Toyota Tundra Midnight Rider Tailgater


A Toyota with conchos. Who'da thunk it! Now THIS is a purpose built rig! I'm trying to grasp the offroad stuff bolted on though. It's eluding my imaginational capabilities. Sure is flashy though. Big old pot of gumbo, beer, and a big screen. That'll do nicely!

Nice to see Brooks and Dunn supporting the "American Built" companies like Chrysler, Ford & GM. I'll have to remember to NOT buy their disks from now on.

I agree with much for supportin wonder we went into a recession...not impressed with Brooks & Dunn

I support Brooks and Dunn, at least hes supports the hard working Americans that go to work everyday at the plant in Texas.

i second John, the plant is in San Antonio Texas and i support them 100% in what they are doing, and amazing truck with an amazing stance. and its japenease desgined, but built in texas.

I guess that is why Toyota is facing a mandatory recall on a majority of their Tundra's for rusting frames.. Japanese designed indeed.

It was designed by americans who work work for Toyota, I don't think you can even buy a Tundra in Japan.

There goes that whole buy domestic argument again......

This is what "The Business Insider" had to say about a car's nationality....

Toyota: America's Car Company (TM)
Joe Weisenthal|Jul. 5, 2009, 9:38 AM | 3,390 | 23
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TM Oct 30 2009, 06:40 PM EDT

A new study from sheds light on the absurdity of thinking cars have a "nationality."
When you consider that even a post-bailout GM will expand its use of foreign labor, it shouldn't be that hard to understand how an "American" car isn't really so, just because its maker was founded in Detroit.
And more generally, there seems to be little reason to think that American cars are really more American in any metrics that matter: Namely, labor and parts inputs.
According to the new survey, the most American car in America is the Toyota Camry, containing the highest percentage of American inputs, even surpassing the Ford F-150. Actually, Toyota utterly dominates the top 10 list, with a Honda thrown in for good measure.
Now some might object to this, saying that even though these cars are "made-in-America", the value still flows overseas, but really, even that's not right. Toyota still pays taxes in America. Its stock is traded in the US, and is no doubt owned by individual retail accounts and mutual funds.
If you insist on coming up with some definition of "American" that limits that moniker to the Big Three, we suppose it's this: Only Chrysler, Ford and GM have the political clout to win a bailout if needed. We really can't imagine Toyota or Honda receiving so much political support. Of course, this is a circular definition that still doesn't say much, but it's the best you can do.

I think a lot of people who stick to the dometic argument are in denile, the facts are thier but they use the argument as a cruch, their afraid their might be a truck out thier thats better then thiers is and they don't want to hear about it. Their the same people you probably see shopping at Wal-Mart buying foreign made goods.

Hey Michelle
A little eye opener for you today. Here is a little fact for you. That truck... TOYOTA.. I hate to break the news to you but it was made in in the USA!!! Where is your so called America made cars? Chrysler, Ford & GM.. ALL have run away to Mexico and Canada and left you still fighting for a brand that has abandon you. Chevrolet is no longer the heartbeat of America. Check your facts before you say. I don't like it myself but facts is facts. I don't think Brooks and Dunn will run off to another country to make music.

Dont hate because u dont have what they have fu*k ford gm and chevy the dug their own whole pluse toyotas have the best miles per galan why doesnt US companys do that hu. main point dont hate because you dont have it. that truck is awsome!!!!!!!!!!

"pluse toyotas have the best miles per galan why doesnt US companys do that hu"

Are you for real!? English as a second language perhaps? Talking about facts and such, where do you get off touting the Tundra has the best fuel economy.

2010 2WD Toyota Tundra 5.7L 6-spd - 14city / 18 HWY
2010 2WD GMC Sierra 5.3L 6 spd - 15city / 21 HWY


Why would the word "TRUCK" and "TOYota" even show up in the same sentence? Objectively speaking, I test drove several trucks recently as I was in the market for a new truck, the Toyota, and Nissan's were both dissappointing, drove like a car, and even more closely resembled one inside, not to mention they were quite a bit more money over the big three offerings. The two in the close match for me were the Ford F-250 Super Duty, and the Silverado 2500HD, the Chev won in the end due to the purchase incentives and cash back - may the best truck win.

Every place I go that even mentions a Toyota Tundra sparks this debate over what is the most "American" truck. Michelle, I'm sure you didn't mean to start all this but it is a shame that you would decide to not buy a Brooks & Dunn CD just because of a show truck that was built as a tribute to them. Seems to be a dumb reason not to like them. If you just don't like their style of country music that might go over better when making comments. To all the others making comments about the Toyota Tundra or any other so-called foreign automobile...Wake up! If you had any understanding about what being American is you wouldn't make such idiotic comments. This great country is only what the people make it to be. The soil we farm on, build on, dig in, bleed, and sweat in was not called "America" until the people from foreign countries came here and made it to be what it is today. You should be proud to know that the Toyota Tundra is being built here in this awesome country by your fellow Americans who do so to take care of their families and live the AMERICAN DREAM. I've driven a Ford, a Chevy, a Dodge, and currently a Toyota truck. And guess what... I've felt American in every one. Each truck has it's pros and cons. The Tundra is just the best choice for me and my family and it's the one I particularly liked the best. But I say to each his own. If you like Ford then drive your Ford proud. Same to the Chevy and Dodge owners. If you think your ride is better than the others that's cool. Guess what the other owners may feel the same. That's your right but stop trying to make an argument of what's the most American truck because no one will ever win that battle unless they built the damn thing in their garage with every nut, bolt, and piece of steel made in America. Go ahead and try it. Buy every item down to the last screw in America and build it yourself. Then you might have the most American truck on your hands but remember when you go to crank that baby up... your key chain is probably Made in China!

i will own it one one day
say u love it

i will own it one one day
say u love it

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