First Look: Toyota Tundra Hot Rod at SEMA

Toyota Tundra Hot Rod at SEMA

Behold, the Toyota Tundra Hot Rod that we’ve been previewing over the past several weeks.

Toyota says “the growing popularity of retro/old school hot rods in the aftermarket inspired the company to take a regular cab Tundra work truck and transform it into a classic American hot rod.”

Toyota created the retro Tundra with custom motorcycle maker Sucker Punch Sally’s and Fender Guitars.

The exterior features Candy Red Hotrod flames, Bonneville Moon hubcaps, a custom Cherry Bomb exhaust and a custom 1950s Toyota logo in the grille.

Toyota Tundra Hot Rod at SEMA

Inside, the Tundra Hot Rod features Fender Guitar custom radio knobs and a custom leather bench seat, plus a custom headliner, dash pad and red carpeting.

The cargo box has been refinished with a curly maple wood-covered floor and bed rails and aluminum side panels.

Toyota’s partnerships with Sucker Punch Sally’s and Fender Guitar will allow the Tundra Hot Rod to be seen after the 2009 SEMA Show by a wide range of audiences at a minimum of 55 consumer events over the next year.Behold, the Toyota Tundra Hot Rod that we’ve been previewing over the past several weeks.

Toyota Tundra Hot Rod at SEMA


I'm sorry but besides the seats the whole truck is just hokey.

Most of the Toyota concepts at this SEMA show ive seen so far are are the most ridiculously useless and stupid concepts. Except the Tacoma TX which seems cool.

All terrain gamer? Seriously? LMFAO. Cause we all want to drive into the middle of no where to play video games when our couches are in the next room.

The Hot Rod Tundra is also the stupidest thing ever? A hot rod truck is a stretch to say the least. Now make the truck a Toyota and I'll ask what kinda drugs you were on when you came up with that? I take two of what ever they were on.

Toyota, KISS. keep it simple stupid. Tough and durable off-road capable trucks the eat trails up!! Why no diesel concept? Probably the EPA bullshit emissions standards. Toyota's best truck and engine's (diesel of course) arent available here in the U.S. The Hilux with its diesel engines, we cant get :( Just saying.

It should be lowered a bit maybe 3-4 inches to give it a better look

A poor attempt at re-creating the 50's rat rod look. Come-on, it's a 2010 Toyota, not a 1950 chevy looks like it was painted with a rattle can and the cherry bomb muffler is a sad add-on. There will be classic hot rods at the show and this ain't one of them. could have done so much better!

It's a very cool looking truck, but Toyota doesn't have the "history" to call it a hotrod. To me, hotrods are from the 50's and back. The 60's and the early 70's we the era of the muscle car. These two era's are pretty much the exclusive domain of the US. Pickups have also been traditionally a US phenomenon. I think Toyota tries too hard to out "American" the American automakers. I think this was the mistake they made with the Tundra - too big and too bold. The Tacoma has nice proportions but not the Tundra. I'd still consider a Tundra based on Toyota's reputation for reliability ( despite the negative publicity around rusty frames).

Take off your Yota goggles. It does not look cool at all. The gamer Taco (which I said I did not get) looks cool. This one looks really lame.

I agree with Garett, only the Tacoma TX seems to be right idea. First off on this truck, the Cherry Bomb muffler looks like it is hanging on for dear life. Moon caps were not cool then and are not cool now (IMO) a classic set of Fuchs 5 spokes or hell even Cragers would look better. I do like the classic Toyota emblem on the grille, but why not carry it on the steering wheel. And please, flat black, matte black or "murdered out" paint is played out. It is an annoying trend that I hope will dry a quick death.

I used to see many hotrods with "moon" hub caps. I still see pictures of Bonneville saltflat rods with moon caps similar to this truck. Cragar wheels not Crager (unless there is a company called Crager) were big in the late 60's and early '70's muscle car era. I agree that the flat black paint trend has been overdone. The "add on" cherry bombs is a look that they wanted. I used to see that sort of thing as well on some rods.
I'm not quite sure what Yota goggles are!
Is that something rational people get when they think that there is iron worth driving beyond what the Detriot automakers build??
I get the impression that there wasn't a person on this blog that got beyond the first 6 words of my initial post. Like I said before - Toyota tries too hard to out "American" the American automakers. I think this was the mistake they made with the Tundra.

You are right, I didn't read your post, rather the article and then commented on the article. Yes, "moon" hub caps were popular, but I stated that IMO it does not complement the truck.
This has nothing to do with the Tundra itself. I have driven the new Tundra and found the truck to be a very strong full contender.

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