First Look: Toyota Tacoma TX Project Vehicle at SEMA


Take a good look at the Tacoma TX show truck: If you like what you see, there’s a good chance you could buy a Tacoma similarly outfitted and dressed in the near future.

“The goal of the TX is to use SEMA as a platform to test an accessory package we’re hoping to go to market with,” said David Williams, a Toyota marketing planner. “We’re looking for feedback about not just the vehicle itself, but also the graphics we’ve added.”

The TX stands for Tacoma Xtreme. Toyota is going with an acronym instead of full lettering to keep the design look and feel simple and uncluttered.


The artwork on the TX presents two different personalities. The passenger-side graphics, called TX Pro, were inspired by male Tacoma buyers in the 18-35 age range that like to attend events like rock concerts and off-road races. It features hipsterish/Abercrombie & Fitch graphics with distressed lettering and griffin and star icons.

“The TX Pro is a more youthful, high energy package,” Williams said. “This side is meant to represent what these drivers are into. The ‘Pro’ name gives the truck more of an edge.”

The driver-side graphic, called Tacoma TX2, emphasize the Tacoma’s PreRunner TRD heritage. It’s cleaner and more understated than the art on the other side of the truck.


“We did something that’s more in synch with the TRD brand and its heritage,” Williams said. “The ‘2’ in TX represents that’s it’s a two-wheel drive PreRunner. If we did a four-wheel driver version, it would be a TX4.”

The TX started as a Tacoma Double Cab V-6 PreRunner that’s been accessorized with TRD 16 x7.5-inch off road bead lock style wheels (that you can buy today), black tube steps, and a prototype bed extender, that’s designed and built by Amp Research. The trick design feature of the extender is its elongated shape, so you can still fit a dirt bike or two in the back of the Tacoma’s 5-foot cargo box with the tailgate down.

Other new hardware includes cadmium plated Bilstein 5100 Series shocks. They’re the only suspension tweaks to the truck and represent new dampers that TRD is developing. They raise the front of the Tacoma up a few inches, so it has more of a PreRunner stance and off-road rake.


TRD has also added a TRD cat back exhaust to give the Tacoma TX a tough exhaust note.

“We really want to hear what both SEMA attendees and the media have to say about the Tacoma TX,” Williams said.

Toyota used a similar approach to clinic the Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior edition half-ton pickup and that truck has been in production since 2009. Toyota is definitely listening to opinions about this truck.

We vote in for the TX2 side of the truck.



I also vote for the TX2 side of the truck.

Love the Pro name giving it an "edge" and the beadlock "style" rims. Back in my surfing days, this kind of person would be called a hodad. Now, poser. But that abercrumbie&fitz thing should sell some of these! (just gotta poke fun at it, it is pretty amusing after all)

After reviewing this latest crop of concept trucks from Toyota, I think they hired the same bunch of PR hacks that drove GM and Chrysler into oblivion. They are fantasizing within their simplistic minds what the market wants or needs. You've missed. The executives that believed and signed off on this designed dribble should be fired. Is Toyota run by yes men no. ". . . Hot Rod", ". . . XBox anywhere" and ". . . TX font style = edgy" Pluueeze

It looks very nice.Thank a lot...

Nice car.After reviewing this latest crop of concept trucks from Toyota, I think they hired the same bunch of PR hacks that drove GM and Chrysler into oblivion.

This car is very nice, i love it.

problem with thise is i dont like it im 20 its lame in my opinion bevause well the logos tacky looks stupid color is awesome plus with all this avery litnd little tires with this style rims actracting very little percent of people to buy tell you what put the 5.7 in this tacoma with a 6 speed manual and you got me sold not just me lots of people would love a v8 these newer tacos are heavy the 4.0 is great but like this is target for younger guys and girls wanting speed put a i force in it it has room ive seen those engine bays

I'm old but always looking for something unique in the vehicle. Doesn't do much for me and I don't think it will impress the younger generation. The graphics are OK but could be much better. Needs bigger rims and tires and color key the vehicle as an option without the hood scoop. Have driven Tacoma PreRunners for years. On my fifth one. What needs to be done is get rid of the hood scoop unless you can make it functional, color key without the scoop, add some power seats, navigation system as options, keep the tires big 18 to 20 inch, not 16, add some better looking rims, and don't forget that there are plenty of us oldies that like the truck also. Talk to owners and review your surveys and you will find what we are looking for.

this is bad ass i vote for the tx4 emblem instead of the tx pro but the only mod i would make is pust a flowmaster 40 in and a super X design exhaust that comes out in dual ports at angles just inside the back bumbers

This comment is for Xenonbulb, if you want speed then go buy a corvette or tundra. I like the 4.0 it's not slow neither it's fast but enough to get the job done, plus I don't want a truck that burns fuel. I am 23 and got rid off my mustang to get 2005 tacoma and i love it.

Nice car, 4x4 off road, love the vinyls on the doors, the off road lighting would look great there too!

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