First Look: Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Off-Road Concept At SEMA

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Off-Road Concept

Last week, we caught a brief glimpse of the 'Chevrolet Silverado Baja Off-Road Version' project vehicle. Now we know the details from the SEMA show floor in Las Vegas.

It’s called the Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 concept, resurrecting the legendary GM in-house component code that changed the old S-Series compact pickups and Blazer SUVs into toughened off-road trucks. ZR2 trucks featured a wider track, upgraded suspension, extra skid plates, and 31-inch tires for improved ground clearance.

The Silverado ZR2 is based on an extended cab/short box body pickup and it previews a possible look for a facelifted Chevy half-ton and more, according to Dave Ross, GM design manager for special build.

“The ZR2 is a vision model for a possible future Silverado off-road truck,” said Ross. “It’s also demonstrates alternative ways we can reduce mass to improve fuel economy and its styling cues, like the front end, may be used in the future.”

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Off-Road Concept

The Silverado ZR2 features extensive use of carbon fiber, to help achieve some of the weight savings goals. Its includes carbon fiber fender flares that stretch outward to cover the 35-inch-tall Goodyear Wrangler MT/R off-road tires, 20-inch BBS RD wheels and widened stance. Much of the truck’s body is made of carbon fiber, including the front fenders, extractor-style hood, rocker extensions and tailgate, which features large, debossed Chevrolet lettering as a nod to Chevy trucks of the past. A four-inch lift kit to help negotiate those desert trails.

Under its hood is a 550-horsepower LS supercharged crate engine from GM Performance Parts.

The interior features more carbon fiber details on the dash, along with black leather and suede-trimmed seats with contrasting stitching to those trail runs more comfortable.

But is the Silverado ZR2 Chevrolet’s response to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor?

“We’re always looking at the competition,” said Ross. “We think this is a more realistic design that better suits a wider variety of tasks that trucks are used for. We’ve been thinking about this truck for quite some time.”

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Off-Road Concept


I'm sorry. This looks kinda dumb. First off, ZR2 brings back some sad memories for me. ZR2 was nothing truly special. This truck doesn't look like a stunner either. The front and rear ends (especially the front) look pretty bad. The exhaust is the only cool thing. The lift looks really cheap, like some city boy trying to look badass or something. I think Power Wagon and Raptor would dominate this thing in a comparison.

I agree, Farmboy. They were thinking about this truck for a long time. But then came the Raptor. Gm needs to go back to the drawing board.

They should have used the Sierra. The Silvy is just too damn fugly.

Agreed. While the raptor is a hardcore baja machine and the power wagon is a dedicated trailer buster, I'm getting the impression from this that chevy didn't know quite where to go on this truck. It seems like they just threw on a lift, some Carbon Fiber, and an engine-swap with a 'vette. The attention to fine tuning just isn't as present here as it is in the Ford or the Dodge...

Sorry for the double-post, That was meant to say "Trail Buster"

I agree.

This truck just doesn't seem to have the same dedication to it as the Power Wagon and Raptor do.

It's a "lite" version of them.

I really see no major difference between this ZR-2 and the ZR-1.

GM: Go back and make it a Hummer Z!

Gene: GM no longers owns Hummer.

As to the ZR2, it was something special for the S10 chasis. It made the truck worthy of trails.. Could it have been better? Absolutely. The front ends on it were weak from the beginning. But everything else was more than adequate.

At the time it had the most powerful V6 when compared to other midsize trucks.
4 wheel disc brakes
31" BFG AT's
8.5" 30 spline rear axle
full underbody skid plates
A stronger frame that was also 3 inches taller than stock

It was actually a pretty good stock truck.

As to this Silverado.. does it hold a candle to the Raptor which was built from the frame up for a specific purpose in most day to day uses.. yes. In desert running not even close.

Will this truck come to market in its current form? Not a chance.

Will the ZR2 name come back into production for a offroad Chevy truck.. one can hope so as long as it is not nerfed by the bean counters and made into a mall crawler

Does anyone else think that it's funny they were hyping up the "extensive use of carbon fiber, to help achieve some of the weight savings goals..." In order to "...demonstrate alternative ways we can reduce mass to improve fuel economy..."

Good job GM - you're broke, but you insist on using the most expensive option possible to save weight. How about fiberglass, or even plastic. I know it's a concept show truck, and I get that they want to make an impression, but this is just another example of the the naivety in design, and half-hearted execution that seems to be GM's motto these days - out of touch, poorly executed.

While Ford builds it GM swills it , its sad to see GM fall so fast , there is about as much of a chance of GM building this as the federal debt disappearing over night . I am a GM man but I will surely be buying a Ford next time .

Plus, they built it on a chassis combo that you can't even get anymore from GM (ext. cab with the "short" 5'8" bed)

At least they put some decent tires on that thing, compared to the sorry excuse for an off-road tire the raptor and power wagon use(BFG All-terrian)

Well, in my opinion it was premature for the media types to automatically assume this was a Raptor fighter when the picture first appeared in the Camaro stripe video to begin with. As a GM fan, one of GM’s biggest critics and a previous GM employee, I must say this is probably one of the best looking Chevrolet GMT900 trucks I have seen yet and that isn’t saying much. The GMT900’s are poorly styled trucks with terrible body design and stamping quality.

On the other hand, I don’t feel GM needs to chase something like a Raptor. The Raptor is an answer to the question nobody is really asking other than a very small population of people in California and Arizona that may actually pony up the money to buy one. I am still shocked that Ford took the Raptor to market given the product liability exposure. People in general are idiots and do not take responsibility for their own actions, especially in the state of California. Yes, that is right California, where there are more automotive related lawyers than border patrol agents. I predict in the near future there will be a blog spot somewhere on the net where a Raptor owner kills himself racing around the Mojave desert like Ford shows in their advertisements and will hold Ford liable for a billion dollars and actually WIN! GM is too conservative and doesn’t need those headaches right now. Let Ford take that liability, after all they made a billion dollars this past year right?

Now, if GM should benchmark an off-road truck they should benchmark the Power Wagon as it has more of business case for government and fleet sales opportunities as well as retail sales. I just don’t see that with the Raptor. Is the Raptor cool? Yes, I suppose but so were the Tbird and GT40. I give the Raptor 4 to 5 model years, if that, before it is dropped.

Guess I'm alone in thinking this is a sharp truck. Really like the primary color and secondary color as well.

The take away here is that it's a concept. The truck could end up into production, or parts of it. But no one knows for certain, so pitting it against the Raptor and PW is simply conjecture and internet bench racing at it's finest.

Wow, so much hate.
Firstly, the Raptor DOES actually perform like they're advertised to and you don't see the fine print at the bottom "Do not attempt" That's right, the truck is that good. It's that good for anyone, not just Desert dwellers. It's wide, stable, and extremely capable. Chevy's make believe show truck doesn't even come remotely close to Ford's production vehicle that people are driving right now. The question of "Are they competing with Raptor" with this thing? It's not even worth asking. I predict that Ford will be the only profitable domestic this year.... oh wait, that's already TRUE. One look at this half hearted attempt by GM and that explains it all. Sure, it suits a wide variety of tasks Mr. Ross, but that's by it's very defiinition, plain vanilla. Does nothing exceptionally well, isn't very exciting. Now that you've been schooled, go back and build something people actually want to buy.


I knew that GM let go of Hummer. WHat I was trying to tell GM was to make a SEMA truck concept as if it was going to be badged as a Hummer instead of Chevy. That way the designers would be more agresssive with it.

Now maybe it's unfair to compare this ZR-2 to the Power Wagon and Raptor, but it's done becasue GM fans want GM to build a competitor to them. We all know that GM can do it. In fact, GM already has it for the military. Just take that same truck they sell to the military and "option it up" for consumer use.

If I remember correctly, the military truck features:
A deisel engine
A strong tranny
Heavy duty gearing
heavy duty suspension with a 4 inch lift
hood fitted snorkel

Now give it:
35 inch tires on a choice of 16, 18, or 20 inch rims
fancy gages with an optional heads up display
and sporty paint schemes

BOOM! Instant competitor!

miss the ZR2.............. the real one

but I love this truck!

though I also say it can use improvement

colorado zr2?

I like the GMC body style much better than the Chev.
This truck doesn't look much different than what any guy on the street could build in their back yard. The carbon fibre doesn't stand out at all.
It has exhaust pipes that come out below the bumper like the Dodge Laramie. This isn't such a great idea for a truck that is supposed to show offroad prowess.

I would still rather have a Tacoma for my desert prerunning duties!

The Tacoma is also a great base to build upon with a coil-sprung front and leaf springs above the rear axle and no lower shock mounts hanging below the rear axle for starters!

I am a big ford guy i have a new ford truck . Chevy needs to bring this truck out they dont have anything on there dealer lots that will bring young ppl into the show room truck wise the ground effects model sucks

The original S10 with the ZR2 package was a great off-roading daily driver. I owned one for a brief, but fun period a few years ago. Financial reasons (in college) forced me to sell the truck, and I still miss it. Now that I'm older, I have a Z71, and would buy another ZR2 if it weren't for the fact I need the load handling of a full size, and can't afford a ZR2 for a toy.
That said, I think they need to leave the ZR2 package as an off-road option for the small trucks in the future. Having a Z-71 Colorado is just dumb, it should be actually lifted, widened, add 31s and called the ZR2.
They should just make the Z71 truly off-road capable by giving it the zr2 treatment, but with 33s instead of 31s. And bigger rims are a bad idea, they make it handle better on road, but drive up the tire cost too much.

first off it may look like an offroad truck but honestly it wouldnt stand a chance offroad. you want a real offroad truck buy an H3T with the adventure package. for one 31 inch tires are too small needs 35's also it needs locking differentials underbody protection all stuff that i feel gm is not up to putting on it. in my opinion gm should leave the offroading to hummer and jeep! nice tires though(just need to be bigger)

I think this truck will blow the Raptor away, not to mention that Chevy has a way better suspension than ford and more reliability. People love to bring up that GM is not doing well and yes this is true, but jhave you your heard of Amreican Airlines?? Who has gone bankrupt 3 times and are still one of the most used airlines. Chevy is making a statement with their new line of products and will most certainly be profitable in the next year (Huck BB62).

I really hope the zr-2 takes off in production,this truck is super light and has close too 600hp,it can out run go through more mud and prolly tow more im sure ...andi have owned my own buisness for 12 years and i know that chevys are longer lasting and more dependable trucks then ford and thats a fact....I have a 1995 gmc sierra ext 2wd with 320,000 miles and transmisson or engine has never been rebuilt and it is my daily drive and is in mint conditon...this zr-2 would do and outstanding job and sale like no other.
I really hope to see these trucks in the near future.

wow greg ah no the silverado and the sierra are just about the same damn truck with a different emlem on the grill and the only thing wrong that i see with this truck is the black tailgate

I'm excited GM is finally stepping back into the off-road scene, but this truck most of all needs a solid front axle. I'm sick of the bs IFS crap. They should have most of all used sierra styling rather then that of the silvy. I do like the look so far.

The grille and the "roll pan" bumper looks great! This truck looks better than the regular Silverado. But it looks like the suspension was merely lifted vs. the Raptor's extensive factory off-road chassis. Though the exterior styling of the ZR2 looks less exaggerated than the Raptor's.

I think this is a sweet ass truck i would buy it in a heartbeat i love the tailgate because the new silverados don't say Chevrolet like the old ones and the tires and lift looks sweet but i think the paint job could be nicer

this truck is bad ass 550hp 4x4 thats all you need but it will be nice to have a 4 door

This truck is amzing. It makes the raptor look like a chick truck. The lift and tires really fit it right. I disagree with all of you who think the raptor is better and if you want to talk about the raptor go to a ford site because chevy needs comment that actually matter not gay ford ones. The only thing I would change about is the paint job. I would like just a plain white one with the chevrolet tailgate. I love the old tailgates. I'm buying this truck the day it comes out on the market.

screw all of you that doubt the chevy. this truck will make you bite your words as its pulling your shity lil tonka trucks out of the mud

I love chevy, but they should really consider putting a solid front axle on any exclusive vehicle they are making for offroad buyers, this way if you want comfort and IFS, you can buy a regular silverado, but for offroaders you can get a solid axle up front with this.

i agree they should put a solid front axle but the truck is a good off road truck for there first one

i think this truck looks sick! yeah i dont think it would compare to the raptor in "ultimate beatdown" but no ones even drove the truck or done any testing to prove what it can take. and as for the production raptor. 95% of the people who own one, dont use it for its purpose, therefore this truck looking ten times better then the power wagon and raptor put together, has everything that 95% of the people who will own it will ever use it for. this truck ... 9.5 out of 10 thumbs up. P.s. just think about it, whos gonna spend 60,000 or more on a brand new truck to beat down. not to many people, and if u were... theres a better chance u wud buy an older truck and do everything to it urself. everyones point about the truck have now been contradicted, your welcome

zr2s are sharp truck this thing takes the original zr2 up a notch

this truck is really nice and it would dominate the raptor and if u gave me a chevy or ford i would take the chevy and or raptor or this zr2 deffently the zr2 i wish i had this truck so so so bad

this truck would kick the raptors ass

First off whoever thinks this truck doesnt look good is wrong. it may look a little off balance but this brings back memories of a tonka truck. people love that and would buy that. plus chevy needs a truck to compete with ford. overall i think chevy should go for it.

this truck is a good looken truck and if it cme out tommrow i would buy it over the raptor any day.

In Response to Farmboy....Give me some specs on The original S10 Zr2 and we'll see what you consider "nothing special"
2003 s10 zr2 - 3" wider than standard fully boxed frame
- 3" Bilstein suspension lift on a torsion bar set up
- independent front suspension
- Stock 31x1050x15 BFG all terrains
-(X) engine coded 4.3L V6 meaning bigger cams
and tuned for heavier injection
- 3.73 gear ratio (which is bigger or at most standard in all FULL 1/2 trucks on the road today)
- 4L60E Transmission (same as stock 1/2 chevy)
-Skid Plates over the front Diff. Oil pan, and Trans

All the above on a midsize truck for under $30,000

so lets review "lift looks cheap" the new zr2 also comees with a Bilstein suspension lift which for One factory shock your looking around $300 PER shock and we're just talking shocks not new shock mounting brackets, new torsion keys, leafs for the rear, tie rods (if necessary), steering stabilizer, etc.

Lets do a little research before we go throwing out our most educated comments ie " The exhaust is the only cool thing"

And lets be honest dodge trucks are a joke they're the worst selling brand in america and have been since the mid 90's
and yes Fords are nice but have become so luxury equiped unless you buy a base model its too heavy to do anything.

the raptor and Powerwagon are awesome looking don't get me wrong. but lets talk performance and we'll see who really wins.

I think that chevy has the right base idea but they need to do some rethinking about it. I like that they put 35s on it and the whole style makes the truck look sweet but the suspension looks like something a wanna be put put on there. I like to think of this truck as a rough draft. Not to mention they need to make the tailgate the same color as the body.

this is the best looking truck ive ever seen the ford raptor doesnt hold a candle to this truck it needs to be put on the road just as it is the tires, two tone colors, and different front end set this truck off,its a real head turner great job chevrolet

this truck is diappoing. i have a f150 raptor and it pulls horse trailers and anything else i need it to do as well has run through some mud everynow and then. i feel gm wants to be more a spit shine show truck not something to be at work. my raptor i have no problem doing anything to it. well this id be afriaid it fell apart on me while the focoused on the looks and motor preformance instead of work and off road preformance if gm comes out with this GMC Off Road ford will have to go back to the drawing board. Gm will make the raptor look like a ranger this chev concept is more of a performance truck that can go on the trail (a lifted SS if you'd say)then an off road concept

where can you get it???

esta muy chida la nueva zr2, espero que sea muy inprecionante con su nuevo motor.y que conpitan la silverado zr2 vs la ford raptor, para saver cual es la mejor.

im a chevy man an ive seen all dodge ford an others an i will say the ford raptor is a beast an the power wagon is also bad but yall all are talking down on GM but yall are all forgetting that GM made the ultimate off road baja machine a long time ago before any other company even thought about it. yes i am talking about the h1 hummer the beast that is still number one you dont see the power wagon or the raptor running 37s stock do you you also dont see them in the military with thousands of pounds of armor oh ya forgot to mention it has TRUE FULL INDEPENDANT SUSPENSION not no bunk fake wanna be racing shocks so GM was in the lead along time ago an still is get offf of it an plus ford an dodge diesels cant touch the duramax

Wow! A lot of hate here well first of all let's not be harsh remember this is a "concept" not a actual production truck and because it's just a concept it's not perfect if it were to be a actual production truck GM would put more time into it like creating a 6.4L or higher more powerful engine and higher rear gear ratio like maybe 4.18.3 or similar and and maybe even a nice looking set of bumpers like a SS and some rugged and stirdy running boards for off and on roading and maybe even a premium bose sound system since its sort of a premium vehicle and maybe a better looking lift kit with some nice set of flowmaster's or somthing loud when u step on the throttle of that 6.4L Vortec and some vortec max badges on it since it will be the highest vortec out there and as for the tranny they should go with the good ole allison on the 3500 HD!!!!

as for the tires and wheels well i think they look way better than the raptor since these are some good ole BF Goodrinch All Terrain Tires!!!

Doesnt even look like a pre runner

Some like it some don't it is all about the money anyway I hunt so extra ground clearance is nice for the mud don't need 500 hp just ok gas mileage and dependability it would be nice to be able to put 33s on truck with out spending 1700 on lift to get them don't like when people lift trucks 6 inches and put 33s on them I know you don't want tires to rub but to me dont look right to much gap between tire and fender They all make good ones and bad ones just what you have best luck with if you could take best of all three and make truck would be great

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