First Look: 2010 Ford F-150 6.2-liter High Output FX2 At SEMA


Take a good look at the in-house-designed and built Ford F-150 6.2-liter High Output FX2 project truck from Ford Custom Accessories. If you thought the F-150 SVT Raptor off-road desert runner was going to be the only Ford half-ton with the new 411-horsepower 6.2-liter V-8 under its hood, there's a chance another 6.2-liter-powered F-150, with a regular cab, could resurrect Ford's street performance heritage. It wouldn't be an F-150 SVT Lightning but it would be a muscle truck.

Until that happens, the FX2 sport appearance package is available today at Ford dealers for 2010 model year SuperCab and SuperCrew F-150s. It features a dark billet grille, unique headlamp treatment, monochromatic paint, unique wheels, custom step bars, a sporty deep front valance and sport captain’s chairs with flow-through center console and floor-mounted shifter. A cargo box sport liner and Hard color-matched tonneau cover can also be ordered.

In addition to the standard FX2 Sport package content, the show vehicle features concept equipment such as a black chrome billet grille, a Ford Racing rear dual exhaust system with black chrome tips, a lowering kit, a hood scoop and Satin Gold finishes on the wheels and towing hitch accessories.

The 6.2-L HO FX2 vehicle also features available F-150 options such as an integrated trailer brake controller with trailer sway control and a navigation system.


Gonna need a supercharger on that truck to run with a TRD supercharged Tundra...

Is that the Tundra whose sales are off 47.2 percent so far in 2009?

Hahahaha love that last comment

Wow, another "Hotwheels" vehicle. These folks at Ford are NAILING my "gotta have it" nerve! What a delicious vehicle. Stunning. I may end up with a duo of Fords if this thing hits the showroom.

I want one in black or Dark Shadow Gray. Please sell this truck Ford!

The Tundra's gonna NEED a supercharger to run with this truck.

My God........could it be any more crass and hideous?

Crass? Hideous? How about HOT and FUN! Ford makes plain Jane. The new batch of hotrods they're making are aimed squarely at the folks like me who had a couple of hundred Hotwheels under the bed when they were a kid. People like me with MONEY. That's why they're making them. Keep it up Ford. It's a hoot.

"My God........could it be any more crass and hideous?"

Well maybe if it had a douchebag with repetitive letters in his name behind the wheel.

"p"? Is that you Matt/P71?

I recognized your crappy post style right away!

What a pathetic person you are. For those of you that don't know Matt continually cruises the net whining about Ford.

Grandma must have a trust fund set up so he can do it 24/7.

Missing the F150 SVT Lightning...?

I wouldn't trade my SVT Lightning for it but take off the running boards, lower it some and change the wheel package THEN it would be in my driveway.

Why doesn't Ford just come out with a new lightning...the original was very successful and they already built a great long as they price it competively, it will definitly sell just as the last generation lightnings sold

what a sexy truck fords the best i might buy one next year!! my sisters foose f150 took one of those trd supercharged tundras what a crappy truck !!!!

Well, you can tell Ford has its carp together, all the off shore truck guys along with the chevy fools start whinning alot Dodge wont because they may not be around, first it whas the grill and then GMC copied it, now its how ugly it is and how under powered it is. Now they will blow the doors off of them and a tundra super charged what is that all about they still dont have it put together besides, we should keep our money here in the good ol USA right guys FORD RULES hell THEY LEFT THEM ALL IN THE DUST WHEN IT CAME TO 2010 AND THE REST WILL BE EATING FORD DUST!

I'm a Mustang GT-owner who happens to be in the market for a truck and I'm gonna buck the trend here and call Ford out on some bad decisions I think they're making with their truck line-up. And this monstrosity kind of encapsulates a lot of what's not right.

First, thank God for the Raptor, because it's the only truck made - by Ford or anyone else - that actually looks right. And it's suspension technology & performance should be where all trucks go in a few years. If Ford can sell the limited production Raptor for $30-40k, then there's no reason we couldn't see 'Raptor-like' performance from all trucks at all price points in the near future. Ford is really leading with that truck in a lot of ways.

HOWEVER ... it seems that the brain power & talent required to bring the Raptor into being sucked the rest of the truck division of FoMoCo dry. Lets start with F-150/250/350/450 styling. They all look pretty silly. Upside-down headlights, gi-normous grills, tailgates with 'aero-lips', and don't get me started about chrome faux fender vents (really. wtf?). It's ridiculous. Ford saddles their cars with truck-like 3-bar grills to make them look tough (i guess) while figuring that going MORE over the top with the trucks is now warranted. The contrast with the Raptor's no-nonsense styling approach couldn't be more obvious (tho the lipped tailgate wound up there too). Frankly, Ford needs to cut the coffee allowance for their US designers because it seems the caffine is badly affecting their brains.

Next, the powertrains. Why no more manual trannys AT ALL? Isn't fuel economy supposed to be a major thing now? There isn't an automatic made - no matter how many gears or how smart it's programming - that I can't best in MPGs with a 5-6spd stick. Manuals are cheaper too, and in case Ford hasn't noticed, there isn't as much disposable income out there as there used to be.

Similarly, why is Ford developing these 5 & 6 liter monster gas V8s when all the consumer gets is 300-400 hp and worse mpgs with them? A good 3valve Modular 4.6L V8 can make the same power. Add a blower and you can get into 500-600 hp territory. And because of it's a smaller displacement - and lighter weight too - you get better overall fuel efficiency. Why is Ford wasting resources developing engines that it doesn't need? That's money better spent 'eco-boosting' the 4.6 into GM & Chrysler-Fiat's high hp/high mpg nightmare of (not to mention Toyota & Nissan's as well).

A similarly displaced (4.6L) diesel would make a lot of sense too - and not just for the F-150s, but also for vans and larger cars. Anyone paying attention to what BMW is doing with their 6 & 8 cylinder diesels (great hp & mpgs at the same time) realizes what an opportunity all the US manufacturers are missing by shelving their medium duty diesel projects. It's the same kind of stupidity that almost put them out of business.

Which I think points to the honest truth about Ford trucks right now: If the competition weren't even more clueless, Ford trucks (excepting the Raptor) wouldn't look all that great. As it is, this lull of relatively low gas prices & easy competition isn't going to last forever. Ford is in the best position to get out in front, but that means nothing if they don't move there. The Raptor shows what could be for their entire line-up of trucks in many ways - especially styling, which is very important. If they combine that with smarter powertrain development, the world will be their oyster.

Until then, I'm not seeing pearls - just smelling a fishy smell.

Wow! Now that's a novels worth of an opinion!

I agree with concerned ford fan that the Raptor styling and technology is great. However on most of the other concerns I don't think you are being fair. Ford already announced that they're going to offer an ecoboost engine on F-150 next year. They've also got a new gas and diesel engine coming on Super Duty.

Also, not too sure I get your point on the 4.6L 3V - it produces about 290 hp vs. 411 for the new 6.2L that's not really in the same ballpark. The 4.6L 3v also can't produce the same power as the big V8s in competitions trucks and it only gets 1-2 mpg better gas mileage. If you need more power or trailer tow capability you have to supercharge it like you say but if you do that say goodbye to good fuel economy.

No half ton truck sells a manual trans anymore because nobody bought them. As a truck owner I'm glad they're working on giving us more power with the 6.2L and better fuel economy with the ecoboost rather than engineering a manual trans that nobody buys.

I understand everyone has their personal taste on styling... but you have to admit that based on the post about sales it is pretty clear most people love the Ford truck styling. The new F-150 is whooping @$$. Keep it up Ford, you're doing great

Ford needs to pull thier head out of their ass and just buld another lightning. Bringing it back would make fords lineup of trucks complete. Also, would bring back many who left when they stopped making it like me.


Came back to this thread waaay late, but figured I'd respond to Joe on one thing he said, and clarify on another.

You said "not too sure I get your point on the 4.6L 3V - it produces about 290 hp vs. 411 for the new 6.2L that's not really in the same ballpark ... [It] can't produce the same power as the big V8s ... and it only gets 1-2 mpg better gas mileage. If you need more power or trailer tow capability you have to supercharge it like you say but if you do that say goodbye to good fuel economy."

Let me clarify this. As I mentioned, I'm a Mustang GT owner - 2005-09 model - and if there's one thing we know about it's Ford's V8 (all the way up to 427ci) engines, and the capabilities of the Modular engine family in particular. My car with the 4.6 - the smaller Modular - gets 300hp/300tq at the crank, stock. Easy hardware modifications and a simple ECU tune (let alone ecoboosting) can get you close to 400hp, and with fuel economy thats better than any larger engine with similar numbers. Thats a fact. Not that you'd need to if a light duty Diesel was available, but you add a durable Whipple supercharger to the 4.6 and there is nothing Ford is coming out with that can't be matched in power.

And btw this is all proven tech, has been for years. The 4.6 regularly is amped for ultimate streetable power output (500+hp) or dialed back for one of the most fuel efficient V8s out there. My 5spd pony gets 22-23MPGs on average, mid-to-high 20s on the highway - and I'm tough to beat at a stoplight. Whatever ecoboost magic Ford can add in would bump both those figures (a 400 hp/30mpg highway muscle car anyone?), and trucks getting the same motor would see proportionately similar improvements. In my mind that makes the 4.6 Mod practically the only gas V8 engine Ford needs.

You also said "No half ton truck sells a manual trans anymore because nobody bought them. As a truck owner I'm glad they're working on giving us more power with the 6.2L and better fuel economy with the ecoboost rather than engineering a manual trans that nobody buys."

I can't speak to the laziness of truck owners towards learning a superior way of driving a vehicle. And I already have spoken to the motor issue (but will add that a 6.2L V8 has a hard time getting as good MPGs as a smaller displacement V8 of the same power - smaller displacement generally equals less fuel used).

However, again, being in the 'hot rod' world for a while I can tell you that there's no engineering necessary for the transmissions. First, Ford outsources it's manual tranny design & production to Tremec, and they (both Ford & Tremec) ALREADY sell a 6spd fully capable of handling whatever horsepower/torque you could conceivably throw at it. It's been in the Shelby cars for years, the GT500 too I think, and in 2011 we'll see it in garden variety Mustangs. Second, matching the tranny to the vehicle it is put in (F-150 vs Mustang, for example) is accomplished with relatively simple gear swaps inside the trans, and/or the differential (even easier). So this is really a minimal cost, 'plug & play' operation at this point, NOT a huge engineering feat that is siphoning resources.

Last, about styling: Granted it's subjective. But Fords sales numbers aren't telling the whole story on that IMO. Until recently, F150s were the only trucks worth getting no matter how they looked (and, until recently, they looked pretty good). Look, I'm not a truck guy - I just want one - and for Ford to continue to grow sales & not just poach from the sleeping competitors (who will eventually wake up - they always do) they need to appeal to someone like me. And styling has a big say in that. You truck guys get all sweaty when you see chrome & a body that looks like three boxes thrown together. That says "tough" or "American" to you. For the rest of us it just looks silly. A cliche.

That FX4 above looks like it was drawn up by marketing people, who got their ideas from some focus group of hard core truck guys whose style sense came from the 70s. If that's the only people you want to appeal to, fine. I'd think a more progressive attitude my be valuable. So, again IMO, for all sorts of reasons the Raptor points the way. And every other truck Ford - & everybody else - is selling right now is the Anti-Raptor.

Ok. Novel over ;)

That is the most hideous grille I've ever seen in my life. But...its good the wars are back. Dodge is bringing out the 6.4L Hemi, and GM, well, they just suck. But, apparently Ford wanted another try after the SRT-10 obliterated the Lightning.
Either way, I am a Dodge fan, but, I respect it. Its cool that its American, and its cool that the horsepower wars are back again.
Also, Chrysler isn't going out of business.

Oh, and to you and your supercharged Tundra...our American trucks are naturally aspirated and will still whip your arse.
Thank you all. And goodnight.

this truck could smoke all tundras chevys and hemis... go for it ford your sells would increase a lot by putting this truck on sale. thats my future truck;)

@ Tundra Headquarters wow is it really gonna need a supercharger to run with another supercharged truck? Never would've guessed that..........................................yeah

"Gonna need a supercharger on that truck to run with a TRD supercharged Tundra...
Posted by: Tundra Headquarters | Nov 4, 2009 9:54:47 AM"

Haha TRD is going to need to do some major retuning. Granted the potential is there, it lacks the tuning to do it.

I would really love to see the number this 6.2 standard cab pulls. Maybe this will put an idea in SVT's head to really go after a Gen 3 Lightning and produce it. I know if they did I would be in line to trade in my Gen 2 Lightning.

"But, apparently Ford wanted another try after the SRT-10 obliterated the Lightning."

I wouldn't say Dodge "obliterated" the Lightning. They did beat it as for top speed (7 mph) and 1/4 mile (.10 or a second). Other then that the Lightning won. A more reasonable price (36k vs almost 50k), handling, and over truck usage ie towing and pay load.

I don't care how much you complain about fuel mileage and power, the majority are always gonna go for power over fuel economy. No matter what you drive you are going to have to put gas in something, so lets just deal with the obvious. I think Ford is doing an outstanding job and if they wasn't then they wouldn't be on top like they are now. Ford sells no matter what. In my town Ford sells a minimum of 300 vehicles a month compared to some of the other dealerships that can't even get over 50 vehicles sold, so ford must be doing something right. I love what Ford does and I know it will only get better.

Butt ugly truck.all the new ones sit way way too high.highwater pants look if you ask me. As far a 4.6 making 400hp, sure they can and do all day long, but the torque numbers?.torque is where it's at fella's, hp is just a calculation. Put that cammed 4.6 in a 1/2 ton and hook on to a average load and wham..out goes the tranny 'cause you had to rap it out to 3500 to break loose. These ford guys have been making trucks, and great ones, for decades now, and they are not totally clueless with that. The 6.2 is due, the 5.4 is just a stroked 4.6 and really these little motors have been doing over duty as far as I am concerned. And they last well also, mine has over 250k on it and runs like a champ. Never before have we had anything like that in auto history. The lightning and H/D editions of past were and still are some of the veyr best looking trucks ever made, bar none. As for that Dodge "whopping" the ford, blah, a tenth with a full out v-10 race motor vs the little 5.4 Hardly whooped, maybe even a de-tuned Ford since well who paid for those tests anyways?.go FORD

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