Cherry Bomb Project D100 Hot Rod

Cherry Bomb Project D100

Aftermarket exhaust company Cherry Bomb's Project D100 is a 1964 Dodge D100 short bed stepside pickup that was found in a barn in Georgia and purchased for only $300. After cleaning it up, Cherry Bomb started turning the truck into a hot rod.

The first order of business was to drop in a Mopar 526 crate motor Hemi with aluminum heads, dual carburetors and long tube headers. Then came 4 in 1 dragster style Zoomies, Wilwood Brakes, and a Viper T-60 60 6 speed transmission. The truck sports a vintage Cherry Bomb patina style logo that embellishes one of the most iconic and nostalgic brands ever to influence the heyday of the muscle car. The addition of Cherry Bomb Glasspacks complete both the look and sound of this totally “pushed to the limit” project truck.

Cherry Bomb Project D100 Hot Rod

Stacey David, of Stacey David’s Gearz television show, got in on the action and added a ladder bar style rear suspension that was needed for increased traction due to the huge horsepower increase of the Hemi engine and a Lokar shifter and gas pedal. Stacey also chose vintage Radir drag slicks on wide whites for the rear and Coker Tires for the front.

Cherry Bomb Project D100 Hot Rod


oh i like this

There is nothing better than a Sweptline with a Hemi!

Hey, What did you do to make this thing stop and steer ?!

Not much on the stop and steer.....Stock steering and suspension. Disc breaks on manual master cylinder. Power master cylinder would not clear hemi heads.
Hemi backed by 6 speed viper trans. Truck has been up too 120 in fourth gear. Truck gets "spooky" after that.....

I liked this truck so much I picked up a 70 Sweptline short box, red/white, with a 318 and 3-spd. I'm going a different direction... Rat/Gasser. I've raised the front 3 inches so the straight axle shows, added vintage Torquethrusts, and am getting ready to fab up a set of working zoomies just like yours. Mine is pretty rusty, so I'm keeping that old patina. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jeff Adams

were can i get the 4 into 1 dragster zoomies

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