SEMA Preview: Toyota Tundra Hot Rod Is Ready To Roll

SEMA Toyota Tundra Hot Rod

Last week, we told you about Toyota's one-of-a-kind Tundra Hot Rod that's headed to SEMA, and we showed you a few photos of its fabrication. Now, we have exclusive detail pictures of the final truck to share.

Toyota created the retro Tundra with custom motorcycle maker Sucker Punch Sally’s and Fender Guitars. It's described as a “1950’s-style hot rod, complete with a custom wooden flatbed with surfboard rack.”

SPS did all of the fabrication. To get just the right look, SPS gave the Tundra a top-to-bottom overhaul. It received a new headliner, a bench seat, door panels, carpet and a matte-black exterior paint job complete with bright red flames. It also sports smooth full moon wheels with Toyo Proxes S/T tires.

SEMA Toyota Tundra Hot Rod

Strapped down in the Tundra’s cargo box will be the Sucker Punch Sally’s Triumph Thruxton. It’s custom-built for Fender, fitted with custom parts and paint to make it look like a vintage Isle of Man Cafe Racer.

We'll have more pictures and details of the Tundra Hot Rod next week from Vegas!

SEMA Toyota Tundra Hot Rod

SEMA Toyota Tundra Hot Rod


i own a 2007 toyota tundra and usually im on board for this kind of stuff but, eh well its ok i guess. I do like the wheels, kind of gives it that old school look. I just dont think the tundra can represent an old school truck. I think the american made guys are better at this kind of stuff, and that hurts me to say. It was a nice try though.

I personally don't think Toyota can represent the American Hot Rod type theme. When I think Hot Rod, I don't think Toyota, I think 57 Bel Air...or something along that line... A foriegn truck just can't pull off the look... Oh well... like Toyota Guy, I don't think i'm the only one that thinks that.

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