SEMA Preview: Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco Video Walkaround

SEMA Preview: Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco Video Walkaround

Last week, we showed you a preview of the Mopar Dodge Ram 1500 Bianco luxury project truck that's headed to SEMA. According to a Mopar press release, the Bianco "is modified to reflect an upscale feel and appearance with the aid of Mopar performance parts and accessories. Colors, textures and accessories are combined in a manner that showcases the sophisticated side of the Dodge Ram 1500."

Now, Mark Allen, Mopar Design Team Leader, gives a detailed video walkaround of the Ram Bianco's exterior and interior upgrades.



that challenger is a beast...570hp all aluminum 426 hemi stripped down with cop car tires drag race chassi and its street legal

can someone findout about wheel width and tire size? it looks so good !!!

Sharp truck.

Love the grill, Will this grill, fit my dodge 1500 ram longhorn? If so, where would I find one? Thanks for your time, Dennis

the fame
game thanks nb

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