Video Tour: 2011 Ford F-450 King Ranch

Video Tour: 2011 Ford F-450 King Ranch

We've told you all the changes and enhancements that Ford has given its 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups. Now, how about a first-hand video tour of the biggest and most luxurious Super Duty: The mighty F-450 King Ranch.


Looks like Ford is going to hold onto the heavy duty market. I love the shot at the end with the new information display. You're doing a hec of a job. Keep it up.

IT seems like ford simply forgot the reason it started building F-450 pickups. In my mind that's NOTHING more than an F-350 in sheep's clothing.

the same 17" wheels that suffer from very poor tire availability as the F-350 with the same pads and rotors that fit behind those wheels.

THE POINT of the F-450 is for people that neeeded the extra capacity and safety of a the F-450's 19.5" wheels and tires that fit over the massive brakes.

Since their up rating the line up does this make the ranger the new 1/2 ton?

Nice vid Mike but you say 6.8 liter diesel instead of 6.7.

And that is some nice weight savings.

@theshyguy: Yeah. Total slip up. Sorry about that. Must have been thinking of the V-10.

it would be nice if they came out with a six speed manual transmition

the truck its top of the line but i never really liked automatic transmition for a heavy duty work truck

wuts up...i just purchased a 10 f450...was looking at the specs for the dat they upgraded the rearend and trans..if i wanted to switch the 10 trans for the 11, would that work...

i have just purchased 2010f450 4:10 gears very nice truck must be some way too inprove the milage 9.3 . my frieghtliner wieghing double does the same

If the 2011 F-450 has an F-350 rear end, F-350 Brakes, F-350's eight lugs, F-350 smaller wheels and tires, F-350 lighter frame...Hellllllllllo????
Then the 2011 F-450 is really a 2011 F-350 with a $10,000 Tow Boss Pkg!!! If you just care what your friends think. Then just buy an F-350 and have your salesman through in some F-450 badges in the deal! Then when you get home grab your wife's hair dryer and like magic you just saved $10K on your new (fake) F-450!
Listen, I know F-450's...I own an 09' F-450 KR...F-450's are friends of mine...But Ford Super Duty Team...the 2011 pictured above is NO F-450! did two of the best 08' F-450 reviews I've seen anywhere! One had an F-450 storming up a 25% grade tuggin a 10 ton 5th wheel.
The second test they loaded 2 1/2 tons of dirt in the back of an 08' F-450, and in the picture it appears to basically be sitting level. They then drove it several hundred miles and they raved about it!
I purchased my 09' F-450 because of those reviews and after purchasing mine I can say their reviews were dead on!
Since Ford thinks the 2011 F-450 is MORE Truck, should take a 2010 and 2011 F-450 and compare the two.
Yes, I know the 2011 will be faster. You can spend $500 and chip a 2010 and blow away a 2011 so big deal! I want to see them tested with MAX EVERYTHING! in 100 plus degree weather, Tug of war chained back to back (who cares about power if you can't make it stick), Max GVWR, max CGVW, Max and Longest Grades, Max braking. Heck just keep loading weight in the beds and see which truck hits the suspension stops first and how much weight it took! Tough test right? Well I didn't call it SUPER DUTY, Ford did! So Let's do some SUPER TESTING!!!

NO, this truck needs a 7 speed manual with the new 6.7 diesel. Great for pullin. Ford needs to make it happen to take over the truck market...

That truck there is an f350 the 2011 f450 is the same as the 2010 f450 or 08 f450 i saw a vid has 10lug and everything thats a f350!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning ,

how many mpg for that test ?

Can i get a copy of the vehicule emission control for that truck ?

Thanks and have a nice day

Wonderful looking truck !))))))))

I just traded in two 08 f450 for a new 2011 f450. I get a new truck every 2 year, this truck Is one of the best trucks I've Owend thus far. Power is great and liking the feul mlg.

I own a 2008 f450 it took me 4 motors and 5 radiators to get to 260000, I transport boats , Need I say more

I'm from South Africa and want to bay my self the f-450. There are ford agents but they are crazy with the prices so i rather import direct. Can you please sent me more info.

this truck is the best in the u.s.a

whydid ford totally ruin the 450? They HAD a heavy duty truck. Alll they have is 350 with 450badges. What a joke. BUT, Now if they would put a Cummins in it, Allison 6 or 7 speed auto, they would really have a truck.. Add the 10-lug wheels and 22.5 wheels, it be a real work truck.. And if you think it isn't happening, check out a site called Super kool site.

As far as USA is concerned, I need to tell you guys that this truck is the best! Repairing cost is almost negligible, if you guys use the truck wisely and in maintained way.

This is the hardest work truck out there my ford has never let me down pulls my horse trailer like nothing.

There are one of these sitting on the lot where I work, takes everything in me not to jump in and drive off with it! Just gorgeous.

I have an 08 F450 KR,with every available opt. This truck is awesome.Took the tiny tires off and replaced with 39",with a 4" lift. Replaced the chrome grill with black.

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