2011 Ford Super Duty Mega Photo Gallery

2011 Ford Super Duty Mega Photo Gallery

Here's our mega-sized photo gallery from today's introduction of the new 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups at the 2009 State Fair of Texas in Dallas.


Killer photos indeed.

What are you talking to that guy about in the picture?

@Dave: I was asking Mark Fields to fess up and tell us all about the F-100. He doesn't talk about future product plans. ;-)

Still think the F-100 would be better replacement of the Rangers.. The F-100 with Ecoboost I4,V-6 and a CrewCab Version would be great. Now if you want to Tow heavy things go to the next level F-150 and on up to SD Diesel model. Come on Ford Build them.

Still think the F-100 should replace the Ranger with a I4 n V-6 Ecoboost and a CrewCab version. If you need something bigger go to the F-150 or Super Duty.. Build the Ford Co.

Nice to see all these $60,000+ loaded pickup trucks, but are there any pictures of a basic regular cab work truck? Inside and out?

I'm wondering how complicated the stripped model will be? Computers and switches galore? Will I have to send my guys to college classes just to learn how to use a new F250?

Mike, am I reading too much into this or did you just say the F100 is a future product?!?

That's his way of saying "No comment" but I'm digging. Stay tuned.

Mike that black pickup has a single exhaust. Is that a 5.4? I thought the 6.2L V8s had the dual exhaust.

@Alex: Good catch. I can't see the pic on my BB but I think you're referring to the 6.2L gas truck.

No more 5.4 after 2010 for SD.

Must be a 6.2, it has the Flex Fuel badge on the back of the truck. I Just noticed what looks like a built-in brake light on the tailgate. I think I like everything I see about this truck, except the rear headrests in the supercab.

Is the Ford F100 towable with four wheels on the ground? What is the weight of the Ford F 100?

How soon will the Ford F 100 be at a local dealership in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

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