Barkan Designs' Counter Balance Pickup

Barkan Designs' Counter Balance Pickup

At the New York auto show, trucks are relegated to the basement of the Jacob Javits Center. Sitting at the back of the basement is Barkan Designs' Counter Balance concept. Even in this difficult-to-find patch of real estate, the radically styled sonic yellow pickup truck sticks out like Chewbacca at an Ewok convention.

"It's the ultimate pickup, but that’s because there isn’t anything like it around," said Elan Barkan, the Counter Balance's inventor, designer and owner. "It's mid-engine. We put the engine under the rear passenger seat and gained space at the front to make it a trunk. The engine placement allowed us to elevate the backseats so people sitting in those seats can see almost 360 degrees around above the front [driver and passenger]."

Barkan Designs' Counter Balance Pickup

According to Barkan, the powertrain could be gas, diesel, flex-fuel or propane.

The cargo box features many innovative features, including a 5-foot bed that can be expanded to 7.5 feet by lowering the tailgate and raising some integrated panels; a double-pivoting hinge for the tailgate that allows it to be lowered conventionally or raised up and out of the way at the top of the bed rails; an in-bed trunk like the Honda Ridgeline; and a fold-down ramp that extends from the tailgate to make loading cargo easier.

Barkan Designs' Counter Balance Pickup

Barkan didn't grow up driving pickups. He grew up in Italy and graduated from the Automotive/Industrial Design school in Turin, Italy. Barkan, however, had big ideas for reinventing traditional American haulers. After unsuccessfully trying to convince several automakers to implement his ideas, Barkan decided to build his own truck. The result is the Counter Balance. We recommend you check it out in person if you're headed to the New York auto show.

Barkan Designs' Counter Balance Pickup


Honda Ridgeline, you've been dethroned. This is the new king of ugly in the segment...

Holy ugly POS batman!!

What is this thing? The interior and exterior is hidious!

Put this bad boy and into production and maybe a handful of people will buy it just so they can say they did.

"Eww yuck" can not come close to describing what/how I feel about this thing

Let's use our brains here folks. Look at the ideas and innovations, not the body shape. There are some interesting ideas about how to engineer a truck to make it more functional and efficient. Tell you what, when the smart, innovative folks cure cancer, you guys can go off by yourselves and tell each other how chemo and bloodletting was so much better and leave the "new" and "ugly" new ideas to the rest of us.

I guess somebody doesn't like rearview mirrors....and how long did it take you to find those cheap of materials to build that pos interior.

How much tha it cost

Seriously, you think that is ugly? I think that thing looks awesome! Super, I dunno, the yellow hornet's car or something :P

I like it because it's different.

I think that is really cool looking. It would be nice to see it with a person near it so one can see how big or small it is (by comparison).

I think this truck makes perfect sence, I would have a few questions that i can't fine answers to what transmission is available. An Allison would be preferable. than match that up to a Dodge diesel. Can you get it 4wheel drive? Ireally like the concept, i'd perchase one for sure. you get a big thumbs up from here.

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