First Look: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

First Look: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

After a decade-long partnership that has produced 14 light- and heavy-duty F-Series pickups that have sold more than 74,000 units (please see our related story), Ford and Harley-Davidson will introduce their latest two-wheel-inspired creation at the 2009 Chicago auto show: the 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150.

“This is our best-designed and favorite Harley edition F-Series truck yet,” said Brad Richards, Ford design manager for Ford Harley-Davidson trucks. “We really like it, and so do our partners at Harley-Davidson.”

The 2010 Harley F-150 is the eighth F-150 that’s earned the personal approval of Willie G. Davidson, grandson of one of the founders of Harley-Davidson, William A. Davidson. It’s also the first to be built off the new 2009 Ford F-150 platform.

The exterior emphasizes the Harley F-Series styling heritage. The front end features a strong six-bar billet grille (the sixth unique F-150 grille we’ve seen on the current truck, for those of you counting at home) that draws inspiration from the radiator fins of a V-Twin Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine. The front bumper is also unique, with a lowered appearance and integrated fog lamps.

Two outside colors are available: traditional Tuxedo Black or new Lava, a deep, dark cherry red with metallic flakes that pop in sunlight.

To give the Harley F-150 handling that’s worthy of its aggressive looks, rolling stock is 22-inch, five-spoke polished-aluminum wheels with body-colored accents. The tires are P275/45R22 Pirelli Scorpion Zeros.

First Look: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

“The tire was specially developed by Pirelli and Ford for the Harley F-150,” said Mike Massara, vehicle program manager for Ford's Harley-Davidson Alliance. “We also changed the suspension; valving and shock construction is unique. The shocks have unique part numbers. Their compression, rebound and variable speed damping is different than the standard F-150, so its stability through corners in pitch, roll and yaw is second to none.”

The Harley-Davidson F-150 still uses standard leaf springs in back.

There’s also embossed Harley-Davidson lettering down the sides of the cargo box.

“The lettering is key Harley-Davidson F-150 design DNA,” Richards said.

Inside the four-door SuperCrew Harley, heated front captain’s chairs and rear leather bench seats were inspired by Harley-Davidson biker jackets. The upper bolsters have textured details that resemble the flexible piping on jacket sleeves, and the seat tops have replica sergeant stripes with authentic Harley buttons that resemble the place where riders might hold their gloves when they’re off the bike. Seatback storage areas have real Harley zippers with engraved button snaps to pull on. Hand-made cloisonné badges embedded in the seats and center console (engraved with the truck’s VIN and a unique serial number) come from Utica Metal, the same company Harley-Davidson uses to source the badges for its bikes.

First Look: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

The instrument panel features black polished-metal gauges with blue backlighting and red needles. New ambient lighting in the cupholders and footwells makes its debut on the Harley F-150, but will also be available on the 2010 Ford F-150 Platinum model. Its color can be changed from blue to orange with the twist of a dial. High-gloss Tuxedo Black paint is used to frame the gauges, the climate controls, and the passenger-side and steering-wheel airbag enclosures. The door sills sport bright aluminum Harley-Davidson wear surfaces.

Unlike past Harley-Davidson F-150 pickups, which have featured supercharged V-8 engines, the 2010 model sticks with a naturally aspirated, 320-horsepower, 5.4-liter V-8 with 390 pounds-feet of torque as the only engine choice. There had been rumors that the Harley F-150 might also receive the new premium 6.2-liter V-8 (formerly known as the Boss engine) that will power the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor offroad pickup, but that’s not the case -- at least for now.

“We didn’t consider a supercharger,” Massara said, “and it’s not getting the 6.2-liter V-8. But we will play with engines throughout the (Harley F-150’s) life cycle. That’s all I can say for now.”

It’s a shame; we wanted to call this truck Boss Hog.

First Look: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

The mild engine selection and performance-tuned suspension won’t hamper the Harley F-150’s ability to tow. Unlike past trucks, this one promises full capability similar to comparable models. Massara said it will tow almost identically to a Lariat F-150.

On-road performance will also be enhanced by optional all-wheel drive, which features settings of two-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. A base model will be available with two-wheel drive only.

“Previous Harley F-150s were either full-time all-wheel drive or 4-High. Now we can do two-wheel drive, too,” Massara said. “There are integrated wheel-pin locks in the hubs that clutch in and out to lock with the front axle, but there’s no scrubbing like a (traditional) 4x4.”

The first prototype trucks are scheduled to be built today, and full production will start the first week of July, with the first trucks arriving at dealers by August. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

First Look: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150


Man thats a verry nice truck

It may be just me, but I kind of like the old truck. This one doesn't seem as sporty as the old one. Old being the Harley Davidson edition before this one.

I own two Harley Davidsons and in the past I have owned Ford trucks. I like both a lot. But no way would I buy a Ford or any other truck with Harley Davidson insignia all over it. Heck, in the "old days " I passed on and "Eddie Bauer" Bronco and Expedition too.

Need an update! Are the rumors of the 6.2 true? Pictures are now on the net showing the 6.2 in the Harley F-150 at the Chicago Auto Show.

Need an update! Are the rumors of the 6.2 true? Pictures are now on the net showing the 6.2 in the Harley F-150 at the Chicago Auto Show.

Are you serious? They still have the 5.4L in this Truck. So basically it's a Harley shell on an F-150.

I own a 01 Harley F-150 its been a great truck and very sporty. I will own a 2010 thats a real cool truck. Great job Ford and Harley.............

6.2 Liter? More in keeping of the Harley philosophy would be to put an old in line 6 cylinder 4 liter making about 120 HP. It just doesn't make sense to put a powerful motor in a Harley edition truck.

Oh, and the suspension should be downgraded to leaf springs all around with no shock absorbers. Then you would have a REAL Harley truck.

looking for a ford dealer who just might have a 2009 f150 ford harley davidson truck ,,,i sure would like to buy one ,,,,maybe even a used one ,,,,i would have a new 2009 if there are any left ,,,save a little money

Nice job Ford&HarleyDavidson. I have been a chevy fan most of my life,But when i saw the 2010 HDford F150, Automaticly i became a ford fan! Thank's guy's for showing me light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can,t believe I can,t get an extended cab in 2010 , will not but the super crew , don,t need the 4 doors , SORRY

I own the 07 Harley Edition and I really Like it, but this 2010 Edition with the Super Interior work certainly gets my bid for the best looking pick-up of the year.

Great Job! Ford and Harley...

I currently own 6 Ford Harley trucks. 3 have bikes to match. These are great trucks. Diesel, supercharged & regular 5.4 l. Fun to drive & good looking. Hope they come out with a 6.2L super charged. Also have 5 other HD bikes.

OMG I love it , I think it looks awsome .... the leather interior is pure class , the four door option with extra room is a very good idea for people who have large family's , .....

On road and off is a excellent choice , not that you would take it off road, because it looks too good ......

I wish they more vehicle's like it in Australia, I think to drive a truck like it , would definitely give me a peace of mind in safety .

I would personally love to put myself in lots debt to own a vehicle like it ....

It would be worth it .... Ah but I can only dream .....


i just picked up a 2010 Harley Davidson pick up, tight strong truck.. but they should of added the super chargers..

truck is weak with out it.. 22inch wheels slow it down

Hey guys Ijust bought a new 2010 Ford Harley Davidson model truck,i have drove it for two weeks now and just love it when i put my ass in the seat and go for a scoot ,it handles and rides like a dream. Dam what a truck.

i have a 08 harley edition 250 diesel truck. i was trying to decide if i should wait till the 2010 came out. sorry to say but iam glad i didnt. i do not like the 150 at all. sorry to say.....

looking to buy a 2010 new harley davidson truck

Bought a used 07 Harley Edition a week ago (30,000 mi.). Loving it! The Saleen Supercharger is a beast! Nothing like 450 HP beneath you feet. I owned a 09 Chevy Silverado before this, But when I saw this truck for sell, I had to have it. Best choice I ever made. No regrets.

Bought our 2010 in Sept. Wow what a beautifull truck.Don't ride a bike anymore but we back up our friends on rides. Have a problem. This truck has no place for a front licence plate. We live in Tx. and it is a law here to have a front plate. Our State Police here do not seem to have a sence of humor, so we just pay the fines. My dealership says they will tap some screws into the great looking grill on my truck. NOT. A rectangle plate poking out of the front of this nicely curved front end. I wish Ford would make this oversight right.

Not a fan of this new one- too flashy especially the
interior. Prefer the basics like the 01 and 07 that we
currently have. Like the idea of variable color lights inside
though. Hope Ford & HD go back to the classic styles.

Have a new 2010 f150 HD. Great truck but the cluster will not light up during the day. It is kind of dark and looking for a fix? Ford is saying it is desigh that way and nothing to do about it. Again it is somewhat dangerous and need to get the light to come on during the day.

Anyone interested in buy a 2006 Ford F250 HD, black with blue flames with 48,600 miles? Selling it for $25,000. I live in New York.

Looking to buy ford F250 hd truck 2006 to 2009
Live in Florida but will travel any place if worth it !!

I have been driving my 2010 HD truck (lava colored) and couldn't be happier with it... I've owned several trucks and several fords (I also have a Harley bike and couldn't be prouder to ride and drive either..) this is by far, their best effort... Kudos to the gang at Ford and HD..

I can honestly say that I was blessed to be able to afford this beautiful Harley truck for my husbands 60th birthday present.

I didn't think it would phase me much because I'm not really into trucks except for hauling large items I've purchased, but this has become my baby too, and my husband loves it!

This truck even has retractible running boards which I find very nice. I also purchased the hatch cover which really sets this truck off nicely.

Ford Harley Davidson is one of my fav cars at that time. My neighbor had this car. Tvtap pro apk download for free from the given official link.

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