First Look: 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty Pickups

2010 Dodge Ram 2500

Chrysler is firing the first shot in what’s certain to be a brutal battle pitting three-quarter and one-ton truck manufacturers against each other: It’s introducing the new 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty pickups at the 2009 Chicago auto show.

The 2010 model year will be a challenging one for several reasons: The U.S. economy is expected to still be sputtering, with new-truck buyers likely sitting on the sidelines until the housing market starts to recover or the government’s fiscal stimulus plan spurs spending on new trucks as part of a national infrastructure overhaul. The price of diesel fuel (the lifeblood of heavy-duty pickups) shows no sign of losing its 20 percent price premium over gas. Most important of all, though, Ford and GM are also expected to launch updated heavy-duty pickups with new diesel powertrains designed to meet stringent 2010 federal emissions standards that go into effect Jan. 1. The regulations will ratchet down NOx levels to the lowest on the planet – more than 90 percent lower than 2006 levels. NOx is a major air pollutant that contributes to smog, asthma, and respiratory and heart diseases. It's a byproduct of high combustion temperatures.

Chrysler has strategically prepared for 2010 over the past two years. In 2007, it introduced for its heavy-duty pickups an enhanced and innovative 350-horsepower, 650-pounds-feet-of-torque, 6.7-liter six-cylinder Cummins diesel, based on the previous 5.9-liter Cummins engine. The new diesel added a segment-exclusive exhaust brake, like over-the-road trucks use. The 6.7-liter motor not only met new 2007 EPA limits on soot emissions, but it reached 2010 NOx emissions requirements three years early. It featured a diesel particulate filter meant to catch and burn off soot, plus special “adsorber” catalyst material to soak up and break down NOx molecules before they leave the tailpipe. The move drew some smack talk from Ford and GM, who pointed to the expensive, rare precious metals needed to perform this feat of chemical engineering; at the time, commodity prices were rapidly rising in world markets. Ford and GM also launched new diesels in 2007 in order to meet the reduced soot emissions levels, but they didn’t have 2010-ready NOx traps (please see our 2007 Heavy Duty Shootout for an in-depth comparison of these trucks).

Now forced to play catch-up for 2010, Ford’s and GM’s NOx solutions are expected to come in the form of urea selective catalytic reduction. Urea SCR will use canisters (which will need to be replaced or refilled periodically) of the diesel emissions fluid that will be shot into the exhaust stream to lower NOx. While Ford and GM spend time and money to develop these new engines, Chrysler is sticking with its proven Cummins 6.7-liter for its 2010 heavy-duty pickups. It’s being carried over from the 2007-09 models without any changes.

2010 Dodge Ram 3500

On the gas-engine front, Chrysler replaced the Ram heavy-duty’s legacy Hemi V-8 last year with the updated 383-hp, 400-pounds-feet-of-torque, variable-valve-timing version that debuted in the 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500. That Hemi is also carried over unchanged for 2010.

Good news for rock crawlers and wheelers: The Hemi-powered Power Wagon off-road version of the Ram also continues next year. It's the only Ram HD with a 4.56 rear axle and locking front and rear differentials.

What has changed for 2010 is almost everything above the Ram heavy-duty’s carryover frame. The exterior has all-new sheet metal, and the interior is taken directly from the Dodge Ram 1500 half-ton. The front axle and suspension have also been improved.

“This isn’t an all-new truck,” said Scott Kunselman, Chrysler’s vice-president for the Jeep and Truck Product Team. “The 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 are the next steps to improve our heavy-duty pickups. All of the great things in the light-duty (Ram) are here. The driving and towing experience will be much nicer. Our owners will enjoy it more.”

Though they share the aerodynamic styling first seen in the 2009 Ram 1500, the heavy-duty trucks have taller, more-prominent front ends. It’s a case of form following their primary function of towing big loads.

“The light-duty and heavy-duty Rams are significantly separated visually for performance and aesthetic reasons, and for better cooling,” said Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s vice president of design. “The cooling we’ve gained for the heavy-duty we didn’t have to do for the light-duty, which is why the grille is smaller on the light duty.”

2010 Dodge Ram 3500

The Ram heavy-duty shares its headlamps and fenders with the 1500. The hood is differentiated to make room for the Cummins diesel. The front bumper has very aggressive stamping. It’s a single-piece chrome bumper that wraps around the front fenders to give it a modern look and help aerodynamics.

Like last year’s heavy-duty Ram, 2010 buyers will have three cab options, but the middle configuration has been changed. A two-door regular cab model remains, while a new four-door Crew Cab, with bigger back doors and more rear passenger space, replaces the previous, smaller four-door Quad Cab. A new 8-foot cargo box option (a 6-foot, 4-inch bed is standard) should make the Crew Cab Ram HD an attractive choice for fifth-wheel towers.

“The Crew Cab has replaced the Quad Cab in the lineup,” Kunselman said. “It gets an 8-foot box -- a key part of the market we weren’t participating in.”

Though Dodge eliminated the Mega Cab option for its half-ton Ram, it’s keeping the Mega Cab heavy-duty model with best-in-class interior space.

The inside features all the high-quality materials and ergonomic and infotainment options the Ram 1500 has, plus it adds a new integrated trailer-brake controller like Ford and GM offer in their HD pickups. The brake controller eliminates the need for an aftermarket kit to control a trailer’s electric brakes for improved towing control.

“The (trailer-brake control) display is the message center, so drivers won’t need to take their eyes off the road to see what’s going on,” Kunselman said.

One objection, though, is the controller's placement. Like GM's trucks, Chrysler has put it on the left side of the driver, near the knee. We think it's more intuitive to place integrated brake controllers on the driver's right side, like Ford does.


The external rearview mirrors have also been revised to better facilitate towing. They can be pivoted horizontally or vertically depending on trailer size, and they have larger convex mirrors for better visibility. Turn signals are integrated.

According to preliminary towing and hauling figures, Dodge has raised the front gross axle weight rating from 5,200 pounds to 5,500 pounds on diesel 4x4 pickups, and from 4,700 pounds to 5,000 pounds on diesel 4x2 pickups. Gross combined weight ratings have been improved from 23,000 pounds to as much as 25,400 pounds on some 3500 models. Accompanying the increase in GCWR, max towing has also improved.

For example, a 2010 Ram 3500 regular cab 2WD long-bed 6.7-liter diesel with a 4.10 rear axle has increased its max towing from 16,200 pounds (goose neck or fifth wheel) in the 2009 model to 18,500 pounds (goose neck or fifth wheel) in the 2010 truck. GCWR also increased from 23,000 pounds to 25,400. However, there is a slight cargo box payload penalty because the truck’s weight has increased. Max payload for 2010 in this configuration is 4,770 pounds, down from 5,070 pounds in the 2009 model.

Conventional trailer towing maxes out at 10,000 pounds.

Also contributing to the improved GCWR are re-tuned suspension components and new fluid-filled hydro-mounts under the cab that help reduce beaming and bounce over rough highways.

The sum of all these changes is a new Dodge Ram heavy-duty pickup that has evolved to better meet the needs of Chrysler’s existing customers, and to take competitive advantage of gains already made meeting 2010’s stricter and more expensive emissions standards. We expect both GM’s and Ford’s responses for 2010 to have significantly more power than the Ram HDs, but they’ll also likely come with higher initial purchase costs relative to the new Ram than their current trucks are to today’s Ram HDs.

2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab

The question is: Will next year's heavy-duty buyers want more power or lower up-front cost?

“The new Dodge trucks should allow Chrysler to price them as a lower-cost alternative to the new Ford and GM trucks next year,” said Kent Sundling, owner and editor of “Dodge has always played to the lower-cost side of the market, and carrying over the diesel powertrain could enable them to be an even better value.”

The new 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickups go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2009.

2010 Ram HD Quick Specs


Definitely the best looking Heavy Duty pickup on the market, and now with a conventional crew-cab.

Impressive changes however, what changes have been done for the rear suspension?

In my '07 2500HD, 5.7L, 4x4, MegaCab I have awful wheel hop with the standard 17" wheels and Michelin tires. There is a definite need for traction bars that are not available from Dodge.

Impressive changes however, what changes have been done to the rear suspension?

My '07 2500HD, 5.7L, 4x4, MegaCab, 17" wheels and standard Michilen tires has awful wheel hop and is in need of traction bars but, none are available from Dodge. Will there be traction bars available for the 2010s? Or what spicifically has been done to eliminate wheel hop in the 2010s?

Impressive changes however, what changes have been done to the rear suspension?

My '07 2500HD, 5.7L, 4x4, MegaCab, 17" wheels and standard Michilen tires has awful wheel hop and is in need of traction bars but, none are available from Dodge. Will there be traction bars available for the 2010s? Or what spicifically has been done to eliminate wheel hop in the 2010s?

Same issues from the previous years HD:

Barely visable back-up lights, and not adequate.
No on/off for the ABS brakes...Always nice to have ABS on a plow truck.
Still no air ride, at least for the rear!!!
Still no 19.5 tires.
Still lame as any duck, and not listening to the con
sumer and what we NEED.
Where is a work truck interior?

And why is Cummins not allowed to do the maintenance on their own engines? In the past, Dodge refused to service my truck because it had a Cummins, but now, Dodge refuses to let Cummins work on their own engines, WHY?

i like the 1500 more. this truck looks weird to me IMO. little upset about the max towing numbers too! still nice. but i still like the new super duty's the most. this is a close 2nd though

Wow, Nice looking truck! Wonder if the payload is fixed (increased) for the MegaCabs, as compared to the early trucks with a low payload. Love the idea for the integrated trailer brake, but guys, guys... it's supposed to be on the right side!!! Have you ever used a brake in an emergency?? I suppose if I was left handed it would be alright, but most of us are right handed!

As for wheelhop, have you ever driven a HD truck that didn't have hop??? ANY BRAND?

has dodge actually tested this truck or will it be like the 6.7l when it first came out where the techs had to be the guinee pigs to fix the problem or has dodge done there job this time?



There not 1 Truck that does.nt Hop... That what Trucks do and now they're trying to make car rides out them, like the new Ram 1500 2009 model. That whats confuses me if you want a ride like a car buy a car, Truck are going to ride like Trucks with alittle roughness. Use your Brains People...

Too bad those axles are made in Mexico

From the fifth post (no username), what is considered to be a work truck interior?


As long as they keep those two I will be buying another Dodge.

Can anyone help shed some light on a Dodge 2500 question, please. I'm considering purchasing a Dodge 2500 and can't decide between gas and diesel. I understand the longevity of the diesel and small increased mpg of the diesel. What are people's thoughts on the towing capacity of the two types? Or any other info you can share with me would be appreciated. Thanks, Glenn

Glenn, diesels have more torque generally and torque is what you need for towing-the gas HEMIs are at about 400lbs of torque and the diesel Cummins are at 650lbs of torque so you can see the difference. Id take the Cummins if i wanted tow/haul something

those statistics of the ford and chevy are fakes and lie cummins is the best overall and ford changed there engine at the last moment ford and chevy suck dodge is is better.


those stats of the chevy and ford are true just so you know. The ford has the lower gear ratio and beefier frame so it tows more, even though every truck comparison test I've ever seen or read about has the chevy as the winner every single time. However, I think ford is a little misleading in their towing and payload numbers. First off, ford says they have a towing capacity of 18,800 lbs. for the f350, BUT not too long ago that number used to be 19,200 lbs. That's because they used to have a GCWR for the f350 of about 29,000 lbs. but now it's 26,000 lbs. and according to the DOT you cannot exceed a GCWR of 26,000 lbs. without a CDL. Of course the f450 is at 33,000 lbs. but remember you need to have a CDL to pull that much, just so you won't run the risk of getting a major fine. However, I see trucks on the highway with a GCWR of more than 26,000 lbs. all the time, and as long as you don't get have to pull in to any big truck weigh station or DOT checkpoint, you'll be fine. The second thing is that the standard payload for the 2010 dodge ram 2500 model with a hemi v8 is actually lower than the payload for an 09 f150, and that's seems a little weird to me.

Glenn: I have had a Ram 1500 Hemi and presently own a 2005 Ram 2500 diesel 5.9L. The
Cummins diesel doesn't even break a sweat towing it's 75% load capacity compared to the Hemi that has to scream at 4000 to 5000 rpm to make power. I wouldn't own anything else now that I have experienced a Cummins diesel.

@COOLBREEZE I hear this all the time from some people about buying a car if you want it to ride like a car. I don't know how long you have been around trucks, but I can tell you the older trucks rode a lot better than the newer ones. A LOT BETTER. The truck manufacturers have been in this towing/payload race, and the trucks now just flat ride like buckboards. It's 2010, and it's time the truck manufacturers made their trucks ride at least as well as the old ones, if not better. I still don't understand why there is not an air suspension option. That would fix a lot of the problems, while still maintaining the huge payloads that 99% of the people never use.

As far as the air ride option i think you can get it done. i know i have seen a 3500 megacab on ebay that had air ride on not sure if its a dealer option or an aftermarket option but i have seen one on a dodge..

As a 2007 Dodge 6.7L owner I'd say my truck will out pull any gasser, most Ford 7.3s, all Ford 6.0s. I don't have any experience driving a GM, so I'll say that up front. I get 20 mpg at 65mph. This truck has two stage springs. Empyy you ride the smooth springs, and loaded it goes down on the heavier springs, prividing a decent ride comparable to a 1/2 ton. With the new Common Raill Injection it's twice as quite as any Ford diesel or GMC I see on the road. With the integrated jake brake I can stop with 12K lb behind with hardly using the foot brake. There is no comparison. Dodge 6.7 rules!

Just opened this site for the first time, i think its great we can talked about our DODGE Trucks. i have a 2000 Cummins 5.9 with 182,000 and pull a Tow hauler, I love my truck as much as my wife.I have changed my exhaust to 4 inch, fuel pump sensor, map sensor,crankshaft sensor,and a new transmission at 160,000. You cant compare anything to a Cummins.


Exterior: Fair
Interior: Good
Overall Truck: Fair

Sorry, but Dodge had an opportunity to make a big splash with this version, but falls short again. If only Dodge would build these trucks in the USA!

My choice in trucks:
1. FORD SuperDuty
2. Dodge HD
4. Chebby...Yeah right! YUCK!

I can't find anyone that can tell me what the exterior colors for the 2010 heavy duty will be for that year model. They keep showing the 2009 colors.
Help me out I want to order a 2010 heavy duty, but I won't until I see a color chart.

The newest Dodge styling is too much like a Ford. When I see the newest Dodge pickups out of the corner of my eye in traffic, my first reaction is that they're Fords. It's only after I get a good full-on look that I know it's the latest Dodge.

Too bad, because the previous two body styles of Dodge trucks were (a) distinct, and (b) trend-setters. This generation is neither very attractive nor distinct.

i have a 2003 ram 2500 love the truck on driving and pulling my 5 wheel the only bad thing about it is the heater box vents not working from what i seen on the internet from 2002 threw 2008 they have this problem it makes it hard to defrost the windsheld on cold days it would be nice if dodge would step up to fix the problem they made

we love our 2007 3500 4x4. it pulls our 34 foot fifth wheel like a champ. This is our 4th Dodge truck and we wouldn't buy any other brand. They just keep getting better and better. Skepticle about buying the first year of a new style, we will probably wait for the new diesel to be out for a year or two before we upgrade though :)

I will always choose a Dodge over a ford any day but the chevy spec. is wrong it has the same horsepower as a Cummins and powerjoke and no more

I am going to order a 2010 2500 with cummins. I am trying to decide which rear end to order. I have a 1996 2500 with a cummins that has a 3.55 rear end. My thoughts are with the added horse power nearly 50% and the torque up 200 lbs over my 1996 dropping to a 3.4 i should still see a big increase in power. Am i right in my thinking?

i am thinking of buying a 2010 dodge 2500 or 3500 but i want to know if you can still get the inline 6 or do all of them come with the v8 if so the really sucks because i won't buy another v8 diesel duramax. the mileage is terrible and all i keep hearing is that these people with the inline 6 are getting 17-22 and even 23 empty. please reply to my email.


The Cummins is a straight 6.

The 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 is the pride of Dodge line up offering a smooth ride and good towing capacity. The main advantages of this edition are unmatched ride quality, powerful engines, and spacious and well designed interiors.

haha the funny thing is is that the trucks that their comparing the dodge to in this are the 09's. They should be comparing them to the 2011's (which will be coming out next year in the spring) Fords towing numbers are going to go up a long with everything else. As far as the GM goes I'm not quite sure. I've researched a little bit but can't find very much on it. I'm a Ford guy by far. Ford's handle a load so much better than either of them. I like Dodges as well but not so much GM's. I think that the 6.7 Powerstroke will outpull both the duramax and for sure the cummins(cause it hasn't been updated) It will definately be a good competition this round though.

i have a 2003 dodge ram 3500 dually 5.9l cummins i love it i will never buy another brand truck at first i did not like the new body style but its growing on me since i could drive i ve owned a dodge and i dont plan on drivin any thing else and as for the rough ride you all complain about you must never be carying a load at all these trucks beg to tow stuff and hual stuff buy a half ton truck if you want car like ride then dont be cryin when you cant tow any thing

i own a 2006 dodge ram may not be luxorious...but it is damn powerful!!

it will smoke the tires even when loaded to the edge..

never let me down.. best 4X4 !!

@ 20 MPG i love it!!

My truck is a 2006 2wd quad cab dually and I have NEVER experienced wheel hop.

I really like the new trucks except for the lack of a long bed for the Megas. C'mon Dodge what the hell are we supposed to put in that pitiful little box, a Chihuahua? It looks terrible and it's too easy for an RV to crunch the corners. Not only that, the new fender style means that the aftermarket longbed upfitters are locked out of this model year and who knows when they'll have those beds??

Give us the long bed!

I love the look of the new heavy duties! As far as performance, Dodge is the best period, I am in the construction business, and me and all the people I know that actually haul heavy loads agree that there is NOTHING that even comes close to a Dodge HD with the cummins. Most of the contractors/construction work people around dont even haul anything with the Fords and Chevy HDs, they just ride around trying to look like somebody. As for the person who said the Dodge looks like a ford, u havent been paying attention, the fords, chevys, toyotas, and nissans ALL started changing their body style to look similiar to a Dodge in the 90s when Dodge changed theirs. It was all started by Dodge. The new chevys and fords (mainly the chevy) look like the Dodges from the mid/late seventies. A Classic look. Wonderful.

Well, just a couple of thing before I get on to my question. First, i am a dye hard dodge (especially cummins) fan. I own a 99 with 330k. Although it is not what it was coming off the lot, it is still a power house with no mods.
I do have to conquer with Greg73. It was dodge who set the trend for the "style," which in my opinion has dominated for the past 17+ years. Eveyone else is just trying to keep up with "the look."
Johnny, sorry man. You better re-evaluate the preciousness of your wife. A truck is just a truck no matter what it is. That woman needs to come a far first to anything you can buy with money.

Lastly guy, I am looking to step into a new dodge. About closed on a deal with an o9 ram 3500 diesel, but got spooked after learning about the problems with the particulate filter system. Can anyone verify the status of this for me; and is a delete kit a viable option if the problem has not been corrected? Please help with all you know. I was considering an 05- 06 5.9 as a temporary replacement.
And, does anyone know the mark up on these trucks. 3500 dodge ram diesel laramie. I know the msrp is about 54k for what I am building but am hoping to purchase for about 40k or less. Possible if x plan is matched?

Now comes the real questions, had a 2002 1500 SLT 4x4 nice, then got a 2008 1500 SLT with Hemi very nice, but now a questions that I really need some answers to. I really am thinking about the Dodge Ram 2500 SLT 4x4. Definitely need it to plow, can't with my 1500. I don't pull much for trailers at the time, I do haul wood pellets for stove, however I split the one tone pallet in half and get father-in-law to haul one half. Think the 2500 could handle the one ton pallet?So the big question is should I purchase the 2500 gas or diesel never had diesel, but drove dump truck firetruck, ambulances that are diesel. Know they have to be plugged in in the winter. Where I live average during the winter is 20 degrees and very often is 20 to 30 below.
Please some honest true opinions here.

Forgot to mention that I also load logs for an outside furnace, so at some point may start using a large trailer to haul almost full length trees (Logs)

I bought a 2009 Dodge 2500 6.7l Cummins 4x4. Reg Cab 8' bed Black. If you want a truck to haul, plow, overload, or pull a small house, this is the one. It's also a damn good looking truck !
I've read all the forum threads with some owners complaining about the DPF and the NOx and the EGR and their STD and IUD's. Forums are for the minority that are having issues, so they complain. I really hope they get resolution, cuz I'd be ticked too. The majority of owners out there are motoring along without issue. I'm one of them.
If you want a cushy ride and don't haul heavy loads or need a heavy duty work truck, buy a 1/2 ton you will be happier. If you need a beast of burden, the Dodge/Cummins is it.

I am from TX and just bought a new 2010 3500 Dually and it is a pulling mother scooter I usually haul around 28000 lbs. and it does not hesitate away from it, I had a 2004 Dodge 5.9L and it was great when it wasnt in the shop........... I bought a 2007 2500 auto. (yea I thought I was crazy) but it turns out to be a great truck and a good pulling truck so I went and bought me this new one only one bad flaw I cannot pass a gas station....


We have air ride on our 2007 dually.... no didn't come from the factory that way. YOU have to put this on if you want it.

Love the new Dodge!! I look forward to getting one myself but my 2005 Ram 2500 4x4 Quad Cab with Cummins power still has so much left in her it may be a while. 106000 miles and never been in the shop!! I've towed over 16000 pounds a bunch of times without a hiccup!! Love my truck!

Have the dpf issues been resolved in the 2010 Ram 2500's and 3500's? I have a 2008 Ram 2500 and have had it towed twice to the dealership because of the dpf clogging with soot. This appears to be a very common problem with the 2007.5, 2008, and 2009 models. In fact, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Chrysler for this problem.

Nice looking truck, but it is what it is... a DODGE (Government Motors in disguise)! haha! Ford by far is a workhorse and will always be. But Dodge put up a good fight with their HDs. Ppl keep saying Cummins is this and that, but I have not seen anything substantial to pursuade me to consider it as the Champ of trucks. Looks Like Dodge will need another Government stimulus package to stay afloat on financial to sell this product.

the 2011 for super duty is on the way to crush this dodge

I had a 2004 Dodge 3500 Cummins. The truck pulled my 5th wheel camper with no problems. The only problem early in the game was the automatic transmission. The first transmission only lasted 63000 miles. Chysler is really crappy when it comes to any warranty issues. The truck went through three transmissions in its life time. I changed the oil regulary and the truck only lasted 190,000 miles before the rear cylinder went out. The fuel milage was always crappy. I averaged around 7-8 miles pulling 15000 pounds, and 13-14 not pulling.

I replaced my 04 Dodge 3500 last month with a 3500 dully Duramax. I was told by all my friends that own the Duramax how the truck is the most powerful truck on the planet. Im here to tell you, the Duramax is the worst investment I have ever made in a diesel truck. I pull a 5th wheel camper, and my camper weighs about 15000 pounds. I took my family to colorado for spring break pulling our camper and the Duramax heated up before I even got out of Texas. From Amarillo to Dumas the tempture gauge went to about 160 and I had to slow down for the motor to cool down. The motor would barely pull the camper on some of the stretches 50 mph. My 04 Dodge would pull my camper how ever fast I wanted to go the truck never over heated.

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