Kia Soul'ster Debuts in Detroit

Kia Soul'ster Concept

Kia's Soul'ster concept debuted today at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Soul'ster is a small-footprint, front-wheel drive two-door garden truck derived from Kia's new 2010 Soul, a car-based compact crossover powered by either a 1.6- or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

The Soul’ster is a radical departure from what Kia originally wanted to bring to the 2009 Detroit auto show.

“About a year ago we were actually considering building a proper pickup,” said chief designer Thomas Kearns. “We even started a concept for (the Detroit auto show). But with the economy we decided it wasn’t a good time to do a standard truck.”

Soulster560-5Kia Soul'ster

Instead, Kearns and the Kia design team rethought what the concept could be. It had to be sporty, not a work truck.

“We thought, let’s do a derivative of the production Soul,” Kearns said. “Let’s be more fun and offer utility, yet be more appropriate for the time and economic condition and buyers we have now.”

“It’s a cross between a convertible and a pickup truck,” said Peter Schreyer, Kia’s senior executive vice president and chief design officer. Schreyer worked at Audi for more than 25 years and created the original Audi TT. “It’s a toy, but it has a twist that’s quite nice about it.”

Kia Soul'ster

Kia is pitching the Soul’ster as a lifestyle truck, meant to haul surfboards rather than plywood. It has a tailgate and a cargo box, plus two fold-flat stowable seats behind the open-air cab that can be raised to provide seating for up to four people. The interior is Spartan, but it's highlighted by interesting design cues, including a square steering wheel and seats cantilevered off a center dividing hump.

What are the Soul’ster’s odds for production?

Kia Soul'ster

“With the design team, we’d be very happy if we could build it,” Schreyer said. “But we need to wait for feedback and reaction from the show. You never know. It would be great to do it, though.”

According to Kearns, it wouldn’t take a huge investment if the company decided to build the Soul’ster. The full front clip is the same as the Soul, just a little tougher. The wheelbase is the same. The interior could be the same, and the windshield would be a bit lower.

Kia Soul'ster


The new Kia SoulSter may be energy wise, functional, and durable, but it is ugly as sin

I love it, but will they have a truck cover for back avail. to add on? I am due for a car when my lease is up in May 2011, and now considering the Soul, but would love the Soul'ster, do you think it will be avail?

This is awesome. I have a Kia Soul now and love it. This would look awesome next to it in the garage. I WANT IT.

BUILD IT PLEASE! I am begging you! I think it is incredible and I am 38 yrs old. Don't listen to ignorant Americans that can't think Euro or can't have anything without a V-8. I just bought a Soul Ignition and I would LOVE to have this exact yellow Soulster. Phenomenol! I know myself and 3 people RIGHT NOW that would buy one. I'm in the mid-west and everybody drives a Dodge and then wonders why they break down and don't last.

I would love one of these... what are the plans??

i have been looking for this vehicle:[[[[ i want one badly.

I'm looking to buy a kia in November of this year and would love to buy one like this. I live in SC and I believe it would be perfect for my life style . Not all Americans want V8 , I pray you build one soon!

I started out with a Soul, now have a Rio, I am going back to a Soul. I like the soulster idea, but not convertible. I live in Oregon, with the rain wouldn't work out. Everyone has gone to big trucks. I have owned Nesson, Toyota, Chevy Love then Chevy S10. I love my small trucks, what happened to the idea of saving gas? My lease is up 2018, please make the soulster, it would be a big hit.

Love the souls yet.When I saw it I immediately started looking for at at dealerships. Looking for a vehicle next week with cash money

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