Honda: No Plans For Small Truck


Honda isn't interested in building a small truck that could fit in its lineup under the Honda Ridgeline, nor are there plans to downsize the Ridgeline's footprint, American Honda spokesperson Chuck Schifsky said at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this weekend.

"We have no plans for a small truck, like the (Toyota) A-BAT" concept, Schifsky said.

Much attention has been focused on smaller trucks recently, since last year's super spike in fuel prices caused many casual truck shoppers to turn away from full-size trucks. Midsize trucks don't offer much better gas mileage than the big trucks and they can cost almost as much. So there's likely an untapped market for compact, front-wheel drive four-cylinder pickups, like the A-BAT, Kia's Soul'ster concept or Chrysler's upcoming Dakota replacement, with a lower price point and significantly better mileage.

"We think the Ridgeline is the right size. It gives you the ability to carry a lot of stuff in the back that you couldn't carry in a smaller truck," said Schifsky. "We know fuel economy is a priority with truck buyers and there are several things we're working on to improve it. The Honda Pilot has our VCM cylinder deactivation system. That could be something the Ridgeline receives." Both the Pilot and Ridgeline share their 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

If Honda isn't interested in building a small truck, would it offer different cab configurations, such as adding an extended or regular cab for the Ridgeline?

"The crew cab works for us. (Production) would be too costly if we were to add other cab options," Schifsky said.


I can't understand why you can't build a smaller version of the Ridgeline, like Chevrolet does with the S-10. Obviously, many have asked for this; I have been planning to call and make this comment. You could literally have a mint on your hands, and you just let it go. Can't understand it.

I can't understand why so many auto makers are not considering a small pick-up. I have a Ford Ranger that has been an excellent vehicle, but I'm ready to buy another small truck and there is nothing available. If Ford had introduced a new body style 4-5 years ago for the Ranger, I'm sure it would have sold well. Also, the Tacoma is a little larger and the sheet metal is aging (same since 2005). I may have to consider buying a 2011 (last year manufactured) used Ranger.
Toyota is making a mistake by not importing the Toyota Hilex.
This is a very good looking truck not available in the U.S.

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