Built-In Storage


All the trucks had ample interior storage, but we thought the Dodge Ram deserved special recognition for its all-new dry, lockable bedside bins, called RamBox. The bins make use of the empty space above the rear wheel wells and along the box sides, while still leaving enough room to fit a 4x8-foot sheet of plywood in the bed. The Ram also had extra storage bins in the second-row load floor.

The Titan also deserves some recognition for the lockable exterior cubby in its left fender, just behind the rear wheel.

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Worth noting is the RamBox is unusable if a topper/shell is put on the truck, assuming a topper is made that conforms to the wide rails.

No topper and they're great!

Assuming that when you buy your truck you would know that you plan to buy a topper. Wouldn't you just not order the RamBox option?

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I love how dodge claims to be the first with the box side tool boxes. Well I have a 2004 Avalanche that has had these boxes in them since 2002 and they are standard equipment! Alas if you choose a topper for your Avalanche you also lose the boxes.

That feature alone helps the likes of the Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado to add more places for tools or gears.

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