Squat Test

Squat Test


For our squat test, we took one of the 6,500-pound trailers and hooked each of the trucks up to it in turn to measure how much the rear suspension would compress under load. To ensure we only loaded the rear suspension, we didn't use any weight-distributing equipment.

The trailer had a 10 percent (650-pound) tongue weight, which refers to the downward force applied by a trailer's own weight and cargo on the hitch ball. Measurements were taken before and after the tongue weight was applied to the truck. We measured the distance from the top of the trailer hitch ball mount “stinger” (that slid into the hitch receiver) down to the pavement.


This test is important because the amount of perceived squat can impact the level of confidence drivers feel about their truck. Too much squat can make a truck look overburdened even if it’s still within its maximum towing or hauling ratings.

These measurements were recorded without Ricardo Engineering’s participation.

We were most interested in how the new Dodge Ram would perform, because of its innovative coil-spring multilink rear suspension. Chrysler says the setup saves up to 40 pounds of weight over a comparable leaf-spring setup, eliminates spring friction that can contribute to poor ride quality, and provides lateral as well as vertical control. Not surprisingly, the Ram had the most suspension travel, which allowed it to squat a full 3.6 inches from its static position. 

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i have an f_150 and its the best thing i have ever had it has not had any troubles ever and it has the best fuel economy of any truck i have ever had. The trucks that i had were a 2005 silverado which wasnt bad but it was very un fuel efficient and it had very poor quality and it had a lot of problems, dodge ram and a titan which were my least favourite of all my trucks. After all of the experiance that i have had with these trucks the f-150 is the best.

I have a 2006 F350 diesel. I regularly pull a trailer full of quads and I would say the total pulled weight is around 5000. My truck might settle and inch or so. Of course, when empty it rides like a truck bigtime:-)

So let me get this straight. You are completeing a SQUAT test by hooking up a trailer. Doesn't this sound ignorant? Why didn't you Max out the trucks payload and check it then. Wouldn't this be a better test. So you tested Tongue weight. A F-350 SRW can only have a Max Tongue weight of 600lbs with out a weight distubution hitch so why would you even try a 650 lb weight on a 1/2 ton??? Doesnt make any sense. You test hold no creditbility.

This test really does not show anything. It does not even give the specs of the trucks used, which would make a huge difference (like wheel base). I am sure it also does not test the F-150's HD version, which it should. Or at least mention it.

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