Second-Row Seating

Second-Row Seating


Crew cabs account for almost 50 percent of the half-ton market, which is why we asked for trucks with four full-size doors.

We moved the driver’s seat all the way back and judged each truck by how much room was left for the second-row passenger’s knees and legs, as well as by seat-bottom angle and back support.

The Toyota Tundra CrewMax had the most room and best seating position and comfort for its backseat passenger. Our thighs were almost level with our knees, and lumbar support was good. There was plenty of legroom.

We liked the Dodge Ram’s new crew cab configuration. It doesn’t disrupt the truck’s proportions like the old MegaCab configuration did, and there’s still plenty of room, though not as much as in the Tundra.

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra had identical second rows. They were comfortable, but a little on the small side. Entering the rear seat was a bit difficult because the door openings were on the small side.

The Ford F-150 was comparable to the Dodge Ram and GM trucks in comfort even though its second row was large in size, nearly as big as the Tundra. We didn’t like the low height and angle of its seat cushion. The seat was so low our knees were above our hips.

The Titan had the most cramped second row. Our knees almost touched the back of the driver’s seat and the bottom cushion was on the short side. Seat height was a bit below where we wanted it to be, and back support was lacking.

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ARGH! Make the pictures match up with the truck you're talking about! Or put the truck's name on the picture!

@Hawaii Guy: You're absolutely right. Fixed.

This article is refreshingly comprehensive of the important features of a truck. Long trips or just transporting certain passengers can make the backseat just as important as power and maneuverability.

Wow, the F-150 makes it seem like you are slouching to sit in the back seat.

I owe a 2009 Nissan Titan Crew Cab LE 4x4. I am 6'1" tall and 230lbs and with the diver seat all the way to the back my knees are 7.5 inches away(i have a 34 inseam). I measured and took pics. I looked at every single one of these trucks and driven all of them. My opinion certainly differs then the testers; to the point in which I feel there rankings MAY have been tainted. The only truck that does have more room is the tundra, but was $3500. more.
Some good info here but you really need to see for yourself and drive one.

you should have measured the seats to be the same distance from the pedals, instead of the farthest back. some seats have more travel, which makes it a bit of an unfair comparison. you should also see which seat has the most travel.

I agree with the comments about the titan. It is almost even evident from your own pics......I am 6'3" with a 34" inseam and the titan is way more roomy than the silverado/ sierra.

The problem isn't the seats in any of these pics. It is the obese passenger. If he lost 100 lbs he would be a lot more comfortable and wouldn't sink down so much in the F-150.

Why is it the titan came in last, but when you look at the pictures it looks like the ford and titan have the best leg room? His legs are nearlly touching the drivers seat of the GMC and Silverado. The Titan and F-150 seem like they almost 6" inches of room left

Yea this test seems a little flawed, i've seen Titans and they have plenty of leg room in the back. In the pictures it even looks like alot more leg room. I agree totally with what Dom said.

so the Tundra got 1 extra point for the biggest and most comfortable back seat but the Ford get an extra 2 for the tailgate step and handel? Im thinking the scoring is way off. I would think the comfort of passengers is more important than if my tailgate has a step.

If you kick the seat again you going in the bed... how do you like the leg room now?

I'm a nine year owner of a '04 Titan and I'm constantly comparing back seat comfort of my friends crew cab trucks as I'm 6'4, 210#. The Toyota is comparable and I haven't sat in the new Dodge back seat but both the Ford and GM offerings have a significantly more cramped back seat than the Titan.

My truck is a 2004 model and it still has more leg room and spacious rear cab than anything made in America (non-Mega Cab) until the new Dodge.

I encourage prospective buyers to do this test themselves as this tester has, lets be kind, some selective taste.

lol.. the titan has the most cramped room??? looks like the gmc/chev are the most cramped. Kmees are less than an inch from the seat. Titan you still have plenty of knee room and look how you are sitting in the seat in the titan you are sticking your feet almost under the seat your sitting in... This is a BS comparison. I have sit in all the above and the titan has plenty of room.. Im 6'3.

Your assessment on Titans was completely off the mark... Recheck your facts and publish the truth...
I do agree Fords have the worst backseats...
I have owned several...but will not own another til they fix the backseat issue

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