2008 Light-Duty Shootout


We at PickupTrucks.com take truck-testing very seriously because most people, when they’re looking to buy, can’t try out a truck in exactly the way they intend to use it. That’s where we come in. In our shootouts, we select the trucks and truck segment with the most change, then test those trucks head-to-head in exercises that reflect how they’ll be used. This year, we focused on the latest batch of half-ton trucks.

The half-ton field is a big one: There are two new entries from Ford and Dodge that could make or break those companies; Toyota’s recently revised Tundra; GM’s updated trucks with new six-speed transmissions and the most powerful V-8s in the segment; and Nissan’s five-year-old Titan – the oldest truck in the group.

Chevrolet | Dodge | Ford | GMC | Nissan | Toyota

Power, Pulling and Performance

All truck drivers want to know their pickup’s limits, and that’s what these tests aim to find out. From dragging down the quarter mile (with and without a 6,500-pound trailer) to a loaded 7.2% grade hill climb, from a tricky autocross course to a 60 to zero brake test, we put these six to the test.

Quarter-Mile Drags (Unloaded) | Quarter-Mile Drags (Loaded) | Hill Climb | Autocross | Braking | Wheel Travel | Offroad Test | Extreme Traction Control | Squat Test


Feature Performance

It’s not all under the hood and in the bed for trucks. We also wanted to see who leads in the areas that matter to truck owners, like visibility (including rearview cameras), second-row seating, tailgates, storage, safety and, of course, the throaty growl of the truck's exhaust note.

Tailgate Tests | Second-Row Seating| Visibility | Storage| Trailer-Sway Control|


Fuel Economy

These days, buying a truck is as much about brains as it is brawn, and smart drivers keep a close eye on their fuel gauge. We drove these six all over, both loaded and unloaded, to see which ones could keep us traveling down the road without leaving us penniless.

Gas Mileage


Best Overall Half-Ton

Now that all of the tests have been run, the miles driven and the wheels worn down, we total up the scores and our impressions to see which claim the title of Best Overall Half-Ton. We’ve also got winners for both Loaded and Unloaded. Check them out; you may be surprised by our findings.

Best Overall Half-Ton