Duel in the Desert Shootout: The Results

Picture this: We're at Ocotillo Wells. Temperatures are hovering around 90 degrees. Clouds from a tropical storm are building over the mountains to the south. Despite the threat of rain and high winds, we're able to get our video guys up in the helicopter we rented. It's time to race.

Pro driver Chad Ragland got a full briefing from Ford and Mopar representatives who were on hand to witness the timed runs and to answer any questions. Each rep gave us exact instructions on the truck settings best suited for our high-speed full-out laps.

We ran both trucks in high-range four-wheel drive with the stability and traction controls shut off, just as any reasonable off-road driver would choose in this type of terrain. Of course, we set the Raptor in Off Road Mode.

Each truck completed four runs over the course at speed, and we collected route data with our Racelogic VBOX recorder over the last three. As it turned out — and it's not too surprising — as Chad became more familiar with the course, the last run from each truck was the fastest timed run, and those are the official results we've presented here.

We've broken down the 4.73-mile course into four discreet sections, showing you exactly how each truck performed over the different stretches. The first and last sections had the roughest obstacles, so that's where we saw the slowest times. The slowest speed in the Raptor was 8.8 mph; the slowest speed in the Ram Runner was 12.7 mph.

RvR Raptor slide IIPhoto by MadMedia

Sections two and three (as designated on our route map) offered more high-speed running over machine-cut dirt roads and through wide-open river washes. Again, these two sections gave us our fastest top speeds for both trucks. The Raptor recorded the overall fastest top speed, hitting 79.1 mph on the smoothest part of dirt road in section three, while the fastest speed registered in the Ram Runner was 75.8 mph. During the transitions from the river wash to the better-maintained dirt roads, the Raptor's power and smarter traction control system stood head and shoulders above the Ram Runner. Still, as you can see from the graphics, the Raptor did not beat the Ram Runner by much.

In contrast, sections one and four offered more serious terrain where speeds were much slower to ensure safe navigation. In these sections, the Ram Runner — with its stronger front suspension springs and shocks and better approach angles — were likely able to handle the bigger bumps and holes with more control. This is where the Ram Runner pulled away from the Raptor.

Duel in the DesertPhoto by MadMedia

So who won? When you look at the four sections, you see the Ram Runner won two and the Raptor won two, with the overall fastest time going to the Ram Runner, with a total loop time of 6 minutes 25 seconds. The Raptor's time was just 33 seconds slower, with a total lap time of 6 minutes 58 seconds.

The winner of our 2012 Duel in the Desert goes to the Mopar-built Ram Runner. In this bout, aftermarket beats factory.


Section 1: Ruts & Jumps

  • Start drops off
    the plateau
  • Two medium
    speed jumps
  • Deeply rutted
    hill climb
  • Sand dune

SVT Raptor
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Ram Runner
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Time elapsed through Section 1:
Raptor 103.9 sec. (5,503 ft.)
Ram Runner
 93.9 sec. (5,499 ft.)


Section 2: From Road to Wash

Duel in the Desert
  • Transition
    to gravel road
  • Hilly, rutted
  • Downhill brake
  • River wash
    at WOT

SVT Raptor
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Ram Runner
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Time elapsed through Section 2:
Raptor 209.4 sec. (12,322 ft.)
Ram Runner 199.5 sec. (12,382 ft.)


Section 3: River Wash Run

Duel in the Desert
  • River wash
    at WOT
  • Deep berms
  • High-speed
    gravel road
  • Transition to
    holes and ruts

SVT Raptor
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Ram Runner
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Time elapsed through Section 3:
Raptor 286.1 sec. (18,317 ft.)
Ram Runner 277.8 sec. (18,386 ft.)


Section 4: Final Bumps

Duel in the Desert
  • Punishing
    holes and ruts
  • Winding
    gravel road
  • High-speed
  • Speed to finish

SVT Raptor
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Ram Runner
Time (sec.)
Distance (ft.)

Time elapsed through Section 4:
Raptor 417.9 sec. (24,955 ft.)
Ram Runner 384.8 sec. (24,951 ft.)



Duel in the Desert

Distance (ft.)
  Duel in the Desert

Distance (ft.)


After the contest, Ragland had this to say about the trucks:

Mopar Ram Runner

"I was impressed with the Ram Runner's extreme off-road capability — we jumped, slammed into mounds, cut through deep sand, all of it — and it came through it all like a pro ... rarely getting into the bump stops or touching the skid plates.

"Those front shocks are impressive. During our first set of runs, I could feel myself tighten a bit as we headed toward the big rocks and ruts, but then the front end just sucked it all up. ... By the later runs I could feel our times getting faster because I knew those big springs and shocks had no problems."

But Chad points out the Ram Runner isn't perfect.

"There needs to be some kind of effective way to deal with the traction and engine controls when running wide open in the desert. Sure, we know not everyone is going to push it like we do, but if you make the hard parts, there's got to be a software piece there, too."

SVT Raptor

"I have to say on the fast gravel roads, this truck is balanced. The traction at speed is so smooth — considering how well the engine gets power to the wheels, it's stunning the wheels don't feel like they're fighting each other. Each tire and even the front and back seem to be working like one big traction team.

"It really felt faster going into and out of the loose cornering we had to do. The front end especially felt like it was really digging/pulling the truck well. And the braking system never got in the way of the throttle. I was really impressed with how responsive the throttle was and how well the transmission knew to hold or downshift to a better gear.

"Maybe I shouldn't say this knowing that the Ram Runner had the faster time, but if I had to pick one truck, the better overall performer, for both on- and off-road, I'd have to pick the Raptor."

Editor's Note

We know there will be some who cry foul, accusing us of biasing the course in favor of the Ram Runner, but the truth is we knew we needed a very diverse course, with harsh obstacles as well as high-speed straights. And we chose a relatively long course that gave us everything we could want.

We could have factored in criteria like fuel economy, road handling characteristics, pricing, value, zero-to-60 times, off-road prowess, payload capacities, etc — our list could go on and on — but even if we did include all those criteria, we'd still have to assign a particular value to each of those categories based on our perceived importance, with a total adding up to 100 percent. Clearly, the vast majority of points would still be given to the single off-road course time. And yes, we know, if we had done it that way, it may have meant there would be a different winner — or maybe not.

When, and if, we decide to do that kind of test, we'll be happy to let you know who wins. For now, we're happy with what we have here. And we hope you are too.

This test was designed to be the ultimate Duel in the Desert, where two fighters step into the cage and only one comes out the victor, with only one all-important timed run to decide the winner. Fair, maybe not; but interesting and exciting, oh yeah. Congratulations to Mopar's Ram Runner.

See more photos from the Duel in the Desert Shootout on our Facebook page.

Duel in the Desert Shootout

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Um, so where's the mud and slop to put the Raptor front torsen diff to the test? Where's the hill climbs and descents to work out the hill descent control and forward facing camera? I though we were going to see a test of much more varied terrain and conditions - not just high speed desert that only a fraction of us will ever see. Highly disappointed with the final testing given all the hype.

Congratulations to Kore for a nice suspension kit. Congratulations to Chrysler for the nice Mopar stickers it created to put on someone else's product.

And a serious question...this Ramrunner costs $68,000 but to keep a warranty (which is the only reason to pay for Mopar branding) you'll need to pay an extra $10k?? So this is closer to a $78k vs $51k factory warranted comparison? You've got to be kidding.

join raptorforumz.com and take a look through the pictures you will be able to see how many are actually used off road and how regularly. the ford raptor is an everything truck not a one trick pony.



Why would they put the Raptor through "mud" and "slop"? That's not what it was designed to do. Plus a few magazines have already put the Raptor through mud and slop....against the Ram Power Wagon...take a guess at who won that one?

Also, the Ram Runner is not a $68,000 truck. Apparently you ignored that part of the article. It's $68,000 if you start off with a loaded out truck...a Ram Runner can be built using a brand new Ram for as low as (by my estimates) $36,000. ($23,000 for a Ram Tradesman + $13,000 for a Ram Runner kit). Prices can get even lower by buying a used 2009-12 Ram.

Get over it. Ford got whooped by a superior offroader.

@ derek choma

Well, unfortunately, this head to head comparison was based on the one trick that Ford's pony was designed to do. Not both tricks that it's capable of. This test tested each trucks OFF road capabilities. Just accept the fact that the Ram Runner is a superior pre-runner styled truck. Is the butthurt really that strong with the Ford boys over this? Everyone knows the Raptor is still superior in that it can be bought turn-key, handle well on the road, and do okay on desert terrain...but the Ram just so happens to be okay on road and MUCH faster on desert terrain. I don't understand all the pissy people.

I have a Raptor and I'm glad the Dodge won. Hopefully more people will buy the Dodge with aftermarket parts and keep my Raptor more limited.

but what if... they spent another 18k on the Raptor and beef the suspension with more travel and stiffer springs. Who would win then?"

Nice job on putting together a great battle. There are a lot of excuses and sour people but the fact is we asked for it (more like demanded) and need to accept the Ram as a winner. Good job Ram.

Ford started with a blank sheet of paper to build a purpose built
desert high speed truck.From the frame up using fox after market shocks.This truck is not an f150.

Ram started with a stock ram.Stock frame.With a suspension kit
bolt on from mopar and whooped fords purpose built trucks ass.

What dont the ford boys get.Ford failed.If you want an all around 4x4 to go to wal mart you could have stayed with an f150.

as the offroad driver Ragland stated;

Maybe I shouldn't say this knowing that the Ram Runner had the faster time, but if I had to pick one truck, the better overall performer, for both on- and off-road, I'd have to pick the Raptor."

If I was going to buy a Dodge, it would not be this one. The ram looks like most of the teenagers trucks here in California, an offroad prerunner

If every day is a race thru the desert and you have 60 grand laying around, then i guess the ram is for you.

Most mature adults would choose the Raptor.


So you're saying the Ram actually has the looks to back up it's performance? These are both "PreRunner" trucks...I'm 99.999% sure when Ford designed the Raptor, they were going for the PreRunner look. And are you kidding me? With those massive, gaudy, goofy looking graphics...the only adults that would go for the Raptor are the ones that wear TapOut and Ed Hardy on a daily basis. The Raptor looks anything but mature.

@ Hemi v8, the Raptor is a modified F150 like the RamRunner is a modified Ram, difference being is Ram left theirs as an aftermarket kit that you need to pay a dealership to install to have a warranty. Where as the Ford was designed to be 50 state road legal, built on the same assembly line with a factory warranty. Basically Ram couldn't do better than Ford so thats why they made their truck a kit. So in the end the RamRunner is much more expensive unless you use a used Ram and do it in your driveway and skip the warranty. But if that was the case then why not use an aftermarket built Silverado and F150 to compare it to?



@Tom With a Ranger

WOW. Assume much? The kit does not HAVE to be installed by a dealer. And to say that "Ram couldn't do better, so they produced a kit" is completely asinine. The truth is, Ram didn't want to undergo the cost of retooling factories and hiring additional labor to offer this as a turn key option, so they outsourced the project to an offroad racing company (KORE) with a strong Baja pedigree to design it and help build it. The end result is a pre-runner truck that is FASTER than the Raptor off road, can be built CHEAPER, is still road legal, can be warrantied, and can be built at the customers own pace...which also allows the customer to mix and match parts from different companies to truly customize his ride to his terrain/driving style. What's wrong with that? These are the most similar, yet different, trucks I've ever seen compared...and because of that, ignorant people will argue, no matter how dumb they sound, their opinion solely due to brand bias. Screw the actual tested results...RAPTOR IS THE WINNER!!111!!!!!!11 derp derp.

@SRSLY: Hmmm... Methinks that article doesn't say what you thin' it says. For that matter, the page as linked didn't go into any detail that I could discover, but apparently the Dodge pickups that came through so poorly were 10-15 year old models, not new ones. I'm pretty sure Ford and Chevy both had slightly better models back then but who's to know without an independent test?

Now, personally I don't like seeing someone trying to divert attention from a valid test by saying "Fine, it did well here, but look what it did there!" 'There' is a completely different venue and completely different criteria. Doing something like that I could prove that all pickup trucks are totally useless; but all that would do is get everyone on my case.

Now, if you asked me on this specific test, I think the longer wheelbase of the RamRunner gave it an advantage over the roughers sections through improved stability. The difference in the way the trucks performed in the Whoop-de-doos was so visible as to be laughable. The poor Raptor was so choppy I was almost certain she would bury her nose in the sand on that one shot. On the other hand, the shorter frame and slightly lighter overall package gave the Raptor an advantage on the speed sections.

So was the test fair? Well, as fair as they could make it. The fact that each truck balanced the other around the course and split the sections 50/50 indicates a very fair effort on this test. On the other hand, it would have been a little nicer if the two had been based on the same platform (either extended cab for both or crew cab for both) at which point cost differences would have been slightly reduced and I believe performace would have been a little closer. At that point I think the Ford's better traction control system would have won the race.

@ Jordan
What, the truth hurt that much? Sorry Ram cant make a better factory truck, or truck in general.

they forgot the chevy z71 to carry the gas can and the drinks around...

you know every team needs a water boy...oh i mean water truck!

so what happened to the toyotabajatxtdtxtd or watever,,,?

Coulda, woulda, shoulda,


IF you want to go fast in the desert buy a RAM RUNNER.

IF you want a daily driver buy a FORD RAPTOR.

@ Tom With A Ranger

So your rebuttal to my argument is another generalization that you made up with no factual basis to back it up? Cool.

Obviously the truth (i.e. the outcome of this comparison that we are commenting on) hurt you that much that you can't formulate a valid argument that makes sense logically. All you can do is say "Well the Raptor is better because I drive a Ford and I say so!"

Very creative and insightful argument you have there.

Ford should leave the off roading to CHRYSLER were its always been.Keep the poser off road FORDS in the mall parking lots
were they belong.They could bend the frame or something.


Lame arguments Jordan.

Pick your horse (in response to my other post), is it Ramrunner or PowerWagon? Or do you need to take one of each? Me, I'll stick with the Raptor that goes 98% of the way in the desert against the purpose built Ramrunner and 98% of the way in the woods against the purpose built PowerWagon - the best of both worlds. And talking about generalizations, you speaking of the Raptor saying "that's not what is was designed to do" well, how do you know what the engineers had in mind? Cuz it seems to do both pretty well.

Uh no, didn't ignore the fact that they started off with a loaded truck? Why wouldn't they? The Raptor is loaded so the Ram should be too, right?

So you want to start off with a bare bones Ram so when you add all the kit parts to it, it doesn't look so bad? Did YOU ignore the fact that it's not just $13k? It's $13k for the kit, $1250 for the bumper, $2k for the fenders, $1k for the tire carrier, and $1750 for new tires and rims. Add your 23k Tradesman to that. And don't forget the $10k for a dealer to install it all to keep the warranty which is the MAJOR selling point for both of these trucks. Sure you could install it yourself and void the warranty but then that just makes the Ramrunner like any of the thousands of modified trucks out there with a bunch of aftermarket parts on them and voided warranties.

Your response to Tom w/ a Ranger "can be built CHEAPER, is still road legal, can be warrantied" Again, pick one. Do you want cheaper? Then do it yourself with a base truck but don't get a warranty. Do you want a warranty? It ain't going to be cheaper.

Better luck next time.


You make excuses for Dodge and accusations of Ford. You seem to assume alot yourself, based on your rambling responses.

"brand bias" that is the pot calling the kettle black.

Everybody is bias in one way or another based on their experiences with brands. I don't dislike Dodge. I think Chevy's are ugly and I owned a couple that were crap. I drive a Ford and it has been very dependable. Had couple of Toyota's and they were very dependable as well.

Seems you and many others on here hate Ford and will do everything you can to bash them.

HemiV8 who are you kidding with this statement:
Ford should leave the off roading to CHRYSLER were its always been.


and the Ford was faster through the speed section by the way.

Yeah, but at the end of the day, you'd still own a dodge...bleh


Do you seriously think Ford designed this truck with mid riding in mind? If so, you're an idiot.

And it's not a lame argument, the Power Wagon beat out the Raptor for off road vehicle of the year for, I believe, Off-Roader Magazine(?) not long ago. They tested both trucks in the mud and they even brought them to the desert. You were arguing that they should have done a mud test in this comparison. Why the hell would they do that? These are both PRE-RUNNNER trucks. You're just sour the Raptor got beat so bad. And I said it can be warrantied, as in you have the option to. Even if the kit was 23,000 all together...it'd still be the same price of cheaper than a brand new Raptor. The bumpers, exhaust, and tire rack aren't even required...that's the beauty of the kit...you can make it as cheap as you want, or as expensive as you want. The butthurt from you Ford guys in unbelievable...just take your whoopin and move on. No excuse can make up for a 30+ second loss. That's an eternity in racing.

from what i heard if there is enough demand for the ram runner kits...it will be factury build and made street legal
with marker lights and the such!


You argued that the Raptor is better because it looks more mature. That's quite possibly one of the lamest things I've ever heard...and is completely backwards on top of that. Mature people don't cover their vehicle in gaudy vinyl wraps.

And congrats to the Raptor for being "faster" in the speed section...too bad it lost by over 30 seconds on the overall course, lol. That's another moral victory for the Raptor! Yayyyy!

33 seconds is eternity in this small race. I told you by the preview video last week, that Rapture is not made for jumps and my wife Caravan doesn't dig the nose to the sand as much, but I have to admit, she would lose in the straight section in this race.
Regular truck is good enough for all around driving.
For anything else, there is a RAM.

You guys have opened a HUGE can of worms here comparing two comparable trucks...why? Because of a small quible with one being factory and the other being "aftermarket" (though it's factory engineered, really).

Even while taking great pains to qualify the results as being purely about the course and the time, there are those who don't "get it" and can't accept that the Raptor lost.

I am predicting that you'll have to issue an addendum to the story qualifying further the results. Let's face it...as a finished product that one can buy and live with on a daily basis, the Raptor IS the better product and value...it makes far less sacrifices in daily driving ability while still offering supreme capability for desert running that few, even highly modified vehicles can match. It's a great product.

There is just a certain set of readers who'll be very very displeased until they get their "win" or hear you say "uncle" and say the Raptor is better.

But hey, we'll know that Ram is still faster on that given course!

I could watch that video of the RAM RUNNER all day.They could make a sound track of that HEMI singing.The RAM RUNNER clearly is head and shoulders above the RAPTOR in the desert were it was built to perform.The RAPTOR looks like a fish out of
water when the trail gets rough.I guess chad the ford RAPTOR
driver who races FORDS said the RAPTOR was a better all around truck so the FORD fan boys don't slit their wrist.I fell for the RAPTOR owners who thought they had a superior truck.

Wow, all these Ram Fanbois are killing this site, I like Ram but would rather take the Raptor and save money.

Congrats to Ram!

Congrats to Raptor!

....and trolls......grow up!

You wanna safe the money? Buy regular truck,or better preowned.I did.

now just imagine the ram with the new 8 speed. you guys are all losing the point RAM won big deal they are both awesome trucks. the real loser is ram until they make this a factory option as well as the jk8. if it wasnt for ford or dodge we would all be in gmc style trucks . wow what a bad thought sorry guys for even mentioning gmc that may give u nightmares. It is good to see this battle cause for the rest of us this stuff may be part of future f150' and 1500's.

It was an interesting test. The Kore Racing kit worked better in the rough. That was/is a no brainer. Longer travel and bigger shocks make a big difference. I think that the longer wheelbase would add to stability. Kent Kroeker did say the goal was to be the Raptor.
He did it.
To the guys making the Raptor bent frame comments - did they bend the frame on the Raptor? It did look like it was being pounded hard.
Do some research, the bent frames came from the same run. All of the Raptors that bent frames were running "softer" than stock Deaver springs. They also were running tuner kits that allowed speeds reported up to 124 mph. The reports were speeds anywhere from 50 to 100 mph when they hit the 18 - 24 inch high kicker (speed bump from hell). There were stock Raptors that hit the same bump and did not bend their frames.
As far as guys arguing the Ram Runner had better approach angles - would that advantage exist with the stock front bumper?
Which truck was faster through the smoother sections? The Raptor. That would indicate that the drivetrain was/is more sorted out on the Raptor.
I'm puzzled as to why the Power Wagon is being mentioned. It is designed to carry farely heavy loads (not as much as a stock Ram 2500 BTW), and crawl through and over obstacles. The Raptor and Power Wagon are different tools for different jobs. The Raptor and Ram Runner would be more versatile for offroad play as there is no substitute for a great suspension. Look at the number of motocross bikes used as every day play bikes. There are 2 disadvantages to an IFS long travel truck - 1. you need to use long A-arms which make the truck much wider, and 2. you need to use lower spring rates to allow rapid wheel travel which reduces cargo capacity.
The "buy the used truck" argument doesn't seem to make sense to me. Why would you spend 18,000 on a kit for a used truck? This kit needs a buyer with cutting and welding skills as well as sound mechanical skills. They also whould need the tools to build it. I only know one guy with a plasma cutter and a professional grade workshop who isn't a mechanic or welder/fabricator.Those kind of guys probably would be happy with a used truck becasue they will rebuild and modify the entire powertrain as well.
The buy bits and pieces argument also doesn't make sense. Can you run the truck with only the shocks? or just the a-arms? or can you just buy a front suspension or rear suspension?
Mopar only sells complete kits for the suspension.
Would you buy the suspension and install it and drive it before you had a set of 35's? You Can't mount the 35's unless you mod the fenders.
The Ram Runner kit is a well designed kit and that suspension beat the Raptor in the rough stuff.
Kudos to Kent Kroeker and Kore Racing.
Kudos to Mopar for offering this kit.

haha i love it im eating pop corn watching you ford babies cry lmao to damn funny once again good job ram!

@lou,sucks to be you.Check this RAPTOR web site it's not just one frame bending incident.According to this report its happening all over the U.S.




Ram Runner has an unfair edge in this test. It is a kit that gets added on to a stock truck and it isn't street legal. Once Ram builds a Pre-Runner out of the factory then this will be a far test. I would have to say that the Raptor and Ram Runner are equal but Ford still gets the win because you can order a Raptor and drive it home, can't say that about the Ram Runner. Sorry Ram.....

Who ever thought the Raptor was going to beat the ram in a desert only course is out of your mind. This is comming from a Raptor owner btw. If you look at the suspenssion stats you could tell the Ram was going to win, and yes there are several aftermarket companies that boost the raptor to those numbers. Aftermarket bumpers are also avalible, the bumper it has is for a combination of areo dinamics and saftey for smaller cars. Federal Laws set factory bumper hights thus limiting a stock raptor's aproach angles and clearnce you can buy a pre runner bumper for the raptor that bolts on just like you could for any other pickup. As some other posters stated if you vehicle is a daliy driver/ weekend play toy like mine is than the raptor is probaly easier to live with. I have found that if you change the tires to ones better suited to where you wheel it also performs better than with the BFGs, i know its not a good as the power wagon on the trail or the Ramrunner in the desert but it is the only thing that can aproach either of those trucks in off road abilities and can do both tasks. I would not like to drive a PW 100mph through the desert and jump it, or go rock crawling through a snow covered boulder field in a ram runner, like i have in the raptor. To be honest there is alot to be said about factory warenties and not having to deal with extra parts etc, if there was no raptor I would have bought the power wagon b/c its factory, thats just the way i like me trucks. Addtionaly after a mishap with my chevy i decided that i wanted a locker that i could control unlike the G80 ( if the thing had locked when i wanted it too i would not have been stuck for 6 hrs. I knew that i was going to loose traction under the drive wheel in the rear and my momentum if it did not lock in time and guess what it didn't do ) so that puts the ram runner out of the running for me. F-series, PW, Tacoma and 4 runner, wranglers, titan and FJ are the only types of vehicles that meet my needs.

@johnny doe,

Nobody is crying, you just like drama.


Oh wait, the Ram Runner is not street legal. Do you mean you can't drive it to the desert, you have to tow it?



Sorry Ram, you loose!

@Frank,If you actually read the posts before making stupid FORD FAN BOI comments you would have already known the RAM RUNNER is street legal.



Before you begin you field day at TROLLING! Was the truck test able to drive on the streets? Or was it towed?

“We’re looking at making the Ram Runner available [as a turn-key truck],” Gorlier said. “If we did, we would use a [second stage] partner to build the trucks.”

I take RAM does not have THE GUTS, THE GLORY to build it themselves.

I still will give Ford way more credit.

maybe i am blind.I thought i saw fox shocks on that CRAPTOR.
WOW! So ford didn't build their suspension.


Purpose built truck?What purpose?


Is that all you got? TROLL!

I will say Congrats to Ram when they do it themselves.

Until then keep eating that DODGE DUST!!!!!

@HEMI V8 - where are the examples of bent frames? The head organizer is defending his club/company. They used gps to flag obstacles and recommended that any trail runners use gps. Flagging wasn't done due to the logistics (read cost) of removing any markers. They gave out CB radios to those who didn't have them. From personal experience, CB's are garbage. Why not licenced VHF radios? You can then have your own private event frequency and better transmission and reception.
No doubt there are other cases of bent frames. It ain't rocket science. You excede the capabilities of a unit and it will bend or break. They didn't bend the frame in this shootout. Why? If there is an obvious weak point in the truck. I'm surprised that not one magazine has been able to replicate the bent frame scenario. Why is that? Maybe they know what they are doing! Maybe they know how to drive!
A poor carpenter blames his hammer.
A poor driver blames his machine.
You didn't comment on the fact that the superior Ram Runner sheared off a bolt from the suspension on the photo op part of the test.
I'm willing to bet that when more Ram Runners get into the real world, especially the backyard creations put together by 15 amp 115 volt buzz boxes will also have problems. You run a machine, any machine hard and even when done properly, you can damage components.
I wouldn't own either truck since I can't justify the purchase. Even the Power Wagon is more than what I want. I've said it before when arguing with oxi, I'd rather have my truck for hauling my toys as opposed to being my toy. A RZR or KTM will beat these rigs hands down day in and day out and be much cheeper to run day in and day out.
The purpose of this test was to see if an aftermarket Mopar labeled kit could beat the Raptor.
It did.
No surprise. (At least not to me).
Kudos to Kent Kroeker and Kore Racing.
Kudos to Mopar for providing a competitive suspension product to their customers.

Is PUTC going to test every aftermarket kit available for every brand?

I think that would be cool.

Racing and testing improves the breed.

@johnny dose - ironic that you would bother to comment considering the fact that your favorite brand doesn't have a horse in the race or even a colt in the stable.
Maybe once you figure out the mileage on your truck or what kind of features there are on your truck, you could make some sort of credible post.

Well said Lou, I don't think you will be able to get through to these trolls!

Congrats to both of 'em!

Here is some awesome video of the RAPTOR killer.Enjoy.


And here is some awesome video of the Raptor and Ramrunner killers. Enjoy.


haha even more funny lou and franky ford girls are crying and pissed i posted cause i like rams too why don't you two go sit in franky's 10 year old pos v junk guttless 10 super pooper furd and cry some more haha

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